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Watch out for the differences - the original will never have a "Rare!" It also has five pieces in the set, consisting of the Flaming Jack-O’-Lantern Mask, Amulet, Armor, Gauntlets and Tail. Help us grow Play Wild Wiki.


They were originally released in December 2014 at Jam Mart Clothing for 300 Gems, during the Beta Testing.

The concept was introduced in May 2017. I’ll charge wishlist item or something else. FEAST OF THANKS/THANKSGIVING DOESN'T EXIST.


to giveaway to people. Beta + Add as many projects as you can.

If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. Play Wild Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They did nothing on Halloween, people where so worked up in fear about getting hacked, and they did nothing. No examples yet but I’ll have one by this week! ), them: tries to trd spider archway, peridot birthstone, and painters scaffolding for my HW RARE FOREST GAUNTLETS, them: now accept (WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT ITS JUST THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE EVERYONE ACCEPT THEIR TRDS??
Besides armor sets, you can also unlock prizes by opening chests during Pack Runs. 7 Votes in Poll. The Faerie Wings are a pair of wings similar to the ones of a faerie. Here at Fire Wings we offer over 20 sauces to flavor your wings exactly how you like them. Anyone willing to buy this for max sapphires? The Firefly Armor consists of five different armor pieces; Firefly Helmet, Firefly Amulet, Firefly Wings, Firefly Gauntlets and Firefly Tail.

Note: The Ice Dragon Wings have a Leilani Variant. On August 2, 2018, AJHQ released the Conch Shell Armor into the Pack Run prize pool.
But I really can’t seem to find anyone that has them for trade.

The Faerie Wings being sold in the Beta Testing.

Last Updated 10/28/20 The Weekly Member Gifts are gifts given out to all members every week, usually on Wednesday. Any ways I can convince my parents that AJPW is safe? Note: The Wheels and Frankenstein Bolts were released for 1 day only, because AJHQ sent out the fridge and oven for all users due to iOS users not receiving it in August. You will need to keep in mind that you will need to offer something of great value, since it takes a long time to collect 6000 of a certain item, and no one would want to trade with you if you underbid them.

AJPW Pack Run Collection Prizes – Armor Sets. 1 List of Weekly Member Gifts 1.1 2017 1.2 2018 1.3 2019 1.4 2020 2 Trivia The Blackout Spiked Collar was gifted on a Thursday instead of a Monday. 2. Secret Areas in Play Wild - Find Them All!

Firefly Wings

Beta +Follow and support me. Home → Play Wild → Pack Run Prizes – Armor & More!

Some gifts have gone down in value due to being in pack runs.

anyone have information about these i have a few theories on how will these wings will look like when worn it might look like water wings but different colored it might just be a piece of armor (which is unlikely but could be a posssiblity) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The Faerie Wings are a clothing item worn on the back. The Mira Wings are a clothing item worn on the back. 0. Click Here if you want to know how to get free resources for Animal Jam Play Wild Account. The pink variant was added on May 2, 2018, after the Firefly Frenzy event ended. Night of the Phantom… Paintseed Launcher P… Ghost Shoes. Play Wild Item Worth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

The next armor set that was released is the Ladybug Armor set.

No. NEW Penguin Code for Animal Jam & Play Wild – October 2018!

If you don’t feel like collecting a certain amount of items, you can always see if someone wants to trade with you.

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