What these reveals is, firstly, the connection between internet eugenists like Cummings and figures within Google and Silicon Valley, and secondly, that we cannot disassociate Cummings’ aspiration of Brexit from his eugenist ideology. The video, which was part of a 2012 documentary programme called The Guest Wing, shows the baronet saying one is the subject of one's genes. Cummings’ essay on education gained the attention of people in Silicon Valley who would invite Cummings to attend a conference called SciFoo, which is organized by Google and hosted by Google’s cofounder Larry Page. Hsu writes that these methods will allow him to “gain insights” into “how natural selection led to human intelligence.” Yet, Cummings’s friend, Hsu, wants to be the natural selector of who lives and dies in the name of “intelligence.” Hsu wants to do this through a company which he cofounded called Genomic Prediction, which screens out embryos deemed likely to have “mental disability”. If we are looking for a conspiracy to revive Nazism, we have at least discovered it at but only at its surface. Not for money, not for fame. In his essay on education, Cummings affirms Francis Galton, the nephew of Charles Darwin and the one who coined the term eugenics, writing how “Francis Galton concluded that talent in various fields was primarily genetic”.

And now, after one prominent (and other less prominent) recent police killings … In this piece, Cummings writes how Britain should have a health policy in which citizens will be genetically examined, including the unborn. Looking at this through an historical lens, we are not shocked. Hsu’s argument? The rabbit hole goes even deeper, but we only know what we can find out. My thoughts on the current escalation between Turkey... Greece Begs Germany To Stop Selling Arms To Turkey. In Denmark, unborn babies with Down syndrome have been nearly exterminated as a result of 98% of women choosing to abort after having a genetic screening of the embryo. There have been some outstanding people and geniuses who have been first-generation, the first of their family. Carsten Søndergaard, the Danish ambassador to Ireland stated: “In general it should be noted that it is not the policy of the Danish health authorities to eradicate Down’s (sic) syndrome, but it is their duty to provide the pregnant woman with the best possible basis for her to make her own decision about her pregnancy.”. He wanted for the ideology of genetics and intelligence to be a central focus of scientists and despised the resistance to discuss the connection between IQ and the human genome: “There is strong resistance across the political spectrum to accepting scientific evidence on genetics. Cummings is not just a nominal eugenist who tries his best to keep his beliefs to himself, he is an outspoken proponent of eugenics and wants to apply eugenic policy on the population. I therefore invited Plomin into the DfE to explain the science of IQ and genetics to officials and Ministers.”. By Theodore Shoebat Edward Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, the father-in-law of Dominic Cummings — who is considered to be the mastermind behing Brexit — promoted in eugenics in a recent video in which he said “success is in the genes”.

that once the genes are identified, then engineering higher intelligence might become feasible”.

The rise of German power thanks to a cabal of eugenists. Cummings recounts how he looked through the window of “Google’s HQ at a glittering sunset in Silicon Valley”. In this same essay, Cummings — in a section entitled, Cummings’ essay on education gained the attention of people in Silicon Valley who would invite Cummings to attend a conference called SciFoo, which is organized by Google and hosted by Google’s cofounder Larry Page.

One of the team is physicist Steve Hsu”, In the same essay Cummings quotes Hsu describing his eugenist dream of creating more humans who are “fully awake” or who have genius genes: “I’m doing my best to increase the number of future humans who will be ‘fully awake’.”. My thoughts on how current regional conflicts are... Trump Gets Crowds, While Biden Cannot Mobilize The Left. eugenics | Description, History, & Modern Eugenics ... Introduction to Eugenics - Genetics Generation, Margaret Sanger's extreme brand of eugenics - America Magazine, China's Forced Sterilization of Uyghur Women Violates Clear International Law - Just Security, Environmental Group Calls For Overhaul Of Iowa's Ag Economy, Better Race Relations - KIWARadio.com, UVA and the History of Race: The George Rogers Clark Statue and Native Americans - UVA Today, Out of Context #7: Owning the Language of our Oppressors - I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, Protect the Institutionalized and Defeat the Inhumanity of Eugenics - CNSNews.com, Letter: Where are the protests about abortion? Zygote genotyping from single cell extraction is already technically well developed, so the last remaining capability required for embryo selection is complex phenotype prediction. Both Cummings and Hsu want embryo selection to be a part of government medical systems.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As Cummings writes: “One such project is the BGI project (working with Robert Plomin) to identify the genes responsible for ‘general cognitive ability’ or ‘g’. Both Cummings and Hsu want embryo selection to be a part of government medical systems. Here is the video: I understand that this is Cummings’s father-in-law, not Cummings himself.

BGI has the largest capacity to sequence genomes in the world and is sequencing the genomes of thousands of people with IQ scores of +3 standard deviations (1:1,000) to identify the genes responsible. To quote Cummings: “It is already the case that farmers use genomes to make predictions about cows’ properties and behaviour … It is already the case that rich people could use in vitro fertilisation to select the egg which they think will be most advantageous, because they can sequence genomes of multiple eggs and examine each one to look for problems then pick the one they prefer. In the comment section underneath Cummings’s article on the 2014 SciFoo conference there is a comment by one Andrew Sabisky which calls for enforcing contraception on population and pushes for embryo selection: “one very good way to retain human control over technology – and to think up better ways to ameliorate its negative consequences – is global embryo selection.

(By the way, his son-in-law Dominic Cummings has written lots about the “heritability” of intelligence and the future of eugenics.) In the same article by Cummings he recommends an article by Hsu entitled On the genetic architecture of intelligence and other quantitative traits, in which Hsu writes how this method of genetic scanning “can be used in reproductive applications, ranging from embryo selection (choosing which IVF zygote to implant) to active genetic editing (e.g., using powerful new CRISPR techniques).” For Hsu, choosing the best embryo would prevent “the child who struggles in school” from being born and would increase the population of people with college degrees: “For typical parents, choosing the best out of 10 [embryos] might mean the difference between achild who struggles in school, versus one who is able to complete a good college degree. He recounts this in his essay: “During my involvement in education policy 2007-12, I never come across a single person in ‘the education world’ who raised the work of Robert Plomin and others on IQ, genetics and schools, and whenever I raised it people would either ignore it or say something like ‘well obviously IQ and genetics has no place in education discussions’. The cost of these procedures would be less than tuition at many private kindergartens, and of course the consequences will extend over a lifetime and beyond.” (brackets mine). And by this — in light of everything we have observed here — it is clear what is meant by “science”. By Theodore ShoebatEdward Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, the father-in-law of Dominic Cummings — who is considered to be the mastermind behing Brexit — promoted in eugenics in a recent video in which he said “success is in the genes”.

2 He is the son of Sir Edward Birkbeck Wakefield, 1st Bt.

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