Archived. Thanks to Daytona B group will be streaming Clan Wars this season. I've been debating bumping one of the special german commanders to 19 points and doing this but meh. My recommended build is PT - AR - SI + Vig - CE + AFT. With guns. All Rights Reserved. I figure if I do a re-spec, I would likely dump SI and pick up Manual AA. share. DE could work instead of Vigilance, but that is sacrificing a survivability skill in favor of a damage skill, which is risky. Don't get too excited, but the old(er) fud is back. Hydro is much more useful for weaselling out pesky smoke dwellers that you can then punish with the autocannons. You really are in a pickle!

DD119 is at Port Canaveral to be commissioned. Thank you, Edit: thanks for the replies eveyone. I use PT, EM, AR, SE, SI, CE, Joat, and HA for mine. I wouldn't give up the SI heal. I ran this captain on my Roon at 17 points (40 games, 75% winrate, 96k avg dmg, all solo).

Might swap that out for AFT in the captain respec coming up tmw. With Def AA its really only useful for taking out CV wings if they're actively going for you and i can count on one hand the number of times thats happened to me in 300 games. I've run with both and i much prefer having a 5.8s rudder shift over the increased concealment figuring that it can offset by good positioning. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WorldOfWarships community. Lol... Got 3 Containers for this one- HOMEOFTHEBRAVE, This is also Good for $250k credits HONORANDGLORY, This code works for 250 credits HEROESOFWAR, Flambass Complete list of Ship and Captain builds, I'll probably end up with this captain on my Roon actually. And also at T10 if the CV really wants you dead then there isn't really all that much you can do to stop them. Posted by. PM because I always take PM first (gotta keep those guns talking), and PT because with 1 point leftover from 3 Tier3 Skills, what else am I going to take? Maybe EM and PM. It works both ways! I know German hydro is good, but I'm not keen on getting close enough to DDs to use it to hunt them.

Close. Flambass Complete list of Ship and Captain builds . Not too bad. I guess BFT also affects squadrons you don't have targeted (i.e. I just had my best game to date, with new damage record, almost 3000 base XP and a Kraken to top it off.

Fasinating video: Russo-Japanese battles of 1939. A game about huge boats. Forums » Recommended Captain Builds » General Information » Flambass Complete list of Ship and Captain builds » » » Tweet. I'm curious if most captains opt for the full AA build for captain skills. 0. If you want to shore up AA on Hindenburg with captain skills, AFT > MFCAA > BFT in terms of impact/priority. I have the DFAA upgrade module that I can swap in as well. Günther Lütjens costs 175k coal, which is the same as Kuznetsov. Reasoning: You basically never get to use your German hydro, where you occasionally get to use the superb AA. Yup. i got the Rhein today... didn't pay dubloons for it, About 3k doubloons later, I got the Wesser and Rhein. I play without and really like it! I hope they pick my question to answer live. I think this applies to all servers but there aren't enough CVs to justify running an AA build. I won't have the AA of Hindy, but Roon gets slightly more favorable MM and tends not to get focused as much while still being an extremely strong ship. I find myself in three situations with that ship 1.

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