When you hear the word “heirloom”, you probably think of those antiques that are passed down in a family through the generations.

I tend to hold out all year for true BLT season to hit. Even if it weighs two pounds and costs you $11—get it. So, butter your bread and griddle your bacon because we’re about to teach you how to make a BLT that will ruin every other BLT out there for you! Be the first to rate this post.

We love using either beefsteak or heirloom tomatoes because they hold up well in a BLT sandwich. Pullman white bread, Heirloom tomato (the best tomatoes i’ve had ever on a BLT), Hellmann’s mayo, a lot of it, super salty, thick, flavorful bacon and romaine lettuce. I think I may now even feel—and this is a bold statement—that the heirloom tomato’s highest calling is in a BLT sandwich. It’s mid-August as I’m typing this, right at the start of tomato season in the Midwest, and there are plenty of options to test on your own BLT sandwich. Get your baker to cut your bread to around ½-inch thick so that it’s sturdy enough to hold in all your ingredients. I have known this version for a long time. I mean, seriously—seems like someone has been shirking his responsibilities. Like a good Southern cook, I salted them and let them mellow in some buttermilk, then dragged the tomatoes through cornmeal-flour mix, before shallow-frying them in bacon fat. It was perfection. We put around 3-4 pieces of bacon per sandwich. Why? This delicious BLT recipe is a departure from your basic and somewhat boring BLT sandwich. If you haven’t made a BLT in a while, now is the time. There is nothing wrong with this type of tomato in a BLT.
Get yourself to a farmer’s market. It’s tasty.

It’s a great partner for bacon and mayo, subtle but still zingy enough to assert its presence. That’s great and all, but what if you could tweak those ingredients just a little bit and make that good BLT sandwich into something that you’ll find yourself craving? Repeat until all pieces of bread have been toasted on one side. The fresh salsas and tomato sauces?

The Green Zebra is another really fun tomato. If you’re lucky enough to live near a bakery, get your bread fresh! Cook your bacon in the oven to help cook it without making it too crispy.

A Bibb lettuce is a smaller variety of butterhead lettuce. We love using either beefsteak or heirloom tomatoes because they hold up well in a BLT sandwich. Thick-cut bacon works best for this recipe. How is it that we’re creeping up on Labor Day and I’ve yet to write about BLTs?

Red October tomato is an indeterminate that is most noted for its long shelf-life during storage. You also want sides that are either sweet or savory to compliment the sweet and savory taste of your BLT. Think of it as the main ingredient in your sandwich, even more integral than the bacon. Make sure that the bacon is placed side-by-side and that they don’t overlap with each other.

Place avocado spread on two pieces of bread, on the non-grilled side. Thick-cut bacon works best for this recipe. The other day on Twitter, two of that website’s biggest food personalities engaged in a very brief back-and-forth about tomato usage in BLT sandwiches: David Chang’s central thesis was that peak-season tomatoes are perhaps too much of a good thing for a BLT, and that a commodity supermarket tomato helps in the overall balance. They have large leaves that are thick yet soft, making them perfect for use in sandwiches. Think of it as the …

How to marinate tomatoes for a BLT.

Disclosure. Now! These tomatoes grew big eight ounce fruit that are bright red, juicy fruits. Yellow/orange heirloom tomatoes are lower-acids tomatoes, so I would go for a purple or deep-red tomato, something that when you cut it open looks like the heart of an ox. In addition to this, my personal secret is to marinate your tomatoes. The recipe will be delivered straight to your inbox. Yellow/orange heirloom tomatoes are lower-acids tomatoes, so I would go for a purple or deep-red tomato, something that when you cut it open looks like the heart of an ox.

When it comes to avocados, there is a small window to getting that perfectly ripe fruit. For heirloom tomatoes, it is actually the seeds of the tomatoes that are “passed down”. It is a larger green tomato that has yellow stripes running down it like a Zebra has stripes. You want sides that are crunchy so that you will have a textural contrast.

Lay bacon in a single layer. The caprese salads? Next, a single layer of cooked, almost-crispy bacon. It reminds me of lazy summer dinners, before heirlooms were ubiquitous and Americans were shamed for buying tomatoes in winter. However, as with any other “simple” dish, there’s actually an art when it comes to making the perfect BLT. What is the best tomato for a BLT?

Green tomatoes on their own are too tart to eat straight-up.

#CookingChewTribe, Your email address will not be published. Find the perfect sides! It’s just that the heirloom tomato makes the competition wildly unfair. We love the fresh crunch of the lettuce, so we add four pieces per sandwich.
If you can’t find them, you can use other substitutes such as the aforementioned beefsteak tomatoes or hothouse tomatoes. Crown that baby with a second piece of bread, and you’re good to go! BLTs are great as a quick snack or a light meal, and you’ve probably got everything you need to make one in your pantry and fridge right now. You can also put a weight on top to prevent the bacon from shrinking while cooking.

Olive Oil; Balsamic Vinegar (or a balsamic reduction if you have one handy or want to go the extra mile and make one) Salt; Pepper We agreed that the only problems were the bread being a little too toasty and scratching the roof of our mouths, the romaine was a little wilty and that the BLT was small.. there wasn’t enough of it! Kenji was right.

What’s more, these tomato varieties don’t “leak” too much when you cut into them, so you’ll be getting the tomato juices when you bite into the sandwich! The greenness of their flavor actually lent a more garden-like essence to the sandwich. Not only do you get that chewy texture and delicious toasted flavor, toasting the bread will also prevent the spread from getting absorbed into the bread and making it soggy.

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