-I'm curious about Alexis South. She left CW 39 in June 2006 for Chicago's WBBM-TV. Very distinct style... from serious reporting & consumer issues to getting down on the ground and pounding fists on the concrete begging for more items during a food drive during the late 80's. * Tom Jarriel, worked behind the scenes in the news department as a reporter for a number of years. Powered by WordPress. If 2020 was a movie, it would look a lot like this. Houston will miss Nancy Holland because she's just one of the best TV reporters this town has ever had. Previously, Suárez was a senior media relations specialist for the Houston Independent School District. What about another golden throat, Dick Gottleib? She co-anchored with someone I want to say Tom Abrahams (mid to late 80s). In May 1997, he left Channel 26 and joined KPRC-TV as a sports anchor and reporter. I remember Debbi Johnson. Upload or insert images from URL. Help, Don't have an account yet? 2. Tim Lake late 80's went to Philadelphia and is still working as anchor there. joined KIAH-TV in July 2000 as an anchor and reporter. Required fields are marked *, ayapsychology Theme When that gas pieline exploded near Cypress last month one of the bimbos on Ch 2 said it was not the first gas explosion in northwest Harris County and went on to compare it to the well blowout that happened near Crosby about 2 years ago. In December 2013, he announced he was leaving CW 39 to become news director for Dallas' KDAF-TV. The Harris Co. Great clipping, musicman. Anyone know if he's still around? He also filled in in any of those capacities during the week as needed. 8. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Wendy Corona's departure from KPRC 2 was anything but amicable. * Larry Weidman, a reporter who later moved on to helm NBC News' Rome Bureau. In September 2004, Shara was reassigned from the anchor desk to be the station's first senior correspondent and host of "In Focus." She is currently the co-anchor of "Today in L.A.," a program on Los Angeles' KNBC-TV. I saw this LIVE. The former anchor filed a lawsuit against the station, citing breach of contract and defamation. Wendy Corona's departure from KPRC 2 was anything but amicable. In November 2013, he announced he was leaving Channel 26 to become assistant news director for Charlotte's WJZY-TV. Shara Fryer works as a morning radio news anchor for KTRH 740-AM, at the radio studio. A high falutin' title for a guy who's essentially a PIO. It's November, so we're playing 'All I Want for... Lizzo gets 'flyyyyy' in effort to get the vote out, Beloved Grisham lawyer is back in top fiction spot. Fran Fawcett-Peterson, Lynn Ashby, Warner Roberts... Jim Rosenfield is a big anchor WCBS in New York, although his bio is noticeably absent of his KTRK era work.

Conaway's famous angry reaction was unprintable -- but it went something like "g-dm that m----------ing saw", or something very close to that. And it must have been at the 5 p.m. news time because we virtually never stayed up past 9:30 in my household growing up! another anchor i forgot about on ch2 was anna bond in the 80's. Along the way he acquired the unfortunate nickname of Deep Throat. I think she started in 1978. * Dan Molina, A reporter who had moved back and forth between KPRC & NBC News throughout the 1980s and 90s eventually becoming KPRC's Austin Bureau Chief. On May 22, 2014, he announced he was retiring after a 22-year career with the station.

The story of his dismissal from WTXL is rumored to be one that smacks of ageism, but regardless he seems to have landed somewhere there's a decent audience. Chris Chandler did the weather on KPRC for a couple of years in the mid 60s, till he talked GM Jack Harris into letting him do a personality show as a lead-in to the NBC Nightly News at 5:30. I think I'll start a thread of old local TV ads that I've culled from the Internet. Bob Stephenson -- was that the guy who had the long running fishing show on KILT? Please share more. i guess the barbara walters anchoring abc news "helped" jan along. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Previously, Nelson was a weathercaster for Albuquerque's KOAT-TV. Looks pretty much the same, save for a few gray hairs. If I can find my copy of it, I will share with you the embarrassing personal letter she wrote to her boyfriend one night, using the A-P's brand new computerized word processing system. Swipe through to see a gallery of Houston TV anchors. The Harris Co. * Velma Cato, a reporter who moved on to NBC News' Atlanta & New York Bureaus and later became a producer of nationally syndicated programs. -Channel 13 ran Dragnet reruns instead of the ABC evening news in 1963? H Texas Magazine seems to be a collection of a few old media personalities from various places around town. demoted to the afternoon newscast, a decision that was not met favorably

He was fired and rehired later after doing this. One piece of footage I'd kill to see is from around 1987 or so. Period. Since then, she has moved to a communications, education and public engagement role with Harris County Public Health.

Loved Mr. Sid Lasher. After ten years on the job, Cerota left for KPRC 2 in an anchor/reporter position. Was she that old? Debbi Johnson now does media relations for the Texas Historical Commission over in Austin. In May 1997, he left Channel 26 and joined KPRC-TV as a sports anchor and reporter. -Speaking of ABC News, the Jarriel at Channel 2 is Tom Jarriel, future ABC News correspondent. … Then, in 2017, she announced she was becoming a real-estate agent and would be hosting a real-estate segment on KPRC-TV. Atkinson left Channel 2 in August 1988 to join Harris County Precinct 3 as an executive assistant. In January 2011, Barajas unceremoniously parted ways with Channel 26 after a 24-year career. It was the talk of the town for weeks. We all know, unfortunately, what happened to Stephen Gauvain. Previously, Jang was a morning news anchor and reporter for Seattle's KCPQ-TV. I loved watching him but nobody else in my family did. Were they producers, freelancers, etc? let's just say the percent chance of rain was changed from 20 to 100 because "it is raining right now" he did the forecast in his zindler persona which made it even funnier. regional public relations manager at Lyondell-Basell. position. Sports was done by Pat Flaherty. gina gaston (went nbc in 97 but returned to ktrk in 01). Ron Franklin is still with ESPN -- an amazingly long tenure with one media outlet. Duncan also had a locally based talk show from this station 1998-2002; plans for ABC/Disney to pick it up fell through), * Diana Fallis (ABC13's first African American female anchor - later served as a media relations liaison with Prairie View A & M University), * Stephen S. Gauvain (died in 1996 when a Ford Explorer SUV flipped over during the coverage of the Hilton Crawford murder trial in Huntsville, TX. He went on to become a sports anchor and reporter for KRIV-TV in August 1998. i guess tom siler "the weather wizard" replaced her. KTRK's first anchor team was Dave Ward and Dan Ammerman. Clerk's Office boasted about their new "I Voted" sticker on Tuesday. joined KPRC-TV in 1994 as a news reporter and fill-in weekend anchor.

She was gone by the early 80's if I'm not mistaken though. Exasperated, he told the director he didn't have time to start over so he picked up where he left off and finished the commentary. By i was thinking 2 yrs max so i emailed him. The cause of the accident, a defective Firestone tire, would later lead to an investigation exposed by rival KHOU that led to numerous lawsuits and a complete recall of the tires. The floor is open. Gottlieb went to A&M and worked at WTAW in B/CS before getting into Houston radio in the 40s. In 1992, he joined KRIV-TV as an weekend anchor and reporter. She is currently the weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter at CBS Austin. On January 11, 2019, chief meteorologist Tim Heller retired from KTRK after a 17-year career, and was replaced by current chief meteorologist Travis Herzog on the following Monday, January 14. So there he is, rocking right along doing his thing, when a carpenter in the rafters accidentally started up his power saw. I have an interest in logos, and I once looked through old TV Guides at the downtown public library to find out when the local stations adopted their previous logos. Curry hasn't completely relaxed in her role as the sole female meteorologist among Houston's TV affiliates, but the phrase "dangerous drought conditions" sounded even less appetizing when Ed Brandon was saying it. Her husband already lives in NYC, where he's a high level TV news photographer, and she's been commuting up there on weekends to spend time with him. joined KRIV-TV in November 2004 as a news anchor. She is currently the weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter at CBS Austin. Don't recall who the news anchor was. After 35 years in Houston, Nielsen left for Utah to serve as the general authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Actually saw him on Fox News once or twice during coverage of the shuttle program maybe a year or two ago. Had a good young anchior Tim Ryan who went to Chicago early 80's, Don't think Dan Rather ever worked at KTRK, Jan Carson came back to Houston not late 80's but in 1983 replacing Paula Zahn who was dropped after one contract. They were basically saying "Please watch us!" Display as a link instead, × I think she started in 1978. If 2020 was a movie, it would look a lot like this.

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