Kim hera Jul 06 2019 2:08 am Blacksmile Aug 02 2017 10:42 pm I really admire your acting in the movie My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Barbs May 10 2016 4:52 pm I hope you are as kind hearted as you were in real life.

It is hard to pick my favorite song maybe 너라서 after Innocent Love. he's my bias in ASTRO.. your best actor in have a lot of friend.but I want be a singer and actor in korea.llalalalalalal.

But after I watching this drama I fall in love with him, looing forward to see further more his drama.

eunwoo why you dont come to malaysia i want to meet you my dream is i want to meet you ......xD, Corinth Mar 16 2018 4:13 am I hope I get a husband like him <3. Haha. iloveastro Jul 27 2017 4:27 pm All the directors and advertisement company should pay attention with this superb handsome guy Cha Eun Woon. Melisa chen Sep 15 2018 9:28 am Saranghae!!

Irina Jan 06 2020 3:54 pm He is a member of a popular Korean boy group named ASTRO which consists of 6 members and is working under Fantagio Entertainment Company. Keep up the acting; look for the right parts. Ms.klawi Apr 23 2018 10:18 am One thing that struck me is how effortlessly he portrays an innocent kind hearted prince. srsly till ep 23 still don't know who is MJ ?? I thought i fell in love with you. Keep fighting/working hard! FIGHTING!!! From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. ellie Jan 20 2018 10:31 pm Simglo May 27 2020 6:59 pm He along with his group members has also received several awards.

Especially that guy cha eun-woo? Im your no.1 fan from philippines mwuah. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined")

All rights reserved.

Let's always send good vibes and look for the positive aspects with each other. Gina Sep 05 2017 5:26 pm Array();

?I'm your number 1 fan here in philippines oppa cha eun-woo? i love him very much!!!!!!! Claudia Fuller Oct 28 2019 11:25 am He's also in top management, the youtube original. good luck with right parts and partners!

If anyone want to see him acting this role please help to spread out please make my wish come true. He is so handsome and a good actor i hope he will acting more as a male lead in any drama in the future ✨???? And @Choi ! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

I was amazed. Cheer up!! Isabella Aug 28 2017 7:51 pm waiting for cha eun woo new drama!! }

Dong-min i will always support you.

… I like all of Astro albums.

jessi Apr 14 2020 7:56 pm We arohas are waiting fot you guys.

Greet Sep 09 2019 11:38 am Cha Eun-woo or Lee Dong-min, is 22 years old South Korean singer, actor, dancer and model. This is from Sophia,am a really huge fan of yours, cheer up fighting and don't give up or else I'll follow you there and cheer for you I do that everyday, so don't judge.FIGHTING!!!!!!!! love you so much..i promise i will meet you in person, Queen Librando Mar 03 2018 11:15 pm Wish that you will be having Kdrama series with IU. If you will look closely his face...perfect.

You hid and yet showed his inner sadness very well. <3 Love from Bangladesh.

Eun-Woo Cha is a member of famous Actor list. Eunwoooooo~~~ Tsunderee Sep 10 2020 5:36 am

? ?? Just like meee. Annyeonghaseyo Oppaaaaaa, Fightingggg Astro Cha Eun Woo, U Are Also Roleplayer In The Best Hit, MJ Oppa.

Their ability to produce tears is exceptional. Superb in acting, you did well, fighting mwuahh. Lee Dong Min Fighting!

Dee Sep 16 2018 8:24 am

As usual, the ending was anticlimactically constructed, which I have noticed seems to exist in all multi serial stories, and even so in novels. I love you not only for your looks but your soul. I just finish watching kdrama series: ID: Gangnam Beauty and i really like the way you act, honestly i love those male lead act that way, cold but sweet. Because I have other biases from other k-pop groups too but I am not that much obsess over them like Eunwoo. your perfect in gangnam beauty movie? While talking about his professional career, he appeared in ‘My Brilliant Life’ in 2014 and was launched under Fantiago’s web drama ‘To Be Continued’ in 2015 and ‘My Romantic Some Recipe’ in 2016. He's really a good actor :> hoping to see him morr in dramas! 1 fan pls keep on acting ^^, Lulay Aug 02 2017 11:13 pm That is all and please don't be discouraged by negative comments, jabs, sneers, and whatever bad things. Cha Eunwoo/Lee Dongmin! FIGHTING!! The emotions played by the two stars was extremely well done, and I note that Asian Actors are extremely good at deep sadness and expressing heart wrenching emotion. MJ was also in ASTRO, hahahahaha... Cha Eunwoo your really good in acting, hope for another drama :) hwaiting!! I am always with you my love . That Korean idols like him is so sick of their fans.

updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); well omg hhhhhh he is 21 years old ...he is so cute. SORRY FOR THE TYPO HUHUHU. Now I have watched all of his dramas, even web dramas.

Roseniah Aug 31 2017 8:21 pm Why .... why ... why are you younger than mee ??? Hahahah fighting hyung! Although there are some aspects of this series that were a puzzle (humor used in serious situations, bubbles in visual scenes, slapstick scene that seem out of context) The first episodes seemed odd, but as the story progressed, I did get hooked, which is not an unusual occurrence with a series, as the actors become more familiar with their character, and play it much better, and the writing becomes more refined and cohesive. I think i love you!!!! I still continue to support them no matter what even if I'm just a speck of dust in the crowd.

When I saw him on the best hit and heared his name is MJ...and then a couple of seconds I was laughing.

Maybe next next month.

ASTRO members Cha Eun Woo, Moonbin, JinJin, and MJ recently took part in a casual sit-down interview where they ate and drank while answering questions. I hope he will stay long in the biz and that he will thrive and conquer the top, because if there's someone who deserves it, it is Cha Eun-Woo.

Eun-Woo was born on March 30, 1997 in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea…Eun-Woo is one of the famous and trending celeb who is popular for being a Actor.

he goes to sungkyungkwan university,,,, according to wikipedia,,. MJxWooseung Jul 01 2017 8:49 am

Fighting!! A new face in K dramas.. cute and handsome, MJ May 19 2019 8:51 pm kana Oct 25 2017 2:03 am Korean cutie Cha Eun Woo's Just One 10 Minute Manila fan meet took place on October 26, and we're still not over his VERY BRIEF visit. Astro needs a comeback. Lee dong min!!!! Wow he's so cute!

Eunwoo acting in Hit on the top was so good and handsome haha Saranghamnida :), byeol Jul 16 2017 4:19 pm mecy Aug 27 2018 9:44 am And his romantic scenes were right on point.

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