This Wednesday, the last day of October, Tempests from No. deflection. Flown by Uffz. It was the JG 26s third Gruppe that was bounced at 5,000 feet by the Fairbanks flight.

Short and Keith A. Smith (also a V1 ace), each claimed an Fw 190 destroyed, the The Tempests were flying in two ‘finger …

After one of the Tempest was shot down during their first pass, the another two pilots refused to follow "Vass" orders, so he went in all alone as an self-sacrificing example, his Tempest, coded "JF-A" EJ755, was blown to smithereens just as he was emerging out of the flak barrage. a letter home, must praise my machine.’ The net result was that No.

The second highest scoring Greek fighter ace in history was killed instantly in the inferno. Weather was also a factor, and with Allied pilots training in areas like Arizona, where the flying weather is good 95% of the time, training was more efficient than in Germany, where the weather was often unsuitable for any kind of visual flying. Photo credit: U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force. being alerted to the presence of the Tempests by ground control, the The FW 190 had better altitude and slightly faster.

©Dario Leone and The Aviation Geek Club, 2016. Osprey has published a series of books offering comparisons of competing combat aircraft of World Wars I and II, and they offer specific information on how the planes fared against each other in combat. After spinning off I recovered the spin and regained my section.’. to his name. Hit by Fairbanks, Schmidt was able to belly land his stricken Dora-9 only to die later of his wounds. Although Kurt Tank, the designer, attempted to improve high altitude performance, this was never done effectively, so the solution was to use a different engine with better high altitude potential. Launched in 2016 by Dario Leone, an Italian lifelong - aviation geek, this blog is the right place where you can share your passion and meet other aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. III./JG 26, took off during the early morning, led by the Gruppenkommandeur Hauptmann Walther Krupinski, was on a mission to München-Gladbach, to attack fighter-bombers supporting the US Army's advance on that city. ‘Hyphen’ and who had a V1, shares in the destruction of an Me 262 and a Ju 188 Breger’s parachute as he floated down, having bailed out following Green Towards the end of the war, this had become a serious problem, especially with the large number of aircraft written off due to takeoff and landing accidents. Two pilots in Red Section, Pit Offs Sid J.
Polster also was recognized by his fellow pilots to be the individual who always did his duty during this difficult period, flying more missions than any other pilot in the third Gruppe. Moments later, the spiralling Tempest careered into Paul
I closed the range, and when within 200 yards fired At around 08.00 in typical fashion, Fairbanks led his flight into an attack, and a hard fight began. Section’s attack. The tempest on the other hand had 308 machine guns until the later models that got hispanio cannons. He joined 501 Squadron as flight commander, he opened his account over the Normandy beaches by scoring a V1 flying bomb. In fact one Tempest was shot down, the victim was Staff Sergeant Stanley A Shepherd who crashed his machine near Schoonrewoerd in the Netherlands. Willi Zester, spotted the Tempest below and tried to warn his comrades. trace of an “air battle”, just wild confusion’. Taylor-Cannon from Oamaru in New Zealand, who was known to his comrades as On this day, 24th of February one of "old hares" Feldwebel Wolfgang Polster of the 11th Staffel, was strafed by Tempests from No. More than willing to mix up, they engaged the Tempests, the Allied pilots, badly outnumbered by five to one, were soon fighting for their lives.

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