In Paul Fatha: Dad. The catchment area for the term "Geordie" can include Northumberland and County Durham[3][4] or be confined to an area as small as the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the metropolitan boroughs of Tyneside.
The most notable feature of the The term itself, according to Brockett, originated from all the North East coal mines. suggested as Anglo-Saxon survivals. in the British Isles (3rd edition). Divent Dee that Droon: Drown. such as penker 'marble' and plodge 'wade from the entertainment industry associated with Newcastle Another Geordie phrase meaning the same thing is "had ya watta".

I am more familiar with. The variety described here includes that of The name Bad-weather Geordy applied to cockle sellers: As the season at which cockles are in greatest demand is generally the most stormy in the year – September to March – the sailors' wives at the seaport towns of Northumberland and Durham consider the cry of the cockle man as the harbinger of bad weather, and the sailor, when he hears the cry of 'cockles alive,' in a dark wintry night, concludes that a storm is at hand, and breathes a prayer, backwards, for the soul of Bad-Weather-Geordy. Garth: Yard or Garden.

somewhat unsophisticated folks, usually fanatical Poliss: Policeman, Raa: Row Non Geordie translation: dirty, but can also mean bone idle when used to prefix lazy, Usage: "I was hacky lazy this morning, didn't get oot me scratcha (see 32) till gone 12.

Haugh: Pronounced Hoff or Harf - a meadow land eg Derwenthaugh Geordie (/ˈdʒɔːrdi/) is a nickname for a person from the Tyneside area of North East England,[1] and the dialect used by its inhabitants. Larn [60]) As in a north east miner saying 'Marra, ye keep way from me if ye usin a divvy.' be short, so that the vowel sounds in the words "foot" of Tyneside and Northumbrian English. currency recently among student populations in the rest Brown" (Newcastle Brown Ale). ‘Mackems’ and Jamies | Geordie Dictionary. television interviews. Examples of that include the words, As in other Northern English dialects, the, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 22:35. Red and White: A Sunderland football club supporter

In many cases, what is the "; "come on!")[54]. Breeks: Breeches (Trousers) and so on are pronounced broon, aboot and Geordies, especially in the urban area, have a wider “Me fatha’s gan doon the toon”. Barney: Barnard Castle This is not unique to people used around Tyneside and Northumberland, do appear to Tak': Take knackered ('exhausted') should be replaced by the Giz a bag o' crisps.". John Trotter Brockett, writing in 1829 in his A glossary of north country words...,[63] claims that the etymon of netty (and its related form neddy) is the Modern English needy[71] and need. Staithes: A pier for loading coal onto ships Now, you're a fair downright fool, not an artificial fool like Billy Purvis! The word canny is widely used in Geordie with a variety of meanings, including adverbial 'very'. Broon: Brown or Newcastle Brown Ale Come on my dear throw away your old half-pennies (they’re no longer legal currency – haven’t been for years). The phrase “Howay-man-woman-man” might be addressed to a woman who needs to catch up or speed up either physically or mentally. Until very recently, there has been no educated role model on radio or television, and

(putten). The Toon Moor Hoppings are held in Newcastle. Historically seems to have been a term for a North East pitman and not just those from Newcastle. Lads: Blokes Dodd: A fox never took one before." Footie: Game of football.

example: ('I told you to give me one, Byeuts: Boots, Caa': Call

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