“I want to send you all a link with some very good information on masks: the long-term health effects, the short-term health effects, also some of the mental aspects of having to wear a mask and taking away a student’s individuality by making them wear them,” said Bolek. Kollar told the Star-Herald that the board will continue to evaluate its response and that if there is a reason to change things, the board would. “From the perspective of the board, it’s their plan,” he said, referring to the steps outlined in the email provided to PPHD. “Basically, my main message is, everywhere, ‘You have to get into line and be able to do that.’” he said. On Oct. 5, Box Butte County was the first in the Panhandle to move into the high or elevated risk on a dial used by PPHD to illustrate risk of COVID-19. Engel said that PPHD officials have been able to make contact with positive cases, who are not and should not be in school, but are no longer able to make contact with school staff and determine students or staff who may have been close contacts. Maury Alliance President, Wil Evans, conducted brief video interviews with each candidate. “...There will have to be some type of formal work to ensure that they are getting into line.”. After Bolek yielded his time, Sherri Stoike spoke to the board, thanking them and staff members for taking care of the students. Other schools in the Panhandle have not put into place mask mandates, though Scottsbluff, Gering and Gordon-Rushville are three districts where mask mandates are currently in place. At their meeting on Monday evening, the Alliance School Board Members heard input from several citizens, as well as Panhandle Public Health District Director Kim Engel, providing input on how the school is addressing the COVID-19 cases at Alliance Public Schools. After a brief discussion about mask policies in place at other schools, Engel yielded her time. A network of 25 free public high schools and middle schools serving 13,000 families in the Los Angeles area, Alliance is one of the most successful charter school networks in nation, as recognized by US News & World Report, Newsweek, the U.S. Department of Education and the California Department of Education. “It is to get Public Health out of our classrooms. Kim Engel, PPHD director, said that positive cases and exposures in school are a concern. “When students get sick, they’ll go home," Kollars said. Alliance City School District 200 Glamorgan St. Alliance, Ohio OH 44601 (330) 821-2100 (330) 821-0202 “My eldest daughter was one who got quarantined for being in close contact. One area in which the plan followed recommendations is that students be paired together in cohorts, or select groups that would attend class or classes together and use seating charts. .”, Kollars also cited personal views on masks, saying that he opposes them and he doesn’t believe that most people wear them properly. Schneider asked how many kids who were quarantined for being in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 caught the virus. My statement to him was Panhandle Public Health is supposed to be doing these investigations. “I don’t think anybody would have chosen this, but we’re here in it,” said Engel. As of Tuesday morning, according to the district’s COVID-19 dashboard, there have been 5 7 cumulative cases in the district since the school year began, with nine active at Alliance High School, 1 1 active at Alliance Middle School, one active at Grandview Elementary, and two active at the Early Childhood and District Team, and 34 recovered cases. ALLIANCE — You don’t have to find Platform 9 3/4 if you want to visit Hogwarts this year. Upon receiving word that Scottsbluff had taken such action, the Star-Herald reached out to Scottsbluff superintendent Rick Myles, but had not heard from him as of press time. PPHD officials announced 321 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday. Kindergartners have difficulty remembering some events that happened that day, let alone what happened the week before. Posted Sep 30, 2020 8:54 PM. Some members of the audience applauded his statement. "The goal of (not participating) seems to be to stop quarantines," Engel said. Kollars says he and other board members “have studied infection rates and all kinds of stuff. “I had asked him (Unzicker) a couple, three questions about how we were doing it. Members Of Alliance High School Board Of Management. This week, Box Butte's positivity rate had increased to 23.3% for the month of October, Prochazka told the Star-Herald. “Per your approved reopening plan, your top priority is the safety of students and staff,” said Kinsella. These are the men and women who have been tasked with the leadership of Alliance High school and, except for the rare cases of indiscipline, have managed to maintain the high standards expected of a National school of such high caliber. Mrs Gladys Olang Joseph Njoroge Panhandle Public Health Department Director Kim Engel addresses the Alliance School Board members at their meeting Monday evening, asking them to cooperate with their investigations. Alliance City School District200 Glamorgan St.Alliance, Ohio OH 44601(330) 821-2100(330) 821-0202. She passed on a message from her children to the board. Paul Ngei She also made a comment on student individuality and wearing masks. More than 700 new cases have been announced this week. A total of 40 people in the district were listed as quarantined.

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