Wow how come most companies miss this. (I wish it was a nicer one, it's a little bulky), Headset Splitter (Not listed on the product documentation). But at $100 I can't complain. I prefer the dark monochrome look of the Fulla although the bright silver knob seems out of place.

Overall the G6 is what I recommend for PS4. Sadly I do apologize for still no mic tests. This is my preferred style of “gaming soundcard” as it means that you don't have to worry about drivers getting out of date. If it had an optical input I would have bought one immediately.

is there a law that gaming devices have to look garish? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

The inline filter on the mic input makes the users voice a couple of octaves lower to sound more bad ass. Schiit markets themselves as the affordable supporter of the "little guy", the counter-culture small audio company.

I had both and ended up sticking with the Hel, as the fulla 3 didn't seem to drive my hardest to drive headphone, the HD 6xx, quite as well. They don't have to be expensive either, certainly less than half the price of a Schiit Hel for sound quality better than a mod mic.

Press J to jump to the feed.

The Fulla 3 won't always need external power but the Hel requires it. I will go into that more later. I'm not saying it needs any of these but some of the more basic features would have been nice. With the Hel and Fulla 3 I can do a few little things and fix the problem, but on other Schiit DACs, I can't fix it at all. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Hands down the best sounding “Gaming” DAC/AMPs on the market. I personally use an SMSL DAC and Drop’s AAA THX 789 amp.

A cheap one just to handle these voltage irregularities.

Just Get an AirPOD Pro! They are what I'd call the standard for gaming ADC quality moving forward. I was so excited to see an amp with the volume button on top but the missing optical input is a deal breaker.

As a note, my PC uses a Z170A motherboard which I'm pretty sure is what's causing the issue.

The only reddit threads I see about the Schiit Fulla and Hel involve some mention of that crackling/distortion. That’s why it’s black and red. The solution is to manually set the vccio and PCH voltages to 1.0-1.1 v, depending on the CPU you have installed and what speed you're running at. They both offer large decently smooth volume knobs on top.

I haven't gamed for some time, but shouldn't a dedicated gaming unit be able to process virtual surround? The G6 is also more "functional" with optical in and more features.

The specs on that are meaningless to me as I know nothing about this stuff.

So this won’t affect many people, but in general, my test rig PC hates Schiit USB DAC’s and with pretty much all of them that I have tested in the last year I get popping and crackling audio issues. Nice review.

I own one and have been using it to drive my denon ahd-600 and fostex th-x00 does an amazing job.

3.5mm Analog Output - This is for if you want to use your Hel as an amplifier for an analog source, like a mobile phone or a DAP. Headphones plugged into "Headphone Output" on the front. That being said, good looking clean and keep posted if you manage to fix. At this price point targeting it at gamers, it makes sense.

The Hel sounds better than I remember the Magni 3 sounding, amp wise.

A bit cheaper than the hel as well. If next Gen consoles do have proper USB audio support. I would honestly be happy with either of these as a dedicated AMP/DAC combo for their price even without the mic jack.

Maybe these could be added to a V2 model.

Close. The Hel is simply a grown-up Fulla 3, different output staging for more power, larger housing, gain switch, input switch, microphone volume wheel and an on-off switch.

Analog/USD Input Switch - Lets you switch between USB and analog input.

This would have made console usage possible and offered more versatility. Huge thank you to Schiit for sending them out. level 2. It is a tad warm. I'm interested in picking up a Fulla 3 but I'm worried about the crackling issue you mentioned. There really aren't any gaming features, or gimmicks(for better or for worse). This shouldn't affect many people as I'm pretty sure this is a driver issue on my PC from testing so many devices. Often I see people say it sounded like a wall of sound in front of you. The Fulla 3 and Hel follow in the footsteps of all the other Schiit products by being enclosed within a 2 part metal chassis. For comparison, the ever-popular E10k and K3 from Fiio which are similarly priced DAC/Amps but lack the adc, offer “Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 200mW RMS”.

3.5mm Analog Output - This is for if you want to use your Fulla 3 as an amplifier for an analog source, like a mobile phone or a DAP. I guess a saving grace is that the Schiit products are pretty easy to pull apart if you want to repaint them. For me optical and mic monitoring are the only big things that I think it really needed to have. With the Fulla 3 at just after 2 O-clock, I start to hear some issues come into play but the Hel can go much higher.

Your suppose to turn the fulla 3 knob to 3pm when using line level output.

Both look pretty cool. The only issue is whether or not gamers will buy them with their quality first approach and lack of gaming features. That way if you have a USB C phone your charging cable will also work for your Amp/DAC. Micro USB Data Input - Use this to connect it to your USB source. But on the Hel, I just don't hear it to the same extent. They just focused on making a great DAC/Amp combo and added a mic jack. It really is too bad about chat mix and monitoring not being there but after getting my gsx 1000 I found that I didn't value these as much as I thought I would. The DAC has a very solid noise floor and even with sensitive IEMs, I had no issue. But it may disappoint some people buying this who won't use the Mic jack. Very compressed. The Fulla 3 is about what I’d expect from a $100 Dac/AMP. All of these were very subtle.

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