I mean, who, when reading that label would think “pure” referred only to the “vanilla” and not to the “vanilla extract”? Vanilla is so versatile; it is one of the world’s most loved and tantalizing flavors.”. Four Roses is one of the few using non-GMO corn however the cost is a bit prohibitive if you want to make homemade vanilla. If... RELATED: 6 Spices to Boost Your Body's Health, "When's the last time you took a peek into your spice cabinet? If your vanilla extract was cheap or the label doesn’t say “pure vanilla extract,” it’s most likely the imitation ([VQ]). Spices will last longer in a dark cabinet, but if having them out in the open means they are used more frequently, shelf life might not be an issue.
I had never understood why that was done. That’s great. We love BUTTER, grass-fed & wild meats, raw and fermented foods, and local & organic veggies. Easy peasy! I was double checking to see if it was gluten free and was shocked to see corn syrup listed.

Thankns. This is why we make our own vanilla. Generally, herbs and spices do not go bad or get rancid. I noticed that about McCormick vanilla around Christmas, when I ran out and needed to pick up more vanilla quickly at the grocery store (I usually get mine at Costco). Talk about chitz-pah! WOW!!! but in your article you don’t give amounts/or proportions.

McCormick Vanilla and it Does! Now i’m not going to buy this brand from Walmart. I have weird food sensitivities that make it almost impossible for me to buy any pre-packaged foods. I like bourbon and vodka the best. Just checked my pure bourbon vanilla extract from Trader Joe’s and it has bourbon, vanilla bean extractives in water and alcohol 35%. For the curious, the pints of Kirkland vanilla extract from Costco contain Vanilla bean extractives in water; alcohol (35%); and sugar. For more on the natural sweeteners I use, read: https://www.foodrenegade.com/my-natural-sweeteners-of-choice/. I really appreciate your explanation of why food producers add sugar or corn syrup.


Then, continue with your cooking as planned. You needed it for baking, but for some reason, that recipe didn’t turn out as good as you expected it to.

It has no sugars and was on $6 for 4 oz!! I am a person with lots of food allergies due to no diagnosis of Lyme disease 44 years ago. Editor: Lona, most flavoring extracts are quite volatile and, as you discovered with the peppermint flavoring, can evaporate. WHY???

It may just turn into a blog post! I made some homemade vanilla extract back in March. As luck would have it, the version in our store of this very vanilla extract had no corn syrup.

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