So i went to locals today and while im waiting for cynet mining and predaplant verte anaconda for my salamangreat and shaddoll decks, so I decided to revisit an old favourite so i played lightsworn with some shaddoll cards in.

Charge of the Light Brigade " is Limited by the March 2010 Lists , hampering this engine's severity - though not as severely as the Allure and Destiny Draw engines. I don't really want to play zombie lightsworn; and I don't really want to play orcust lightsworn, not because I don't think it'd be good, but because I don't want to invest in orcust cards, specifically orcustrated return. the searcher spell is the main reason as you can just put like 2-5 lightsworn monsters in your deck and get milling with the spell, then instant synchro if you have a lumina in the hand and a raiden in the grave.

card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! I just back into the game and have not gotten any competitive decks.

If I really want to invest, I'd have to playtest a lot. I am playing casually, but would rather spend money on rogue than competitive.

People must hate you haha fair enough though .

the lightsworn engine isnt even close to being splashable.
And right now, I don't really play online too much, definitely not duelbook too, like I used to back in 2012.

Decks that I use that are more fun than meta decks ( imo ). Bujin Lightsworn! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Having a back row heavy deck is so different its fun. Muchas Gracias por todo el apoyo y sin nada mas que decir nos vemos en el siguiente video!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Preguntas Frequentes1) que piensas de las staples en el juego?Las staples son necesarias si no solamente tendriamos 2 o 3 decks en el meta y ya todo lo demas perderia automaticamente sin tener manera de quitarse cartas.

Aun asi no me considero bueno jugando como otros jugadores..Realmente hago muchos errores asi como tu y yo... somos humanos al final del dia.

Deck Shaddoll 2020. I can go on forever but I'll end it here. And the key part is that it's fun to play middle budget stuff. I finished 9th out of 22 people winning 3 of my 5 games and ive got to say it was amazing i didnt think it would work as well as it did I expected bricky hands and for it to struggle but I never bricked once amazingly and i was able to more then hold my own against dragon link which was the toughest test my lightsworns faced. I love winning and I always associated winning with fun but the 2 games I lost were so much fun im always so focused on what to do next and how to win that I think I forgot to just have fun so if your reading this and you like me are playing meta decks try something new and see how much fun you can have when your not so focused on making that perfect unbreakable board combo. Nunca me he quejado de las staples y creo que nunca lo hare en TCG era mas feo lidiar con un campo de 4 negaciones2) Porque dices las cartas en Ingles?- Donde jugaba TCG solo se hablaba ingles y toda la vida desde el primer sobre de yugioh juge con cartas en ingles. That happened to me when I went it was the best mill id ever see haha it was so good knowing he was about to be hit with judgement dragon after he killed the wulf felis and minerva and if he didn't well the plan was just link them off and summon him anyway ;), Oh god I can't say it's overly consistent I didn't seem to brick but I did have some cards specifically designed to stall but I'll type one out in the morning for you.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Most of it's budget. This one is so fun to play. I got a ritual core to play nekroz and shinobirds. Even if it was, almost 80% of the deck would have to be lgihtsworn related and that doesnt sound like a lightsworn engine, sounds like a fricking lightsworn deck. It's just a pleasure to wipe boards or heavy storm opponent's spells, also with the field spell they cannot be responded, I love the luck aspect I just think its amazing when you unexpectedly get something great going haha and wish lightsworn had a field spell like that lol the 2 they have arent great haha, My favorite fun deck is my accesscode darkfluid otk deck. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Right now, I'm looking at lightsworn hybrid decks. Cyber angels - Another ritual deck, what can I say, I love them.

Cant beat RNG stuff like Minerva milling wulf, felis and lightsworn judgement to put a smile on your face. anime series or manga. Plus 6 sometimes is why Minerva is my Number 1 Bird.

I have 5 ritual decks lol. Deck Shaddoll Showdown For prices Yugioh: TCGplayer is your better option.
Lightsworn: deck recipe [Oct 2020] | YuGiOh! I tried metaphys online and they are similar to lightsworn in the way they work, as they rely heavily on 'lucky mills'. I loved reading this! 4) Decks favoritos del TCG?Con los que topeaba xDKozmo, Performapal, Shaddoll, Metalfoes----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yugioh!

Salamangreat and shadoll are fun decks, but once you understand how it works just to be able to play against it, it's more fun to play rogue. Me refiero que ya las tengo mas que memorizadas en ingles si realmente te molesta que las diga en ingles lo lamento pero asi es como soy y probablemente no sera un canal que te guste. It is a unique deck, where most of its monsters are darkness in addition to turning on effects in the graveyard, a deck of mergers and finally it does not have negations (Except the version with invoked) So it’s easy to side deck for your opponent. Do you have any cool decks you use just to have fun with when your not playing your main competitive deck id love to hear what you play thanks for reading. Go blind second and just spam out beaters - half the time you don't even worry about their negates as you're just using you big Mekk bois, Chaos Levianeer and Alternative dragon to beat them in battle without bothering with effects (makes it feel quite old school and a surprising amount of decks struggle against 3 2500+ attack monsters dropping on them.

Top Tier Yugioh metabest decksnueva cajamejores decks 2020bujin lightsworn vlufy shining hope xyz zexal duel links True draco - I know I know. The fusions are awesome.

Playing lightsworn in 2020 was amazing fun Discussion So i went to locals today and while im waiting for cynet mining and predaplant verte anaconda for my salamangreat and shaddoll decks, so I decided to revisit an old favourite so i played lightsworn with some shaddoll cards in. Shira, Darklords, Lunalight, pure, monarchs, really anything that utilises grave effects and doesn't mind milling its cards to get those effects.

With its effect, you can thin your deck even more quickly than normal. " If you want to know special Side Deck versus Shaddoll enter HERE, Download the version of the deck that you like the most.You only have to unzip it to access the YDK file and you can play it in YgoPro. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Existen muchos otros canales donde si dicen las cartas en español. And right now, I'm playing pure zefras. Gottoms hand loop turn one. version 1.1 beta en progreso :v Decklist: #DuelLinksNo olviden darle like y suscribirse para mas contenido de Yugioh Duel Links! Dedicated Lightsworn decks also use the effect of "Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior" to draw many new cards.

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This engine has revolutionized fusion decks. Duel Links - GameA 3) Como te fue en TCG?- Consegui 2 YCS y varios ARG tops con varios tops regionales. It’s a little grounded rn because I have to wait until eternity code to be released but I can still play online with it :), That's how I started then I decided to build it seen as I had all the cards still not long now and you'll be able to get it to locals :). Predaplants - I dont know why, I just love them. That's cool a hint of new yugioh with a dash of old school haha and and I dropped so shaddoll wendigo on somebody last week and with its 2800 defence he just couldn't beat over it lol.

La Engine No esta Muerta!- Yugioh Duel Links …

I gotta say I had more fun with this deck then the meta ones ive used not that id take it to a regional lol but those decks sound cool ive always fancied using a ritual deck mainly because I played yugioh when it was only fusion with a few rituals and ive already got a fusion deck (shaddolls), You must be excited to see verte anaconda coming out in dual overload with your predaplants ive genuinely never seen a predaplant deck in action lol, Well my thinking is if I'm going 2nd which I prefer I can use the shaddoll stuff to get easy boss monsters on the field but also dropping some lightsworns to the grave plus I used the shaddoll stuff to bait out 3 apollousa negates only to be able to drop 2 judgement dragons on him which was pretty fun shaddolls seem to work really well with lightsworns I seen a guy using a shaddoll deck with a lightsworn engine so i just thought I wonder if I could reverse that and this deck came about lol. Nephthys - this deck brought back my Nostalgia for sacred phoenix and the deck is hella fun to play.

Duel Links 2020Yugioh! Good luck with that. Pass turn, GLHF. After a year of Salamangreat and a month using Shaddoll ive got to say using lightsworns was so much more fun and ive got to say it might be time to look at other cool fun decks rather then just whatever meta decks look fun. And then I got traptrix without some meta cards like sanctum, impermanence, and evenly matched.

I have to admit when i need to play deck for funsies its usually lightsworn, my last varients had 22 lightsworn named cards in a 60 card main deck and i only lost to Gren Maju dropping dimension shifter. Makes me happy when I see someone genuinely enjoying the game. Dropping judgement dragon on people is as fun if not more then it was before especially seen as a few people hadnt seen it before and seeing curious used in its own archetype was beautiful. But if there are good cards that are affordable, I'd buy it.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). Below you can see versions of shaddoll in TCG. With the launch of the structure deck shaddoll showdown in 2020.This engine has revolutionized fusion decks.Below you can see versions of shaddoll in TCG. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. With the launch of the structure deck shaddoll showdown in 2020.

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