To get started, go to the Adjustment Layer Icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel and select Gradient Map. I’ve been told that this is because they leave the “Overprint preview” switched on while exporting their artwork to PDF in Indesign. Combining multiple images into one frame is easier than ever with apps like Photoshop.

If you are looking to lower the resolution, you can always downsample on export or print. The image, as it exists now, uses a full range of color … Add color to objects or text in two ways. Open the effects panel – WINDOW menu > EFFECTS. Combine two photos to create a seamless double exposure effect with this quick video tutorial.

A third idea is to export the artwork as a grayscale JPEG (File > Export), then open the file in Photoshop and convert it to a monotone. Align the graphic to the right hand side margin. You don’t have to be a whiz to keep up with this trend either.

To add a more dramatic effect, you put the color image on top of these 2 layers and use the "Overlay" blending mode at 60% transparency.

First, you could convert the spot color to a process color with InDesign’s Ink Manager. Combine photos and designs to create original images, collages, and double exposures. My guess on the teddy bear is that the white in the eyes was set to overprint. Make the fill the color you want. Lock Layer 1 and make a new layer, name it graphics.

This is further complicated by the fact that many files now are sent to printers directly without a desktop-printed proof, so for the printer there is no comparison between what the client expects and what the printer will output. When you turn on overprint preview, InDesign suddenly wakes up and shows you an accurate preview. Resize, drag, and drop your images into position. Keep going David, keep doing!

It’s not a perfect color proof by any means, but it at least brings you to “what you see is close to what you’ll get.”, ink manager

As I have worked in prepress for many years, I have seen this issue several times and got back to the designer with very simple answer: print is not digital, and one law of color is that darker always overpower the lighter but not add. Place to crop box. yes, this would be more expensive – running multiple plates on what was supposed to be a 1-color job – but it fixes the “non-printable” problem. The levels of transparency should be knocking each other out and the spot channel/plate should look similar to what you are showing above. Please log in again. 5. Download and open this image in Photoshop. Success. If I open the original supplied PDF in acrobat – the bear’s eyes are visible – but when I print from Acrobat, the bear’s eyes disappear again. With the graphic still selected, change the fill color to paper (white) Change the Font to Montserrat and the Style to Black, the size is 24pts and the leading is 16pts (we want the letters to touch top and bottom), change the alignment to Align Right in the Paragraph Panel. That only controls screen display in InDesign. Block out specific areas of your image with masks.
Photoshop will recognize this on import and rasterize accordingly. Then it’s easy to decide what’s blended and what’s not blended.

Fill – just like it sounds, fills in the whole shape or text with a color. SH If I were your client, I would be really upset if you did that to my PDF! :shrugs: @Don: Huh?! I have a piece of art ready for printing onto package flute in 2 Pantone colours and my client has a PDF to review and there’s a desktop print in CMYK for him to see on Monday.
To do that, choose Image > Mode > Duotone, then click on the ink swatch and pick the spot color you want to use. Download the typeface Montserrat Black from this link and install it. In this case, one object gets the spot swatch, another spot_Copy, another spot_Copy2, etc. 11. Combine photos and designs in interesting ways. Before clicking OK, we will modify the Gradient so that we ensure the brightest tones aren’t completely white, this will help the text graphic stand out in InDesign, slide the 4th gradient stop from the left over to the right to the 90% location. View it in Acrobat using output preview first to see if it is correct before assuming it is not. If you need a preview with the actual spot color then export it as a EPS or PDF, open it in photoshop and convert the appropriate process channel to a spot color channel. The blend mode is set to Normal by default, and if you adjust the opacity of your image, you can blend the layers. 4. IO 2.

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