(everyone wants something special in their lives...TRUE LOVE. It’s in your eyes baby, baby Isn't that what we are ALL searching for?? The song is about him being on the road all the time n he meets a younger female at one of the places he was singing, he asks her backstage after the concert. The video IS NOT REFLECTIVE of the song EITHER...bless be people. George Michael didn't ever specifically reveal what 'Father Figure' was about, but a lot can be gleaned from its lyrics. Who said that they cared Its about two men and how he really falls in love and wants to be loved the same way. If anybody thinks that's stupid, think of how many of his songs have a spiritual meaning, such as Jesus to a child, Praying for Time etc. He also mentions something illegal, either literally or in the minds of others, singing “I have had enough of crime and "Sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime.” This potentially alludes to the general feeling towards gay people back in the 1980s, plus gay relationships were still illegal in many parts of the world (and still is). And George Michael was a writer of some of the best poems ever put to music. The depth of trust, protection, and mutual service both members in the relationship bring is what is described in this song. The sensual anthem was a number one hit in the US in 1988, his sixth in total at the time (including three with Wham!). :). All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. George Michael's seductive track was one of his first solo singles, but what was it actually about and who starred in the music video with him? Here's all the big facts about 'Father Figure': George Michael wrote and produced this track by himself, and it was recorded for his debut solo album Faith, released in 1987. IT is NOT ABOUT MOLESTATION or sexuality etc. Because he’s gay I think it was a younger male. I love this song. I would like to think this song is about a man who is in love with woman, who grew up without a father. I know I love this song because I've listened to it literally countless times. Smh lol now take your hand slap yourself and say DUH. It's one of the former Wham! At my side When GM says 'maybe this time is forever, say can it be'..This has been an ongoing thing between the two...they come together but are never 'together' he wants it to be forever this time...he's expressing his hope that they WILL be together FOREVER) I will be your preacher teacher (be your daddy) My love is always telling me so Father Figure was a song that was about stalking and not about him being gay. It was considered dirty, disgusting and criminal, apart from laws preventing gay people to be free in their choices, the social sigma was bigger than anything you have experienced. It was about a brief meeting of a younger female after a concert that he fell in love with but she rejected him based on her love for him not to be in trouble with the age difference her 17 , him 21. Sometimes I think that you’ll never understand me (greet me with the eyes of a child) For it was real event in his life as he wrote a lot about his life n relationships on that album n solo songs early on. I always think of it as spiritual, with the lyrics 'someone special, someone sacred, 'preacher teacher' So women who had a hard time growing up... when I was still sleeping with women, my God, it was absolutely all of the time.”. The absence of any reference to a man or woman is obvious, "I have had enough of crime' refers to a gay relationship. The eyes are believed to be the window to the soul. The song is about true love, despite the challenges faced and teaching someone how to be free with their love, regardless of the outcome.

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