The Mohawk seen here has a more distinctive razor detail. It is quite a unique hairstyle when it comes to Faux Hawk hairdos and you will make a perfect style statement. The hairdo is just perfect for teenagers and you can’t ask for a better style. The pointed tip of the beard gives this style its own individual touch. Create a tail towards the back if you want to. The sides have a high fade and the stubble beard goes with the overall look to perfection. These natural curls just want to be free! It looks gorgeous and makes for a perfect vibe. This style really stands up for itself.

Overall, the look is cool and can be just perfect for any event that you may have to attend. The first one brings all the hair into the center and styles it in centered spikes with ample length to make it look awesome. The forehead hair line creates a square looking profile, and the faded temples melt into smooth skin with not a hint of sideburns.

This is another cool look that can be achieved with a faux hawk style. So, try something that works for you! However, this look seems to be universally flattering. A short faux hawk with skin fade sharpens your features for a tidy, chiseled look. A couple of parallel surgical lines on the side make it look even better. This black Mohawk features the longest length in the quiff and a bleached piece that works as a focal point of the look. The spikes are created with the help of a styling product and there is a clean high fade on the sides. This typical faux hawk look is simply amazing and it is achieved with a bit of hair dyeing. Faux Hawk shouldn’t necessarily get a spiky look on top, rather you can always keep it high and tight.

This one-of-a-kind style creates an aerodynamic look that is not soon forgotten. Black men opt for Mohawks when they want to have a tougher and fiercer look. The bleached ends work as a cute detail you can use to customize your hawk. Give it a go! This beautiful hairstyle features long hair on top that is all combed back stylishly to achieve a perfect look. This is another typical faux hawk hairstyle that gives more of a funky look than what you get with a typical style. A clean line is drawn curving toward the nape to finish it off. This is another cool hairstyle to achieve in a faux hawk style. The sides have a high fade and the look is completed with a cool beard style. The hairdo requires you to raise the hair in the center just as you do with a typical Faux Hawk and the final touch is given by simply finger combing it. The hairstyle looks awesome with cool spiky touch given to the top hair. The sides have a perfect mid fade that looks awesome with the hairstyle and that completely shaved look towards the bottom is just amazing. This is another cool look to achieve in Faux Hawk style with a fade on the sides. The beard is also a stubble and not a full grown out beard. And, if you can combine it with a fade on the sides, it turns into a cool Faux Hawk fade. If you are bold enough to go through some style changes, you will surely find the best fade fohawk for yourself. Besides, some of the coolest Mohawks feature fun colors. The best part is that it’s naturally textured and you can always raise the hair to achieve the look quite easily with your fingers. The sides have a nice fade and the final look is just awesome with a beautiful beard to complete it. This is quite a gentle look for a typical Faux Hawk hairstyle.

A large amount of styling product is used to achieve a sharp spiky look. This beautiful Faux Hawk fade really looks stunning on men with long faces. And, obviously. This comb over look qualifies for a perfect Faux Hawk . As the name suggests it’s short, so it’s actually short in length on top. Overall, the hairstyle is amazing and makes for a perfect party look.

This is a cool Faux Hawk that is all about forward sweeping the hair to achieve a cool spiky look at the front. The hairstyle boasts of some length right in the center of the head which is kept high and tight to achieve a perfect look. The sideburns are removed completely, and the neckline is cleaned up to blend with the design. This is quite a unique look when it comes to faux hawk hairstyles. The hairdo looks gorgeous in all its simplicity and is a look to flaunt on just about any occasion. If you are not sure what you want to do with your hair but know that you need a style change, take some time to browse through the fade fauxhawk haircut options.

Two tone dreads are twice interesting, and the undercut can be faded toward the ear line. Just as you normally have a spiky top in Faux Hawk hairstyles, here again you have a typical spiky look but it’s too short and buzzed up.

The hawk is combed over to one side, and the design shaved into the sides follows the lines of the top ridge. This beautiful Faux Hawk fade really looks stunning on men with long faces. This is the typical Faux Hawk look that is styled quite uniquely with a beautiful undercut fade. The sides have a cool mid fade that goes perfectly with the hair on top. Styling a fade faux hawk might seem complicated at first. You can wear it on just about any occasion and it will look rocking. The hairdo features good amount of volume on top and it is given a comb over touch by finger combing the hair at the front. Most likely you’ll want to go further. It’s not necessary for the faux hawk look to like a centered spike. As far as the haircut is concerned, there is enough volume left on top which is then given a cool spiky look by raising it all forward.

The beard adds to the mix to make a perfect style statement. This look is very much a typical faux hawk hairstyle that looks awesome with a high fade. If you are afraid of this hairstyle looking too outrageous, go for more subtle faux hawk options. Shorter hawks have just as much style as longer ones, and are actually easier to manage! The sides have a nice high fade and it blends into the look rather elegantly. The hairstyle features a cool slanted look even with the short length and makes for a perfect hairstyle with not much of maintenance required. A styling product is used to achieve a cool textured spiky look on top. Can you say unique? The hairstyle boasts of a cool temple fade on the sides and creates a perfect image with volume on top. The hairstyle can be worn with a nice beard to make it look even better. The hairstyle is achieved with the help of some texturizing product that not just makes it look neat and shiny but also keeps the look intact. This faded black men Mohawk showcases the cute lightening bolt detail on the side that demarcates the longest natural section with the trimmed part underneath and the shortest buzz above the ear. You don’t necessarily need to have a rugged or naturally textured hair type for achieving a Faux Hawk fade. Did you think that a faux hawk can’t be Ivy League? You can have the sides of your head shaven, closely cut or braided and vary the height of the spikes, their texture and even color. This example of a black guy Mohawk is definitely the tallest in this collection, making the grade with a very high flat top.

Give your regular crew cut an upgrade. If you want to sport a beard, that’s perfectly fine as well. Adding colors is always fun when it comes to Mohawks, and this solution is new and unique. It’s no secret that unusual Mohawk hairstyles for black men can be seen all over, and here is another great example! This comb over and textured faux hawk look is just perfect for middle aged men. The sides are nicely faded and a beautiful beard can be added to the mix to make it look awesome overall. Just keep it spiky on top and go for a high fade on the sides to achieve a cool look. Those sharp wings with a sweeping curve behind the ear give the effect of a runner in motion, and also appear artistic at the same time! The hairstyle here is just that as it requires you to grow the hair on top longer and achieve a spiky faux hawk look. Years ago, Mohawks were worn on the helmets of warriors or soldiers and were used to mimic raised bird feathers usually seen as a defense mechanism against predators. As mentioned earlier there can be quite a few different looks in which you can achieve a Faux Hawk hairstyle and here we have a clear demonstration of that. If you are not afraid of real changes, consider creating a short high fade faux hawk hairstyle. Just the way we had a cool look demonstrated above with curly hair, this one is quite similar as well. 48. Overall, we have a more than perfect Faux Hawk fade haircut that is very close to the signature style. But while they are released to reveal their texture, the edges are tamed. You can’t really ask for a better look if you wear this hairstyle with a cleaned shave. The hair on top is not spiked and it’s just kept flat to make for a perfect style.
There is a tail style towards the back that looks just gorgeous.

This faded Mohawk is a classic smooth look that will remain timeless. The hairstyle looks awesome when worn with a nice stubble and makes for a perfect blend. This way you will be getting close to a real Mohawk. The look is quite unique and is achieved by side spiking the hair on top. In fact, a nice spiky look can also be achieved in the same fashion.

Behind the ear, an angled detail creates the ornamental nape line. When you are looking for a new and improved hairstyle, you should give a short faux hawk a chance. This is a typical Faux Hawk look that boasts of a nice spiky hairstyle on top.

If you want a mix of a funky and clean hairstyle, this is the way to go about it. The sides have a typical high fade and it makes the hairstyle look even better overall. Ideally, it should be about 4-5 inches long. Overall, the look is quite pleasing and you’d love to achieve it. The hairstyle looks amazing with a color dye and you actually have a completely different look given to that same signature hairstyle. Yes, this is an acute look when it comes to a Faux Hawk fade haircut.

A wider Mohawk, left natural, rises to a medium length to complete the look. It’s a clean and well-organized look that everyone would love to achieve. If you do not feel like wearing a Mohawk all the time or want to make it less distinct, a fauxhawk is styled easily on the base of a cut with longer top hair and closely cut sides. To maintain this laidback look for yourself, steer clear of gel to avoid a wet look. This is another typical spiky faux hawk look that can be achieved with shorter hair on top and styling it with a bit of mousse or other styling product.

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