The tooling and intellectual property rights of the second generation Legend were licensed to Daewoo Motors of South Korea, where a clone of the Legend sedan, called the Daewoo Arcadia, was produced from 1994 to 1999.

Get two big industrial electrial motors to drive the rear wheels. 1993 also saw the addition of dual airbags as standard equipment in all trims, the deletion of the black molding on the entry level cars, and a new wheel design with fewer spokes on the sedans (16-spoke vs. 20-spoke). Make your own AWD Hybrid Legend. It was the first flagship sedan sold under the Acura nameplate, until being renamed in 1996 as the Acura 3.5RL.

The MDX J35 doesn't face the right way, and besides, MDX AWD is pretty much FWD anyways with torque being split backwards just for kicks on occasion. 0:20.

Don't know anything about this, but here's an old thread with some info if you haven't seen it already.

The Legend was a result of a joint venture with Britain's Austin Rover Group called Project XX that started in November 1981 with the Austin Rover-Honda XX letter of intent signed by the two companies to replace the Rover SD1 and to provide a luxury vehicle for Honda. The 3.5RL was the North American version of the KA9 series Hond… RWD Acura Legend???? During this period, Honda also held a small stake in Daewoo Motors. Posts: 37 iTrader Score: 0 reviews.

However the RL and RLX never achieved the sales success that the original Legend managed; by the early 2000s Acura sales would be dominated by the Acura MDX crossover 3-row SUV and the Acura TL front-wheel drive sedan while the RL contributed little, by contrast the Legend made up 40% of the marque's sales volume during Acura's early years. Get an upgraded alternator or perhaps another one.

Bet you don't have the money to do it. Due to the success Honda had with the Legend, it served as an inspiration for the Subaru Legacy with which it shares many visual resemblances and dimensions both inside and out. When the Legend was introduced, Honda's newly established luxury car division just for the Legend was called Acura, using the advertising slogan "Precision Crafted Performance", and the Legend was offered with one factory installed option, the choice of transmission used, and one trim level. The Acura Legend lived up to its name and proved that Acura knew how to build a great car. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. there would not be enough room for a rear axel if you leave the comparement in the same place.

In the 1986 sales brochure, the Legend's full name used was "Legend Touring Sedan". Blue interior was shared with Japan and North America, but brown was not offered in North America, and "sand gray" was offered instead.

The fuel tank would be a much easier fix, you can get a fuel cell to put in the trunk (kill weight distribution, and raise center of gravity) i think perhaps having some kind of AWD setup would be less costly, but have it so the front wheels are 'disconnected' from the transfer case. Production of the first generation models ended in 1990 as a second generation version became available for the 1991 model year.

The core structure and chassis design is also common to both cars, however the Rover version has its own exterior panelwork, interior and electrical systems. i think if you had any plans of keeping the legend even partially low to the ground, you would have to A. move the fuel tank, and B, move the spare tire compartment in some way. In Japan only, Honda installed a turbocharger with variable geometry in the Legend with the smaller 2.0 L V6, called the "Wing Turbo" for model year 1989.

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