… Why it's hard to know the full impact, Pattaya: Norwegian aged 87 faces five years in jail for downloading child porn, China destroys domes of famous mosques in bid to suppress Islam. Powered by Invision Community, -- © Copyright Inspire Pattaya 2017-08-26, Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive, Are you in Thailand and feeling low? Can get a cheaper guest house, and rent a pool ~100 baht/day anywhere. The, I don't care, ring the bell, barfine a third girl attitude was what made so much fun. wide range here. Need someone to talk to? Get your bail money ready too. lounge in the hotel pool, take some naps, catch up on sleep. Pattaya is approximately 147km, 1hour and 47minutes, or 91miles south of Bangkok, Thailand. 300 Baht at 11 in the morning. 700.  baht includes snacks and 2 tickets. Coconut Bar on Beach Road has many "special offers". One used to be able to safelyn go swimming. Ferry is cheaper, but speed boat is fun. A walk on the wild side in this vibrant resort city is a lot wilder than pretty much anywhere else in Thailand and possibly even all of Southeast Asia. Taxi, 1500 baht each way with a range of prices. Easily 2,000/hour. 3000 baht for boat, some food, drink, etc. Bangkok Chiang Mai Pattaya. If you want bright skin latin beauties that make rican chicas look like grandmas, go to costa rica or colombia bro. Quick Links. But at 10 I woke up with a 2 But they had 10s in there going. New Member Intro. Play pool, 1000 baht/day/hour? But hey ho.......If I were on a three week annual holiday I wouldn't think about it too much. Doubles or whatever else you want. 1/2 day tour sold by travel stores there is NOT good. Damn puerto rico off the list. Nong Nooch has really gone down the nick, in my estimation. You'll pay U.S. prices in Puerto Rico. Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and around the world. We hit two spots and one was full service but they taxing. Sigh....I can remember a time when you could hurt yourself for 1000 baht a day. Northeast Asia is way to expensive for mongering. sounds a lot for a coffee .. 1. the song I liked the most back when I was younger in the bars in manila was Slades "Cum Feel the Noise" the girls when it got to "the girls rock the girls" most DJs would turn the sound of and all the girls would scream at the top of the voices" But I sure woke up with a few View Photos (purchase subscription to access photos), TAKE ME BACK TO SOSUA - For All Who Love The Dominican Republic & the Town of Sosua. Forums. I was recently asked by a friend planning a trip to Pattaya how much spending money he needed for a two week break, and, well, it stumped me. Greetings! But once a guy is thinking about his daily budget I can see that fun element disappearing. Last night I came in at 2 with a 10 Looks like inflation has caught up...as much as with "short time" and "long time"!!.. Gotta have that a few times. Quote from: PartagasPartagas on September 16, 2019, 03:20:22 PM, Quote from: The_Wanderer on September 23, 2019, 02:16:41 AM, Quote from: LAKESIDE40 on September 23, 2019, 04:39:59 AM, SimplePortal 2.3.3 © 2008-2010, SimplePortal. Pattaya is a fun city - Besides Walking Street - Soi 6 is the most popular area for expats who are more regulars to Pattaya. Speaking to a group of guys in Soi Baokhao whom were pretty much here for the nightlife they budgeted around 10,000 baht for their accommodation over a two week stay and 2,500 baht per day spending. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Instead of just talking about Sosua, write it down! bus/taxi to from BKK airport. $100 USD a day or round up and say 4,000 baht a day can be a fine relaxing fun time without. A few hours top of the Pratumnak hill. Lots of farang mongers living the high life in 400 baht fan rooms, eating curry rice in lotus food courts and  cheap beach road ladyboy prostitutes. Introduce yourself to the guys and join us. A lot of the laws from the U.S. apply there too so the mongering scene is almost nonexistent. We couldn’t let it ruiin our time so we just told them “to go the fuck back home then”, it was a question, since I’m going to pr with my homies was wondering what the mongering like out there. Of course if you have come to Pattaya for the world famous sports facilities it might be a bit cheaper. They have a zip line at the Pattaya water park between Pattaya and Jomtien. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Thai Banks now charging ATM fee, PLUS : A 5% transaction fee? Wander the mall for a while. Champers 'erm what's on offer at 11;00 am for 300 barts .? See the big buddha. By If you want to party hard I say even 10k baht a day isn't gonna cut it.. Barfines, ST's and premium booze all add up pretty quick. Jomtien used to be nice to stroll up and down by the beach. Pattaya is a very well known city by the beach in central Thailand. And people wonder why expats as such in Pattaya are looked down on. Everyone who visits countries NORTH of the 30th parallel north on a regular basis only for that scene are very rich, very stupid or don't like Asians and Latina's. I liked it on my first trips because, well there were a lot of crocs there. Prices negotiable. They were both drunk but had to let everyone know that they were “tired of all the niggers and whores in Sosua”. I ain't never gone to bed with an ugly woman There are more artificial animals than real ones. Thailand's "Ten Year Plan" to improve road safety has failed - instead of halving the death toll it's nearly doubled! She was a taxi driver who picked me up at the airport after about 20 others chose not to. The coolest person I met there just happened to b Dominican, lol. Share your story. I assume you will be feeding two, you and your GF. Start new topics and reply to others Take in a movie on a really hot day. Now you may laugh Location ? But Ask a taxi for strip clubs (full contact). Sosua Talk - All of the Forums below are for you to enjoy and add to. Guides, Trip Reports, Information & More. The 1000 is bare bones. 2000 baht/day covers everything. Sadly, at the time, back in 1979 I could only afford 500 a day so had to chill out 3 days a week. The following suggestions have been taken (in large part) from a Forum Post by regular Thailand forum contributor "Khunwilko".. Introduction: A few thoughts on Pattaya for those who can’t make up their mind, or are worried about the "adult" industry and what it’s like for single women, couples, children etc, Yeah still cheaper than London or Sydney but not the bargain it once was. it gets you out of the city and into the country a little bit. Thaivisa Web Content Team Day at Nong Nooch Garden. It really is pretty and I highly recommend it. Reasonable room, take in a few sites. Lady racks the balls, will play with you and keep you company etc. 2nd - there are many guest houses and mansions that offer weekly rates. Some good eateries from which you can see the water. Copyright © Thailand-247.com Every year Pattaya attracts visitors in the millions. No one will believe what you did unless you post a report of it here. Not worth it. Vietnam. Oct 3, 2019 #1. I mean, it was like a Bugs bunny cartoon where Yosemite Sam walks across an area with hundreds of snapping crocs below. My man paid like $200+ fees for a smash cause he used a credit card. Glasseye, February 5, 2019 in Off Topic Chat. May go to Puerto Rico in January with my boy, anyone ever monger there? Share your experience here Forums. 5 beers at beer bar? How much ? There is simply nothing on offer. The Thai cultural show and the Elephant show are OK for a first time tourist but they take time away from wandering around the beauty of the place.

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