The work I did in the end was mundane and boring. But is this something I care about? Only now I understand it didn’t really suit me I just wonder if I can find the right place – or, if not, what should I do instead?

Marko, thanks for a really interesting site. We are truly a buzzing community! • Every job that repeats itself daily without meaning Take me for an instance.

You are awesome! Fear has a purpose but its purpose is to protect your ego. I just finish high school and feel lost,I don’t really know what job will be good for me.Recently I have been thinking to enroll in digital marketing course because it is the cheapest course I can afford,but I don’t know if that is a right path for INFJ person. My reply is, “Before we go, wouldn’t it be nice to leave the world a better place than we first found it?”. Maybe work as the building expert at a hospital?.. Hello! This tradition of consuming just drives me crazy and the fact that even in my career path its so hard to escape it also overwhelms me. They are great at keeping people on track and engaged by identifying people’s motivations and encouraging them with a shared vision. I find I have this strong idea of what society wants me to be vs. what I really want to do. . Do you think speech-language pathology is a good career for an INFJ? I love organizing stuff, I’m very nurturing & I enjoy giving advice. My current goal is to move into policy research, where I can use my experience, my writing ability, my intuition and my integrity to make a contribution to understanding and addressing some of the tax policy problems in my state. Don’t wait for a chance, go after it.

Before finding Introvert Spring, which became my life calling and purpose, I changed jobs so many times that I lost count. single. If you think about it, the world is built for the sensory extroverts because it is built by the sensory extroverts. I think I believe like I’m writing to a group who might understand what I’m talking about – how the thing that hurts the most is the loss of belief in making changes where I work, how I’m utterly bored and disengaged as a result because what’s the point (even thought intellectually I can make lots of very valid arguments and reasons). Does that make sense? Thank you so much for this! But the thought of going back to university and piling up my debts to discover it’s not really what I want to do is so daunting!! I feel very lost in life job-wise and feel out of place or like I do not suit any job that I can think of! Do you have any recommendations for INFJ with an accounting background? Btw, I loved customer service (both in person and on the phone). My 2 cents: I would highly recommend you do not go into healthcare as an INFJ. Now I have energy and desire to invest in friends. I am currently working as a front desk and am really not happy with the job,am always depressed and worried,reading your post described me leaving nothing behind……. For some, I am the only person who touches them. But start with intuition first. You can start wit ha part time one, just to examine is it a right fit, and so that you have more time to think about it, and then slowly expand.
Make a decision, create a plan, do a research how you will do it, write it down, and go after your dream! Any suggestion would help. Believe in yourself, no matter what anyone else says and your life will never be the same again. You are already making a difference. Their intuitive nature also makes them a great resource for advice. I usually end up leaving for another because I just can’t take it. When I sit down at my computer to research personality, a new technology, or something else that interests me, I often lose track of time. 8.

Even if I leave the world, the writing stays.” People can benefit from my books even when I’m gone like how the books from the deceased authors had helped me. You have skills, that I can assure you. I am glad to hear you embraced doing what you love after such a difficult moment, and that what it fulfills you so much. . You can grab a free copy of the guide here. So administrative work that is too routine will make an INFJ feels restless and tired. The key is to pay attention when you need to recharge, since job of a teacher can be draining, but rewarding. Keep asking yourself why doing something is important to you until you go deep enough and have clarity. Thanks for listening. Below is a list of professions and jobs that INFJs said they enjoy doing. Even on good days, it does feel like a challenge. Particularly because of always having to be in such a rush and the constant interruptions when trying to complete a long list of prep work while food orders are randomly coming in the whole time. Thanks for this article , Thanks Reese! It can lead to depression and feeling lost in life.

You don’t know what to do? For more information on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, please go here. Their went my dream. Or you worked as a paid writer in a company that hired you? Let me just say this. If the situation allows you, try avoiding these ten worst INFJ careers at all costs. I have just recently discovered that I am an INFJ, and I am sooo happy I found out….it really validates how I have been feeling….I feel like I jump jobs, jump careers….especially once I’ve been there about a year…I feel like I’m not learning anymore and start looking for something new… it all makes sense. What are your thoughts on INFJ’s in this career profession? Also, I’m happy you discovered better careers than your previous one, and not to mention your amazing INFJ personality discovery. It gives us a sense of purpose. You are wonderful, just the way you are, and I understand and support you, fully. Although I remain interested in and passionate about my legal specialty (tax law), I have had to figure out the right and wrong environments for myself. Like you said, doing the same task daily takes a toll on an infj. Like you, I worked in several of the “not recommended” careers. It’s a really bad sign when you see an indifferent INFJ. How exciting that you found your calling after a journey of finding yourself! willing to listen to different points of view, Courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action. Thanks for this article. . But what’s interesting is that on the Meyers-Briggs i tested and found out that i was an INFJ-A. Despite sharing the INFJ personality, we are all unique. But this article has given me some hope and understanding! Hi Kri! Massage therapist. Ask yourself, is this something I really love and will it be something I will enjoy? I also used to design and write songs in my spare time. oh, that’s another thing, I listen to EVERYBODY and while I’m not a huge talker, it would be nice to have people I really trust to open up to – I have girlfriends but I always go back to my career not being fulfilling and feeling like I may not be able to get on with my personal life until my professional life is more fulfilling. A life that is worth living to an INFJ is about the meaning we create. SAEEDKARIMI410@GMAIL.COM Hi Marko, And the money is lucrative too! You have to listen to the creative direction of your employers and clients. As an INFJ-A 4w5 I have found it so challenging to find a role with fulfillment in both my creative outlet as well as my desire to help others. Now it gives me the peace and motivation I need – that I can change the world (or at least help someone) sitting in my desk.
The second challenge is that when an INFJ stagnates, the chances of keeping that career drop to zero. I’ve come to the realization that any job I take should be fulfilling, otherwise, why do it? What Treatments And Complementary Activities Help With Social Anxiety? But before that, let’s take a look at the top ten INFJ careers. I used to work in customer service, and dreaded every day of it, and had no social energy at all. It’s a long shot, but you can make money if you’re good.

Thank you so much Cat for your incredibly kind words, really! I would recommend some volunteer work, part time that would not take much of your energy. If there isn’t a possibility for us to advance and upgrade ourselves, INFJs don’t waste time on that career. Never stop reaching towards what you want to do and searching for that top INFJ career! Thank you:), Love this question Jashan! I was advised by my family and teachers to do engineers as I was good in math and sciences but I was vulnerable at that time so I went for it. My new job has an extremely corporate feel with very rigidly define roles, much more so than my last job. © Yong Kang Chan.

I’m an empath and infj and I’m always drawn towards helping people but have struggled with getting burnt out quickly. Thank you for the encouragement. If your work doesn't encourage you to grow and pursue your potential, you'll never feel satisfied and always wonder if you could be doing more. Innovation and culture change are still possible, and that’s what I want to be doing. Well, I don’t know where to start or what to say – I have only recently taken an online MB test and am astonished, feel so validated, and amazed at the uncanny facts that I’ve always known on some level but never were able to make manifest, i.e., my career. 3. Like others, I too have struggled with “what do I want to be when I grow up?” I’ve tried teaching children, compliance, sales, customer service, training, public speaking, etc., and though I enjoyed all of those, except sales, I still cannot find the perfect job or a job that would fit the requirements of humanitarian work. Thanks Bria! I know for quite some time that I work differently from the majority of the world, and that my personality type is INFJ. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, why I couldn’t keep jobs, despite being a dedicated, committed, always learning and responsible. I am so NOT suited for the corporate world and now don’t know where to turn. When my grandfather, best friend and love, passed away 4 years ago, my family went through turmoil because his life insurance was not updated. I have been in law school for 8 years now. I do not write about not working at all, I just think about at least neutral job for INFJ. No matter what we do, you and I need a creative outlet. It’s a busy environment. In my current work place I have gone through bullying and nothing was done to fix the situation, even though the bullying is being caused by Team Leader so this is making me question whether I want to be stuck in just an Admin Position.


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