Our catalogue is growing all the time. Our catalogue is growing all the time. A group of people must spend some time in a house seemingly inhabited by an umpire, sorry, vampire in order to gain a wealthy inheritance! ALL-REGIONS PLAYER REQUIRED ELSEWHERE: The Ghost Of Rashmon Hall - 1947 .
DiscusDVD - Find & Buy your rare DVDs with us. AFTERWARD (S1 EP 4) She later gives birth to a daughter the villagers begin to call 'The Devil's Baby', Stars: John McCarthy, Susan Travers, Geoffrey Denton, Elsie Wagstaff, A crazed scientist transforms into half-man, half-bird to avenge an ancestor, Stars: Robert Hutton, Akim Tamiroff, Broderick Crawford, Diane Clare, In order to collect inheritance money, an elderly lady's Grandson tries to scare her to death, Stars: Paul Nicholas, Vanessa Howard, Mona Washbourne, George Benson, George A. Cooper, NORDIC - Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Escapement - 1958 aka The Electronic Monster, (region free EURO PAL format dvd-r disc only).

All of our films are sold on brand new region-free professional grade DVD-Rs with the standard 14mm case and full artwork insert.

You now have a variety of shipping options as well as payment options (including PayPal). With time permitting I also restore and specialise in tracking down old time radio, TV shows and old  movies from the UK, the US, Canada and Australia • Rare DVD Suppliers • Worldwide Shipping • Free UK Shipping • Fast Secure Delivery • Top Customer Service • Collectors Welcome. Discount codes are good through 1/31/20 (if your order contained a coupon).

Shocking videos and bizarre imports including grindhouse films from the 70's, obscure rare horror, rape & revenge movies, euro-trash, psychotronic, drive-in movies, midnight movies, made-for-tv, forgotten gems and more… Stars: Valentine Dyall, Anne Howard, Alec Faversham, Beatrice …

Buried Alive DVD 1990 Tim Matheson Upgrade to Add II 1997 Ally Sheedy, Fright Night Part II 2 DVD 1988 Widescreen HD Ragsdale Roddy, Scars Of Dracula DVD 1970 Christopher Lee, The Night Stalker & Strangler DVD 1972 Darren McGavin TV Movie, The Night That Panicked America DVD 1975 TV Movie, The Midnight Hour DVD 1985 Halloween ABC TV Movie, Midnight Offerings DVD 1981 Melissa Sue Anderson, Swampthing Swamp Thing DVD 1981 Uncut Adrienne Barbeau, House Of Frankenstein DVD 1997 TV Mini Series 2 Disc Set, Shivers DVD 1975 Joel Silver Barbara Steele, The Norliss Tapes DVD 1973 Angie Dickinson Roy Thinnes TV Movie, A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD Hall O Fame 1983 3 Disc Set, Return To & Cabin By The Lake DVD 2000 Judd Nelson, Clown House Clownhouse DVD 1989 Victor Salva Frank Damiani, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde DVD 1971 Ralph Bates Martine Beswick, Dr. Terrors House Of Horrors DVD 1965 Peter Cushing Christopher Lee, The Blob DVD 1958 Steve McQueen SE Criterion, The Sword And The Sorcerer DVD 1982 Richard Lynch, Southern Comfort DVD 1981 Keith Carradine Powers Boothe, Road Games DVD 1981 Jamie Lee Curtis Stacy Keach, The Resurrected DVD 1992 Chris Sarandon John Terry, I Saw What You Did DVD 1965 Joan Crawford John Ireland, Watchers 1 2 3 4 Reborn DVD 1988 Complete 4 DISC SET Corey Haim, Willard and Ben DVD 1971 1972 Bruce Davidson Meredith Baxter. CORONAVIRUS IMPORTANT NEWS .

Quality: 8/10. We also provide a find my DVD service.

Welcome to Rogue Video. When you shop at RareDVDs, you'll just about any film you can think. When he has visitors at his remote Cornish home, things get even weirder, Stars: Mike Raven, James Bolam, Mary Maude, Betty Alberge, Melissa Stribling, A hunter kills a sacred lion in Africa and the curse they administer follows him back to England, Stars: Bryant Halliday, Dennis Price, Lisa Daniely, Amid public warnings about a dangerous mental hospital escaped patient, beautiful Belle Adams hitches rides with various dubious motorists, including a sexual pervert, Stars: Hayley Mills, Simon Ward, Sterling Hayden, A former priest named Doctor Lawrence harbours a dark and horrible secret in his attic. He gradually finds himself lured into a deadly and sinister Vampire mystery, Stars: William Sylvester, Diane Clare, Aliza Gur, Edward Underdown, Terence de Marney, After the death of her daughter a wealthy housewife restarts her life in London where she becomes haunted by the ghosts of other lost children, Stars: Mia Farrow, Keir Dullea, Tom Conti, Jill Bennett, A turn of the Century ghost story in which a woman is haunted by a spectre whom roams the corridors of her shadowy mansion, Stars: Sheelagh Gilbey, Nini Pitt, Alan Hay, Eric Garratt, Fairly silly but jolly entertaining comedy horror escapade, Stars: Pat Boone, Erica Rogers, Dennis Price, Valentine Dyall, Andree Melly, A model and her boyfriend find their way through the fog to an old Manor House in hopes of looting it. Horror and Sci-fi DISCS ARE PLAYABLE UK/EUROPE/AUSTRALASIA, R2/R4. Highly recommended, Stars: Rod Cameron, Mary Murphy, Meredith Edwards, Kay Callard, Peter Illing, Carl Jaffe, A handsome tourist travelling through the desert comes at night upon a lavish Moorish castle wherein he is entertained by a mysterious wealthy woman. Future plans include providing mpeg2 & mp4 file options for Internet uploading or TV broadcast. However, with the cost of seller fees combined with the USPS recently raising its prices, it is just not feasible to do business on Ebay anymore.

LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Felix Villar and … Here at Oldtimetv, I collect and restore old time TV shows and old movies on DVD with many of the shows and movies on offer being either very rare, lost, deleted or discontinued. All single disc titles are only £3.99 including free UK shipping.

Doing business through our site allows for more flexiblity. A wealthy businessman who is dying, enlists the help of a scientist who is experimenting with monkey transplants! We specialise in rare and hard to find, deleted, out of print OOP titles. Recommended, Stars: Edward Woodward, Jane Merrow, Samantha Weysom, John Judd, A doctor goes to extreme lengths to restore the badly burned face of his fiancée, in this likely homage to 1960's Euro classic, Eyes Without A Face, Stars: Peter Cushing, Sue Lloyd, Noel Trevarthen, Kate O'Mara, A crazed artists kills a girl and then turns her into a bronze sculpture. Enter Shop . We believe that everyone should have the chance to watch these Never forgotten Classics, therefore all our titles are only £2.99 each to suit all pockets, Collectors and film Enthusiasts alike.

Thanks for working with us during this transition. If you don't see what you are looking for now, check back later. Oh yeah, and some chips too. We are an experienced UK based DVD supplier. We work to bring you the best in rare horror and other obscure films on home video/DVD. Stars: Robert Hutton, George Coulouris, Julia Arnall, Meticulously under-acted and directed, no-budget remake of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde that looks like it was filmed in an alleyway and a pub, mostly. Boris Karloff both hosts and stars in this short-lived series about the supernatural in this 3 disc set. All of our films are sold on brand new region-free professional grade DVD-Rs with the standard 14mm case and full artwork insert. We have 100's of British and American Classic Movies from 1915 to 1960's. RareDVDs.Biz is a TERRIFIC place to shop for Out Of Print DVDs, Hard To Find DVDs. ", Stars: Vincent Russo, Michael Gordon, Marie Scinto, Ann Lynn, THE LADY MAID'S BELL (S1, EP 2)  What they find instead is murder. Quality: 7.5/10, 98 minutes, aka Scream...and Die! We work to bring you the best in rare horror and other obscure films on home video/DVD. THE MAZE (S1 EP 5) Stars: Andrea Allan, Karl Lanchbury, Maggie Walker, A writer with writer's block takes on anew secretary at his country home and then his troubles really start to begin, Quality: 9/10 (won't play on Panasonic machines), Stars: Udo Keir,Linda Hayden, Fiona Richmond, A group of friends search for a young English Oxford student who has disappeared whilst researching in Greece. We have always had a select few DVD titles available on Ebay since the early days of RV. We have a HUGE SELECTION of Rare DVDs! From Rare TV Movies, Musicals, 80s Classics, Horror Movies and MUCH MORE. If you don't see what you are looking for now, check back later.

My Rare Films. Copyright © 2020, ROGUE VIDEO: rare horror DVDs - cult films & fiction. BEWITCHED (S1 EP 7) Welcome to My Rare Films This site offers some of the rarest British, American and World films from the 1930's-1980's on DVD disc for you to enjoy. Welcome to Rogue Video. £3.99 A doctor is summoned to an old dark house to rid it of evil spirits. Rare black & white horror comedy take on the "Old Dark House" theme. A doctor is summoned to an old dark house to rid it of evil spirits, Stars: Valentine Dyall, Anne Howard, Alec Faversham, Beatrice Marsden, David Keir, Something evil threatens a family in this strange chiller.

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