", The “Jim Along Josey” lyrics and fragments of the lyrics show up in a number of songs and fiddle tunes. First girl and last boy forward and bow (4 measures) All movements repeated immediately by first boy and last girl---another 4 measures.

JIM ALONG JOSEY/LIMBER JIM: The widespread popularity of “Jim Along Josey” among both blacks and whites led to the quick adaptation of the lyrics into oral tradition.

"Jim Along Josie" is found in quite a few American folk songs books. The word, Jim, is not really used for a name. Jim along Josey -- Old rosin the bow -- The log hut. "Josey" was a common man's or woman's nickname (from "Joseph" or "Josephine").

Limber Jim: Way down yonder in a wooden trough. First couple chassez the center (slide step) to the foot of the set and back to place, with both hands joined. Join hands with partners, return to place and make an arch. Here comes the Jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim along Jo Hey jim along, jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim (Right to your partner, left to the side.)*. Repeat from beginning with new (second) couple at the head. JIM ALONG JOSEY/JAYBIRD DIED: Other songs have used the whooping cough lines including: Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough and Bile Dem Cabbage Down: 'Long come a frog with a fiddle on his back. Thereafter, everybody sang it. Perhaps the “whooping cough,” is a reference to the disease, tuberculosis. In the title "Jim Along Josey" the word- Josey, is used as a name (could be a man's or woman's name) The word "Josey" is an African-American dance step. Does Phil Collins ' song Take Me Home , reference mental illness?

Way down yonder, in de forks o' de creek. Bodleian Library collection has numerous broadside printings of Jim Along Josie” in the British Isles from the 1840’s to 1860’s. Compare the “Jim Along Josie” lyrics with Limber Jim/Buckeye Jim. The “Limber Jim/ Buckeye Jim” group which is related to “Seven Up,” “Shiloh” and the large “Liza Jane” family has floating lyrics with “Jim Along Josey.” Floating lyrics from Cotton-Eyed Joe,” “Fire on the Mountain” and “Granny will Your Dog Bite” also appear in “Jim Along Josey.”. "The Journal of an African Cruiser," by An Officer of the U.S. Navy, http://www.pdmusic.org/minstrel.html> Click here, The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music, Creoles Of Color from Louisiana immigrated to Mexico, "Haul Away, Joe"-Digital Tradition version. An old lady died with the whooping cough. Folklore: Whence came tickety-boo, kilter, & whack, Folklore: between a rock and a hard place. FROM S. FOSTER DAMON: "Notes to 'Jim Along Josey' [Firth & Hall edition (1840)]", in Series of Old American Songs (Brown University Library, 1936, No. They are both used to refer to something that is considered the best, or the most favorite, or something that is the done in the latest, most popular style. 18 Non-Traditional Yet Perfect Wedding Songs . Langley, etc., May 1845, p. 483) [N.B. Unfortunately, these books rarely mention the song's African American origin. It was written by Edward Harper, who sang it in his drama, The Free ****** of New York, about 1838 (E.L. Rice: Monarchs of Minstrelsy, p 24). The Play Party Version: The first word in the chorus line is changed- Hey jim along, jim along Josie/Walk jim along, jim along Josie/Hop jim along, jim along Josie, etc. The word, Jim, is not really used for a name. 24): "Jim Along Josey" was another sweeping success in the burnt-cork tradition. "Jim Along Josie" is found in quite a few American folk songs books. 103-104, "Jim Along Josey;". Yes we can! Jim Along Josie Nod Jim Along Jim Along Joe. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

What song has a really long phone ringing in it.

The Very Celebrated & Popular American Melody. The "whooping cough" is probably a reference to a disease called tuberculosis. A josey might be a slang word for a joseph. WITH A JOSEY ON: A joseph is a riding cloak for a woman, and the sort of attire that well might appear in a minstrel show. The Black folk’s rise when the bell do ring. "The phrase "all the go" is like the current slang phrase "all that". Then Othello played monkey, and gave a series of recitations.
"Get Along Josey" could just as easily be substituted for "Jim Along Josey." And on the Mississippi: Everyone knew when the showboat was coming because for twenty or thirty minutes before its arrival a steam-powered calliope, which was brought outside and set up on the deck, would send music echoing through the hills. In February 1839, John Washington Smith was singing it at the Bowery Amphitheater (Odell: Annals IV, 324). They looked well, and welcomed me back to Liberia with the cordiality of old friendship. FINAL NOTES: "Jim Along Josey" is one of the early minstrel songs and has had a profound effect on the lyrics and popularity of many American songs. In the title "Jim Along Josey" the word- Josey, is used as a name (could be a man's or woman's name) The word "Josey" is an African-American dance step and also a minstrel slang for a type … From "The Journal of an African Cruiser," by An Officer of the U.S. Navy, in The United States Democratic review, Volume 16, Issue 83 (J.& H.G.

Drum Jim Along Jim Along Josie Drum Jim Along Jim Along Joe.

It was developed into a number of extravaganzas and afterpieces: Jim Along Josey (Chatham Theater, 1840); Jim Along Josey, or the Ticket Taker (Bowery, 1840); The Black Ghost, or the ****** Turned Physician (1841); and The Masquerade (1843). NOTES: AABB form later developed into AB form (the verse being only two lines instead of four). How can I fix this? Here are the lyrics from Slave Dance Songs: Caller: Oh, I’m from Louisiana, as you all know.

EARLY EXAMPLES: The song was popular during the Civil War- here’s a letter from Prock, Baltimore and Ohio R. R., Va., Feb.13, 1862: I see by the papers that several soldiers, formerly of the 14th, who are said to have been "through the campaign in Western Virginia," are recruiting for other regiments. From White: Way down yonder in de growin' corn. The song became used as a ‘play party song’ in the Middle West and was admitted as a game even among those stricter sects that prohibited dancing.

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