And because base damage can't be increased by any means (and building AP won't help much in the damage department on low-ratio champions/skills), Liandry's MPen helps your base damages approach their true value, which is about as much scaling as you can give them. Liandry's is really best on a small number of champs because most AP mids scale better off of flat AP. in terms of dmg output might be and should be.

I guess I have to do some reading upon AP Pen and AP ratios! So to know the exactly Liandrys' output we can say that 2,500 hp is the normal hp in the game that's -75%. I'm just wondering if I'm overlooking certain specific types of abilities which make these items quite good for certain champions. The question then changes to "Will Liandrys damage be higher than the negated healing?". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the leagueoflegends community. Ziggs .

People that get Morellos are either mages that don't need the mana as badly from Athene's but still need CDR(Brand as an example), Mages that traditionally get Athenes, but are laning against and AD champion and are replacing the Athene's with Morellos/Tear to avoid wasting gold on the MR.

It reduces healing once bellow 40% HP, so champs like Riven and Zed have a harder time sustaining after a trade, which should allow you to kill them fairly easily in extended trades or reengages. In this video we answer 1)When to build each. (Bonus speed W lvl 1 + 20%), The runes I picked was, from Inspiration, Unsealed Spellbook, Perfect Timing, Minion Desmaterializer, Cosmic Insight, and then from Precision I pick Presence of Mind and Legend: Bloodline this test was approached in the Taiwan Garena Server patch 10.3, During this process I notice some bugs, I will detail them down, in this post of .txt. Well first of all liandrys torment is kind of a core item on vel u always buy it second item or third but most od the time u buy it as a second item And about morello its preety simple u buy only if enemy has stuf like: vlad, yummi, soraka, mundo, and if u feel that u need morelo vs irelia yasuo and stuff like that ask ur team to buy exc or thornmail Yes, liandries generally does more damage than morello, and even amplifies damage by 10% on long fights. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

But all in all you just need to know that both items are very situational for most champions.

elise being a prime example due to her more %based damage and having low ratios. So take brand for example. If your champion has high base damage but low ratios (Like Vel'Koz, for example), then you want to get those base damages thrown out as often as possible- thus the CDR from Morellonomicon.

Liandry's is good for sustained damage casters and generally benefits long range champions too. 464M - 864 = 400 Hp heal.

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