[24] Despite Brown's proclaimed lack of interest in the Senate seat, he received one vote during the tumultuous 1896 Senate election to replace Senator J. C. S. He founded the Governor's Economic Development Commission of Kentucky and served as chair from 1975 to 1977. When state income fell short of expectations, he reduced the state budget by 22 percent and cut the number of state employees from 37,241 to 30,783, mostly through transfer and attrition. hitType: 'event', Previously married to former Kentucky Governor John Y. On March 17, 1979, he married former Miss America and CBS sportscaster Phyllis George.

[2][a], Brown was re-elected to the House of Representatives in 1866. [3] In 1891, he was a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. However, the deaths of two of Brown's children ended his interest in the gubernatorial race and his own senatorial ambitions. He was a member of the Young Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee, and was named honorary chairman of the National Democratic Party in 1972. [27] When the convention began, he was mentioned as a candidate for convention chairman, but he also refused to serve in this capacity. After briefly practicing law with his father, he purchased Kentucky Fried Chicken from founder Harland Sanders in 1964. In all, Brown was out of the state – leaving Lieutenant Governor Martha Layne Collins as acting governor – for more than five hundred days during his four-year term.

Brown refused to serve on the inaugural committee of his old political foe, Steve Beshear, when Beshear was elected governor in 2007.

Brown intended to build the business into a chain, but five months after the Lexington location opened, both stores closed.

Speaking of how their dynamics worked, she said, "John wants me to do all these things and you can't expect a person like me who's been an achiever to stay in the background. He also required competitive bids from banks where state funds were deposited; the extra interest generated by this process generated an additional $50 million in revenue to the general fund. I figured that upgrading it would be my first task."

After Brown reportedly cut off much of his wife's financial support, she filed a second divorce petition in 1997, this time in Broward County, Florida where her husband was living at the time.

Brown turned the company into a world-wide success, and sold his interest in the company for a huge profit in 1971. He represented the state in the United States House of Representatives and served as its 31st governor. window.googletag.cmd.push(function() {

The convention was thrown into chaos when a widely known agreement between Stone and Goebel – designed to get Hardin out of the race – broke down.

When Beshear was reelected in 2011, Brown served as inauguration co-chair with the other former governors.

ga('ads.send', {

[1] He was the son of Thomas Dudley and Elizabeth (Young) Brown.

The state had expected to cover the cost of the repairs using federal revenue sharing funds, but President Jimmy Carter ordered a halt to the funds in May 1980. John Young Brown, Jr. (born December 28, 1933) is a politician, entrepreneur, and businessman from the U.S. state of Kentucky. Despite having previously shown little inclination toward politics, Brown surprised political observers by declaring his candidacy for governor in 1979.

[4][7] His sympathies during the war were decidedly with the Confederacy. John Y.

Four hours later, he acquired Nate "Tiny" Archibald from the New York Nets for George Johnson and a first-round draft pick in 1979. [31] Plans for the new convention were made at a meeting held August 2, 1899, in Lexington, Kentucky.

After high school, Brown matriculated to the University of Kentucky, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1957 and a law degree in 1960.

Inman), Dorothy Ann Sims (geb. Having already alienated Hardin and his free silver allies, Brown threw his support to Clay. [33] In addition to Brown, the Honest Election League nominated a full slate of candidates for the other state offices.

Brown defeated former Republican governor Louie B. Nunn in the 1979 general election by a vote of 554,083 to 376,809.

Brown, Jr. was born on December 28, 1933 in Lexington, Kentucky. When Brown approached the state capitol to file his papers, Beshear met him on the steps and challenged him to an impromptu debate, but Brown declined. hitType: 'event', Brown was less involved with the legislative process than previous governors. [1], At a meeting of local Democrats in Bardstown, Kentucky, in 1859, Brown was nominated to oppose Joshua Jewett for Jewett's seat in the House of Representatives. In 1982, Brown was briefly hospitalized for hypertension, and near the end of his term, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. Brown IV, 18, is not quite a chip off the ole’ political block. Brown's Cave Hill estate was officially designated the temporary executive mansion, and the state agreed to furnish Brown's groceries, reimburse him for entertaining official guests, and pay for telephone calls made in his capacity as governor.
He served as the 55th governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983, although he may be best known for building Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) into a multi-million dollar restaurant chain. And everybody in Kentucky, it seems, wants to kiss the former Miss America turned television personality," said a New York Times article about the race.

Other candidates in the Democratic field included sitting lieutenant governor Thelma Stovall, Terry McBrayer (the choice of sitting governor Julian Carroll), congressman Carroll Hubbard, Jr., state auditor George Adkins, and Louisville mayor Harvey Sloane. Blackburn. [34], Brown opened his campaign with a speech at Bowling Green on August 26, 1899. Brown and his wife Phyllis separated in August 1995. Consequently, many of his legislative recommendations were not enacted. The team won the ABA championship the following year. McBrayer also claimed that Brown had not voted in a Democratic primary since 1975, a charge validated by public voting records. For the remainder of the race, Wood touted an alleged conspiracy between Brown and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to thwart meaningful corporate regulations, but the issue failed to gain much traction. Brown, Jr. AA Highway". The report went on to say that the mansion was a virtual firetrap. Brown's office tried to conceal the seriousness of his condition, drawing fire from the press.
[6] He was twice re-elected, serving until 1877.

He was also given a travel allowance. Father of John Young Brown, III; Private; Private; Pamela Brown and Private Accordingly, he hired a group of young executives to find "the perfect hamburger". All of Kentucky's living former Democratic governors were invited to participate, and each accepted the invitation with the exception of Brown. As Brown quickly became the frontrunner, Beshear attacked his lavish lifestyle in a series of campaign ads, one of which was based on the popular television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. [32] The nomination was made official at a convention held in that city on August 16. Following the 1972–73 season, Cherry sold his interest in the Colonels to a group from Cincinnati, Ohio; Brown immediately purchased Cherry's interest from the group, reportedly to keep the team from moving to Cincinnati. Brown said he had always been interested in curbing domestic violence, but his interest became personal after he discovered that his sister, Betty "Boo" McCann, had been a victim. For example, he did not attempt to influence the choice of legislative leadership, while most previous governors had practically hand-selected the presiding officers in each house. A strong media campaign funded by his personal fortune allowed him to win the Democratic primary and go on to defeat former Republican governor Louie B. Nunn in the general election. [1][6] He would later claim that he had only run in order to improve Democratic voter turnout for William Jennings Bryan's 1896 presidential bid.

[3] He became a member of the Douglas National Committee in 1860 and engaged in a series of debates with supporters of John C. Breckinridge for president, including Breckinridge's cousin, William Campbell Preston Breckinridge. Head coach Joe Mullaney followed soon after, saying that Brown was going to be too meddlesome in personnel decisions. After moving to Henderson, Kentucky, Brown was elected from that district in 1866. While most credited Phyllis for John's win, in a Courier-Journal Interview, Phyllis said, "John was handsome, charismatic, successful, entrepreneurial, a visionary, but he's a little shy," admitting that her husband "needed encouragement" sometimes.

Other ads by Beshear played up Brown's ties to James P. Lambert, while still others claimed that Brown would raise taxes.

Brown, Sr. and Dorothy Jean Brown Brown re-appointed McAnulty to his former position as a judge with the Jefferson County District Court and replaced him with another African-American, George W. Wilson.

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