I bet you didn’t expect to play in the fourth quarter of the fourth pre-season game.’ I said, ‘Nah, I didn’t but it’s all good.’ I didn’t see them cutting me.” Evans then added, “I was always starting, so he was right.

I just looked at it as things that were preparing me for what was ahead.” -Jahri Evans, Jahri Evans jested, “I’m from Nicetown, Philadelphia, which is not a nice town.”. Jahri Evans: Net Worth: $28 Million: Date Of Birth: August 22, 1983: Place Of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States: Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m) Weight: 318 lbs (144.24 kg) Profession: American football offensive guard: Education: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania: Nationality: United States of America: Spouse: Takia Evans: Parents: Katreen Hopkins: Siblings Despite a football career filled with All-Pro Awards, Pro Bowl appearances, All-Decade Team honors, All-Rookie Awards, Madden Most Valuable Protector Awards, DII All-American nominations and being a member of both the New Orleans Saints 50th Anniversary team and, most recently, the Saints Hall of Fame, none of the awards compares to becoming a Super Bowl Champion for Evans.

Jahri Evans: “I agree with Roman, but I think coaches and management have a tough job when they are in certain cities in certain areas just because of the distractions that are around them. Evans remembered being contacted by New Orleans during the pre-season. In May 2007, he graduated from Bloomsburg with a BA degree in exercise science and two years later enrolled in BU’s Master of Science in clinical athletic training program. Evans would start his sophomore season, and as it turns out, every other game for the rest of his career. I think it was week 3 when we finally came home. Evans was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft and won Super Bowl XLIV with the team over the Indianapolis Colts. Then I just surrounded myself with like-minded people that could encourage me and help me be better – whether that’s coaches, teachers, family, friends, loved ones, whatever. I started playing basketball and I broke my tibia. Then, a couple years after that, I gave a sizable donation to the university and they turned it into the Jahri Evans Scholarship, which we award about 10 children a year. When Bloomsburg came, they offered me a Board of Governors scholarship from the Board of Governors of the university. Have you ever wondered how rich Jahri Evans is? Gregg Williams really had them focusing on getting the ball back into the offense’s hands. Obviously, I was overweight for my age group and I would have had to play with the older kids. Evans red-shirted as a freshman. Both Evans and his agent didn’t think it would happen. Film Study on Kamara’s targets — Which were screens, and which ones were check-downs? What we had went through the previous three years, in training camp, seeing how we were building this machine, the ultimate goal was to win a championship.

Nicetown, PA is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia that’s been plagued with high poverty and crime rates for decades. Both the adversity he handled and the resiliency he developed during his youth got their roots from those streets, and Evans developed a love for Philadelphia has never diminished.

If you are a former New Orleans Saints player or coach and would be interested in having a profile in our “Life of a Saint” series, please contact John Butler on Twitter @saintjohnbutler. “It was just the work ethic. Sean Payton recently stated, “I would say, without a doubt, and there would be no argument from anyone that has any knowledge of the Saints’ organization, that these two gentlemen (Roman Harper and Jahri Evans) are part of a draft class that completely changed the culture and began, really, the pillars of a Super Bowl Championship run.”. James Morrissey is a restaurant designer who made the leap into ownership with SOMO Manayunk in … Evans hasn’t forgotten where he came from and continues to be involved in Philly. [3] While sidelined he focused on academics, graduating 10th in his class, and with the help of his high school coach, Tom Mullineaux, was admitted to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Jahri Evans is the New Orleans Saints’ American football offensive guard, playing in the National Football League, born on 22nd August 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Getting the right players in here to fit our mold, whether it was free agency or drafting, we were getting the guys around Drew so he could do what he does best. For the Seahawks, I was the third crew playing in that fourth quarter, which was mind-boggling. But Evans realizes that the process of players being inducted into the Hall of Fame can be unpredictable, but feels his versatility gives him a good shot at the honor. It was the best place for me, to go back to that offense. Then going to Bloom, getting close and almost having an undefeated season my senior year, once again losing to Brent Grimes and his crew.

Evans started all 16 games and both play-off games at right guard, eventually being named to the Pro-Football Weekly All-Rookie team. Evans also helped the two backs again at home against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11, rushing for a combined 197 yards and one touchdown. “I definitely didn’t think it was my last season. [7] In his rookie year, Evans started all 16 games, and both playoff games, at right guard. [3], Evans attended Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he played for the Bloomsburg Huskies football team. “At the time, I didn’t know the o-line coach didn’t want me there.” Evans was released just prior to the start of the 2016 season by Seattle and found his way back to New Orleans.

Obviously big for us because it’s Atlanta and a big division game, but also for the fans and everybody in the region. And Carl Nicks was definitely a huge part of our success, with Goody in between us. Evans, a player who would eventually be known for his durability in the NFL, would suffer another injury in his sophomore year of college. The Jahri Evans Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by improving their quality of education and promoting the overall health, safety, and physical fitness of all children. My mom wasn’t having that. After redshirting his first year, he spent his freshman season as a reserve offensive lineman. His name has been associated with countless charity efforts and fund raisers benefitting the citizens of the Gulf Coast. Jahri Evans’ first home game just happened to be the first game in the Superdome post-Katrina. The following year, Evans would sustain an injury that would keep him off the field. Then, when we got the ball back, we had to answer. I was lifting weights before I played basketball. Jahri Evans would end up playing one year, his final season, in Green Bay. While a junior, Jahri had 88 knockdowns with 10 blocks resulting in a touchdown. On April 26, 2017, Evans signed with the Green Bay Packers. My senior year, I had four or five shoebox size boxes full of letters; D1 letters from all over the country. You passed the eye test and you’re a big guy. Despite being a 10-year veteran on a very young and inexperienced offensive line, however, Evans was not kept around. His annual salary of about $700,000 and a place in the National Football League keep his net worth growing. [1][2][9], On February 8, 2016, the Saints released Evans. The coaches did a great job preparing us and bringing in different speakers at different times that everybody could relate to and they inspired us to do great things. There is no doubt in my mind that if I would have played in Division I or even the Ivy League, I would have been in the first round.”. More important than all of that, Evans is a husband and a father to two young boys, spending as much time with them as possible, while juggling all his business ventures and charity work – again displaying his versatility, in true Jahri Evans fashion. I guess I should have known I wasn’t going to make the team, but I didn’t.”. I understood how positive energy could really have a positive effect and negative energy can have a negative effect. I remember when we would get down thinking that the defense is gonna get the ball back for us, and they did. [14][15] He started 14 games at right guard for the Packers in 2017. When we needed to lean on one side of the ball, even special teams, everybody did their job. Then, in 2017, Evans received his MBA from The University of Miami in Executive Business Administration. A lot of stuff doesn’t make sense in this league.”, When asked if he expects to someday get the call from the NFL Hall of Fame, Evans offered, “Yeah, I do. Despite the high-level performance, a veteran’s knowledge of the game and a body that wsa still capable, Evans was not afforded an opportunity to come back to the NFL after that 2017 season. Evans graduated from Bloomsburg in May 2007 with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. Jahri Evans spent over a decade caring for more than the quarterback and running backs behind him.

Evans was signed to a three-year contract by the Saints on July 25, 2006.

Neither did any other team in the NFL.

He was awarded All-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference honors in each of those seasons, while earning Division II "Little All-American" selections in his junior and senior years.[4]. But despite the 7-9 and 8-8 records in 2007 and 2008, Evans and his teammates continued to believe in what Sean Payton was building. He attended Frankford High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was an All-Public League selection as a junior. Required fields are marked *. But the one thing I do at my university is that there is a scholarship named after me. On September 7, 2016, Evans returned to the Saints, signing a one-year deal. We were able to win 13 games in a row. But being a Super Bowl champion is something that was always a goal of mine. I figured it would be the best opportunity to showcase what I could do.”. I had showed off my hands and everything catching a couple passes.” Luckily, Evans had done enough to get the attention of the coaching staff and was assured, despite the early injury, that he had earned a roster spot on the JV team. Having established himself as one of the NFL's top right guards in 2009, Evans was named to the 2010 Pro Bowl NFC roster, being only the fourth guard to make the Pro Bowl in the Saints' 43-year franchise history. It was a great way to start us all up in that first game in the dome.”.

Right after I signed the contract and cut the deal, I knew that it would be my last year in New Orleans. While Evans played some local neighborhood ball, he would not play any organized football until he reached high school. Evans explained, “The way they did it in Philadelphia is age and weight.

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