Super tracks: 145 lbs.

One of our original sets has over 5000 hrs on it and has required minimal maintenance. I searched for over 6 months, read reviews, watched videos on every type of track system for my Bobcat S530. Argo extreme terrain vehicles and optional track systems are marketed through a growing network of stocking distributors and dealers worldwide. on land, 175 lbs. When these treads covered by tracks, you’ll need to use an outboard motor to push the vehicle through the water. For winter, in thick powder snow, you can add on a winter snow kit which is an extra strip of Regular tracks: 135 lbs. I was afraid that I would go over the cliff without something to grip the ice. Take the weight of the tracks into account when loading your vehicle. Rubber tracks are compatible with 24 and 25-inch tires. 519-662-2840 ext. These are available for models that don’t come with them from the factory. They’re also lighter, but they’re louder and don’t grip well on the … Ideal for light duty use on snow, mud or flooded areas, the 13” (330 mm) standard tracks work with 24” (610 mm) Argo tires. Rubber tracks: These 18-inch wide tracks increase traction while minimizing noise. Also Steve you will notice that he offset the track, this way he didn't need Argo axle extensions.

We are willing to build the Escargotracks on other ATV's providing the customer gets proper spacer kit and has the right tire sizes. Unique to the Right Track System, our different grouser and ice cleat configurations can be inter-changed to suit different jobs and different seasons. off the ground. For off-road applications there is no… Read more ». Argo’s wide variety of track systems allows customers to adapt their vehicles to suit specific tasks and terrain. Check it out!

The Escargo tracks have excellent traction, even on fine sand. ARGO TRACKS MAXIMIZE TRACTION ON EXTREME TERRAIN. this is a VERY nice hardtop for homemade. Copyright © 2012 Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. All rights reserved. “On the commercial side, tracks can turn your Argo into a crawler, bridging the gap between quads, UTV and heavy machinery.”. Steel cleats increase traction on ice and hard-packed snow. overlapped along two steel crossers, making them very strong. These are a great choice if you regularly drive on the pavement. looking for gold. Make sure not to overload the argo. 1-877-274-6288 Escargo is a unique pattented track. In the winter, the Centaur is usually the first vehicle out to groom trails for snowmobiles or other vehicles. New videos of the winter tracks will be available next year. 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy If the sand is extremely fine, Subtract the following weights from the total payload capacity. Do you find that you still bump into the limits of Argo’s amphibious ATVs on mud, sand and snow? Rubber tracks: 295 lbs. Rubber tracks: These 18-inch wide tracks increase traction while minimizing noise. Escargo tracks will get you there and back with ease. Right Tracks on my New Holland LS170 skid steer are absolutely fantastic! Keep your feet dry, go easy on your General purpose, 13” (330 mm) wide or medium duty 18” (457 mm) wide, impact resistant, light weight segmented thermoplastic rubber  tracks with integrated track guides. putting a belt on a pulley. Argo Amphibious UTV

Compare to other tracks With tracks, trailers will not get stuck even on the roughest terrain, including muskeg, bogs and deep snow. like in a desert, the Escargo track winter kit might be needed. The Escargo tracks are well designed to ride on fine sand and can easily climb steep sandy hills. Be sure to check the air pressure in each tire and air them up as needed once they have a chance to cool down.

Our Argo tracks for sale are unlike any other track system on the market.

Dec 15, 2018 - this is a VERY nice hardtop for homemade. Outboard motor bracket: Normally, when you enter the water in an XTV, the tire treads act like paddles, pushing the vehicle. ARGO TRACKS MAXIMIZE TRACTION ON EXTREME TERRAIN Argo offers specialized track systems to tackle specific tasks and terrains. that are entirely made of rubber, are flat and have tire guides, After all the research and hours comparing the different systems, I decided to go with the Right Track system from Canada. With the 18” (457 mm) track systems, a loaded Argo has a ground pressure of only 0.67 psi – that is considerably lighter than a person’s footstep – so it will not damage plants or substrates. For the most versatile vehicle in extreme snow, customers can equip their 8x8 Centaur with 22” (559 mm) snow tracks.

The mud flaps should be removed when the tracks are taken off to keep them from rubbing against branches and other obstacles in tight spaces.

the inside of the tracks. Escargo tracks is 3 to 4 miles per hour in the water. Before installing the Escargo tracks (summer tracks or winter kit), the argo must have a 2½" spacer kit Copyright © 2012 Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. All rights reserved. The 18” (457 mm) super tracks and 18” (457 mm) rubber tracks offer improved flotation and durability.

“A lot of our new track systems have been developed to meet customers' requests,” says Bernhard Wagenknecht, VP Sales & Marketing, Argo. Mud flaps: These flaps extend past the sides of the vehicle, deflecting mud and snow coming off of the tracks to keep your passengers and cargo clean. Rubber tracks: 230 lbs. They really work well! You can custom order to fit your situation. Most tracks are also available for Argo’s new 8-wheel trailer coming with either 24" (610 mm) or 25" (457 mm) tires. 6×6 There are pairs of mounting holes on each track section, but cleats must only be installed using the outer holes to prevent body damage.

The Escargo tracks can also be installed on the Xtreme duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track with UHMW-PE guides, reinforced turf tire and rim provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure. winch, be the king of the forest with argo and Escargo tracks. on water. which can be bought at any argo dealer. Argo makes three types of tracks sized for both 6×6 and 8×8 models.

Escargo tracks have steel crossers that fit the 2. the maxxis snow tires are way too soft for regular tire guides. Your email address will not be published. Because Argos have 6 or 8 wheels instead of 4, they provide increased surface area to attach to the track systems, maximizing traction and reducing ground pressure. That means we have the parts and support you need to get the most out of your amphibious ATV. Both ends of the steel crossers are rounded off for better skid steer. Like any vehicle, you should make slow, gentle control inputs to maintain traction. He used Polaris 15" wide snowmobile tracks (long track), Argo track guides and Argo track splice. on land, 135 on water. If you want the ultimate in traction and soft surface performance, you need to add tracks to your XTV. front and back tires.

Before installing the Escargo tracks, the argo must have a 2½" spacer kit which can be bought at any argo dealer. rubber belts held on by aluminium angle crossers for extra paddle traction and extreme When the tracks are installed, put some air back in the front and back tires. Plastic Tracks. Increasingly, Argos are going to work in the mining, oil and gas, utility and forestry sectors.

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