Top 10 list, Top trending Zzero Sufuri songs to listen to in 2020, Who is the richest gospel singer in the world? The above list is based on the rapper’s mic skills as well as record sales. Many publications have also indicated that he can rap at a rate of 16.25 syllables per second. He waited for a long time for a certificate only for the publication to remove the category. He peaked at 12.8 syllables per second in the lyric, Hello. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. He showcased how fast he can rap when he released the album Water To Wine. The record came in 2013 when he released Rap God that packed 1,560 words in a song that is 6 minutes 4 seconds long. In the songs, 60 Seconds Assassins and Why Stop Now, he peaked at 11.8 syllables per second and 10.5 syllables per second respectively. Twista held the Guinness World Record for Fastest Rap MC in 1992.

But officially, Daddy Freddy, Twista, NoClue, and Rebel XD have held the Guinness World Record for Fastest Rap MC. The rapper also spit words fast in the song Mita Tung Twista where he raps at a pace of 11.2 syllables per second. When it comes to selecting the best rappers in the world, everybody usually has an opinion –that’s why lists differ. READ ALSO: List of the wealthiest rappers in the world, Image:, @da_true_rebelxdSource: UGC. Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

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He also spits out 721 syllables in 51 seconds, roughly translating to 14.13 syllables per second. In some cases, he begins slowly and then hits the listener with a rapid pace. That is an average of 19.3 syllables per second. Crucified is a rapper known for performing in the Underground Choppers series. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. As you listen to it, you will notice it building up slowly and then reaches supersonic speeds while spitting his rhymes. While that is fast, it does not make him the fastest rapper in the world. The world of Hip-Hop has many rappers who try to outdo one another. Furthermore, his laid back form of singing makes him a great artist. In the final verse, he turns things around and delivers up to 192 beats per minute. He can rap more than 22 syllables per second. Best doesn’t mean the same as fastest. However, other artists like Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Tech N9ne have proven to be even faster in their styles and skills. The song features a drum and bass instrumental that builds up in energy and beats per minute. That works out to an average of 10.65 syllables per second, or 7.23 words per second. Twisted Insane is a rapper known for sticking to the chopper mantra of fast rapping.

But on average, the artist can spit up to 169 words per minute. In 1998, he rapped 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds. However, rap and hip hop fans often regard this genre as mumble rap, which is mostly singing rather than rapping. Best is not necessarily the appropriate word here. He rapped 598 syllables in 55 seconds or 11.2 syllables per second.

The controversial artist spits bars at 10.65 syllables per second on the track's third verse. Since he has so many fast songs under his belt, arguably, Takin Online Orders might be his fastest at 912 words per minute or 15.2 words per second. It contained 768 words in 3 minutes and 51 seconds. That translates to spitting out 3.32 words per second. Also, some have had to spit fast words in their songs, but their music isn't categorized as rap. You will also find many rappers who only released one fast song but cannot make the list of all-time greats because of inconsistency and subpar skill. Another track on the album, however, just made history. The music industry has many artists who can rap fast, but most of them are underground and unknown. Who's That Guy in Episode 1 of 'The Mandalorian'? Is Eminem the fastest rapper in the world? Throughout the 70s to the 90s, most rap music (beats and verses) were slow. It may not be easy to get an answer to who is the fastest rapper in the world. Over the years, Tech N9ne has been switching his flow patterns every time he released a new song. 'Godzilla' was a collab with rapper Juice WRLD, who passed away on December 8, 2019 following an accidental overdose of painkillers. And that begs the question - who is the fastest rapper in the world? The instance was to put him in the Guinness World Record as the fastest rap MC. The artist also released Welcome To The Midwest, where he raps at 12.7 syllables per second. In 2001, Busta Rhymes released the song Break Ya Neck. Many people know him for his speed in many of his songs. Other lyrics that have put him on the map as one of the world’s fastest rappers are Creep Fast and From Da Tip of My Tongue. He holds the Guinness World Record for most words rapped in a hit single.

But over the years, new rappers reinvented the rap genre and got rid of the old style to now focus on speed. A better way of doing so is by rapping at a faster rate than others. Although that is the Twista fastest rap of all time, the rapper released more songs over the years. READ ALSO: Is Tupac alive? Over the years, his fans know him for his range of deliveries and displays in all his songs. READ ALSO: How much is rapper Young M.A worth? Over the years, the rapper that has been consistent in producing fast tracks is Twista. Image:, @Crucified830Source: UGC. He peaked at 12.8 syllables per second in the song Victory or Death. An example is Kill Sh*t, where he raps at a rate of 11 syllables per second. has compiled a list of the best rappers in the world as of 2020. That is fast because, in his previous songs, he rapped at 25.3 syllables per second. However, people can argue that the release of the song in 2020 makes him the current fastest rapper. Eminem just made history with the third verse on his track 'Godzilla', which is officially the fastest rap at 10.65 syllables per second, outpacing 'Rap God'. In the song Powered Up, the artist spits up to 28.9 syllables per second. The record has already sparked controversy: one track, 'Unaccommodating', has drawn criticism for making references to the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England in May 2017. So, who is the fastest rapper in the world? But in 2020, he released the song Godzilla, where he rapped 224 words in 31 seconds or 7.23 words per second. In the end, Tonedeff raps 165 syllables in 16 seconds. Most people know Eminem as one of the fastest rappers. He also did the same in the song Demon. One can argue that Outsider is the fastest rapper in Korea and the world. He holds the Guinness World Record for most words rapped in a hit single. The artist comes through with a fast-paced flow over a pulsing instrumental.

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