Hopefully Big Screen resolves this issue, but I would still like to be able to see iracing on my main monitor while my son or guest are trying it out. No. Pretty much all of this is default except where I’ve mentioned a different setting.

This reduces CPU load by a HUGE amount. 7.PLAY WITH THE SETTINGS TO GET A STEADY 90FPS Get a replay with a full grid of cars at COTA or SPA and try playing around with the graphics settings in the replay until you get a steady 90FPS.

Save 25% on iRacing Renewals for Black Friday! Try unchecking dynamic track data. As usual, these settings are somewhat subjective in that they work on my setup nicely. I purchased Project Cars through oculus and it is much more detailed, and I don’t see the dots. Ultimately VR is definitely an improvement over a monitor setup, even if you have a 4k setup. The improvement in FOV is pretty big and i can’t imagine ever going back to the normal mounting solution of the rift. It has also been noted that turning any triple screen support off improves frame rate. Changing this to 1 and you won’t get a pop up anymore if the headset is connected. Disclosure: As a participant in Amazon’s Associate program and similar affiliations with other retailers, we receive a small payment whenever a product we have recommended in our content is purchased. And, it provided so much more! VR headsets literally put you in the drivers seat and provide an incredibly immersive online racing experience. 120hz is also absolutely fine if 144 is too high. Read on for the solution. Sky/Clouds and Cars: use High Detail.Pit objects: Medium detailEvent: High detailGrandstands and Crowds: OffObjects: High detailParticles: High detail at Full resDynamic LOD: World -OnlyFrame rate: 144Max pre-rendered frames: 3 matching the NVIDIA settingsAnisotropic filtering: 16xAA samples: 4x (to really smooth out the jagged edges)Render dynamic track data: onRender dynamic tire data: offShadow maps: on track leaves shadows on the circuit but removes the weird flickering from the dash and inside the carDynamic cubemaps: off – light reflections on surfaces can be weird and annoying.
Can anyone shed some light on how you can record or stream iRacing from the VR point if view? Check you Crimson settings and your screen setting to be sure if CV1 set is recognized as an extended screen or not when HMD is enabled. It’s free and works perfectly well for what I need. 15.GRAPHICS CARD CHOICES With VR in its infancy most software is still not optimised for our CV1,s as yet. 5.MOVE DEFAULT CAMERA POSITION To move the default cockpit camera position lower or higher go into a replay after sitting in your car for a while and hit CTRL+F12 (cameras command) Next move the X Axis to reposition camera forward and back and the Z Axis to move up and down to the desired racing view. Naturalmente que no es lo mismo si vas a visualizarlo en un monitor que en VR, pero para eso estoy especificando que es una configuración para realidad virtual. What are your setting on the 980ti? Circuitos como Le Mans tiene algunos problemas de optimización que pueden causar bajadas de frames, pero son una excepción.

I donated because the CV1 set up save me a TON of hassle. You’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of the simulation and after a few laps to orientate yourself (you can feel a little motion sick initially), you’re soon into faster lap times. Unfortunately I cannot keep a solid 90FPS (I know about AWS and how to turn off/go back to ATW mode) even with lowering almost everything. I think the rest of it is more or less default but check your settings thoroughly against mine! Esto ya parece otra cosa, y aún queda por mejorar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks a ton for this information! This of course is a pre-requisite to fast track driving but I’ve found as a habit, it’s much easier to use this technique correctly in VR. Iracing is no exception so the graphics card choice is still a grey area until the programmers really start to push the VR graphics to the limit. Craig A Williams is one of the most well known setup creators all across simracing. Set advanced supersample filtering to on. Interested in special offers, free giveaways, and news?

Browse to the path shown above and open the file in a text editing program such as notepad. Yes I run a high render resolution at 138%. You can make the screen small and close like your monitor, or set the size and distance to use your desktop on an Imax sized screen. That is not the case for me as the Rift goes dark and I have to take it off, close Big Screen and then re-launch it to get it active again. Then you will need to run the graphics configuration tool by clicking on the "Launch” button. Hi Jonathan, sorry for the delay. But a VR headset has virtually no footprint, and is comparatively cheap at $400. Thanks.

I am faster with VR, and I find the good habits formed by having more realistic spatial awareness translate at the (real) racetrack too.

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