- Georgia Oklahoma was the first state to name an official reptile, the common collared lizard, in 1969. - Ontario - Colorado

- New Jersey - Virginia - Arizona - Indiana Do Nonvenomous Snakes Really Eat Venomous Snakes? The General Assembly of 1979 designated the box turtle (Terrapene carolina) as the official State Reptile for North Carolina. Know a law or regulation link that needs to be added here? - Louisiana - Oregon - North Dakota - Vermont - Illinois FACT SHEET: Bringing Captive Wildlife Into Arkansas, Arkansas Code 15.00 Captive Wildlife Regulations. - Colorado - California Deer captured by hand prior to July 1, 2012. Animals must have been purchased from a Commission-permitted Wildlife Breeder/Dealer, brought into Arkansas with a Wildlife Importation Permit, or purchased from a legal owner that registered the sale with the Commission. - Rhode Island - U.S. - New Brunswick - South Dakota

- Florida Species that are neither hunted nor trapped, except birds (such as songbirds, hawks and owls), bats, ornate box turtles, alligator snapping turtles, hellbenders, cave-dwelling creatures or endangered species. Fish & Wildlife Service - Florida http://www.agfc.com/rules-regulations/wildlife_regs.aspx The state defines all non-domestic animals to include wild felines, wild canines, bears, and primates as "live game." - Kentucky Offsite Resources - Florida maunfacturer or supplier? Members are encouraged to contribute their own additions, corrections, and improvements to the site content. - Quebec - Delaware Up to six individual animals from the following list and taken by hand from the wild may be kept per household: bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, red foxes, opossums, rabbits, raccoons or squirrels. Individuals may purchase and own up to six per household of captive-born, commercially obtained native wildlife species as personal pets. Arkansas is a state rich in natural habitats and the 119 total reptile and amphibian species are a reflection of that diversity. - South Dakota - Newfoundland

- Wyoming http://www.agfc.com/ - North Dakota - Delaware Types of documents that we will list include links to pending regulations, links to existing regulations, government supplied FAQ's, and links to permits, licences, and applicatons. This website has been developed around the concept of community.

- Nebraska A reptile store, breeder, importer, - Arizona - Prince Edward Island - Canadian Wildlife ServiceReptile Law Database - Iowa - West Virginia - Alaska Alligator Hunting The Forum provides a place for people to make announcements, ask questions, start discussions, offer feedback, and share knowledge. Photographs and other materials presented on this website are used by permission of individual copyright holders. Page last modified on October 07, 2018, at 09:16 PM, Central Arkansas Herpetological Society (CAHS). (Session Laws, 1979, c. 154). - Minnesota Help us build the worlds largest database of reptile and amphibian laws and regulations. Males and females must be kept in separate pens unless they have been neutered to prevent reproduction.

- Alberta

- Indiana

Amphibians live a "double life": gelatinous eggs are laid in water, larva are simple and aquatic before undergoing metamorphosis, with adults living terrestrially. Only two states followed in the 1970s, but the ensuing decades saw nominations at a rate of almost one per year. - California - Wisconsin - New Hampshire

Upcoming Arkansas Events All Reptile Events - Purchase an event listing.

- Alabama - Massachusetts - Kansas - Montana - New Hampshire - Wyoming - Ohio - Maryland - Rhode Island - PIJAC Canada - Nevada - Virginia This does not apply if the animal is listed on the Unrestricted Captive Wildlife Species List (, There are limitations on ownership of certain exotics including mountain lions, large carnivores, primates and other species listed in, Non-native Medically significant venomous reptiles must be kept in accordance with a Venomous Reptile Possession Permit.

- Missouri - Texas - Mississippi - Prince Edward Island FACT SHEET: Bringing Captive Wildlife Into Arkansas - Connecticut - Ohio The word derives from the Greek herpeton for "reptile" and herpein "to crawl". - Pennsylvania As a wildlife biologist, I really like the format: description, Arkansas distribution (and national map), habitats and habits, conservation status and Arkansas literature and remarks.

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