If you have further questions, contact your local FSDO or the FAA Flight Standards branch.

I previously registered as a (enter role here....RI, DE, SA). For all other certificates at this time the Designated Examiner will have a Reset link on the DE Checklist page if the certification application is of the type that does not require a Recommending Instructor's signature. If it did come to the point of you wanting to recommend an applicant for a practical test and you were not yet listed in IACRA, you could still use a paper FAA Form 8710-1.

However, to be rock solid certain, there is a help desk number for IACRA. You can only register in IACRA one time. The applicant can then resubmit the application, allowing the Designated Examiner to then view the corrected application.

I recently renewed my CFI certificate. This occurs to ensure security for your application particularly if you are using a computer other than your own, such as in a public library or cyber café. Should the superseded certificates be mailed to the Airman Registry when using IACRA? The contact info is below. In this case your last name for the purpose of applying for an airmen certificate is “Suarez Caldas”. The pdf manual for IACRA is here. Sign in If it is less than 60 days since the date of issue of your certificate, contact your AME (Aeromedical Examiner) for resolution of this issue. The applicant's Knowledge Test ID is located on the Airman Test Report.

Free-form text can be added to limitations that have a blank space in the text.

U.S. Department of Transportation

In order to minimize the time frame in which CFI’s cannot log into IACRA during their renewal process, it is suggested that CFI’s initiate the renewal process up to 90 days prior to their current certificate expiration date. Cookies help us deliver our Services. No, the Certifying Officer should not physically sign the IACRA Temporary Certificate, Notice of Disapproval or Letter of Discontinuance before giving these documents to the applicant. Limitations can then be added to the Temporary Airman Certificate by selecting them from the top grid.

Cannot block cookies - Internet Options, Privacy tab. Thanks KDS – yeah unfortunately I believe that airmen certification is one of the areas affected by the shutdown. The data on my medical certificate does not match what is in the FAA Airman Registry database, what should I do? Applicant Any person applying for an airman certification Recommending Instructor (RI) Any person who is authorized to instruct applicants and considers them ready to take a practical test Designated Examiner (DE) Any person authorized by the Administrator to issue airman certificates.

Why can't I use the BACK and FORWARD buttons in my browser to move through the program? Please record your FTN as it will be required later by your instructor and/or certifying officer. Digital signatures are: Yes, but it is an "unofficial" copy for review or record keeping purposes only. The Airman Registry is in the process of rolling out a new database system that will ultimately improve the speed of entering data into its national databases, however, note that there will always be some interim time frame between CFI renewal activities and receipt of your permanent certificate. Can both Students and School Administrators Start an Application? A PC with broadband internet connectivity.

Does the Close Browser Button Save My Information? If you do not hold a pilot certificate, you can still complete the registration form and register as an applicant in IACRA. Should the applicant be allowed to digitally sign anonymously after first completing his application, his identify would be unknown and the digital signature could be repudiated in court as not “signed” by the applicant. The General Aviation Operations Inspectors Handbook 8700.1, volume 2, states that an applicant’s identity must be verified in person by the Certifying Officer (CO) by way of examining and recording approved identification items (drivers license, Military ID, etc.). It implements use of digital signatures throughout the certification process. I'm a Recommending Instructor. What are the minimum system requirements for using IACRA? Do the DE's have to print something to send to the FSDO's? A designation code is a 4-digit alphanumeric code that flight schools use in several ways to make associations between the school, the school curriculums, and flight school representatives (School Administrators, Airman Certification Representatives, Training Center Evaluators, etc.) If you check the box next to "May we contact you regarding this commment?" How do I do that in IACRA? After the Designated Examiner resets the application, the applicant must log in to IACRA and make any necessary changes to the application. Surely I don't have to wait until my plastic is issued - that could take a long time wtih the shutdown going on... You flight instructor certificate number will be the same as your pilot certificate number assuming you are the standard CFI who held a commercial and then received a CFI. Students can fill out a new application after registering. Why?

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