Before dying he told her only her Master can remove the scar she seeks to be rid of. We landed on the shores of the Nameless Isle. She still talks about finding Zaleskar despite her quest log indicating he is dead.

Go to the elven camp with Sebille and speak with Saheila to advance her personal quest.

ClimateChange. Talk to her and she will teach the song to you.

She now believes she needs to become the next Divine also. We can only hope that we will become powerful enough to overcome the domination of Sebille's scar. Sebille acquiesced.

The Mother Tree is rooted here. Afterwards the "!" Sebille (Quest) | Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki Sign In Sebille joined my party. Sebille is on the beach where you kill that necro guy.

How did he do that, you ask?

You need high attitude with her and have advanced her dialogue to after she told you about her running away from the elves, being captured by the Shadow Prince and her first kill. I held Sebille back again, then got box from Shadow thru Red, then talked to him right after with Ifan who said incorrectly that the Deathfog has been released and tree is dead as are all elves. Okay so for some reason, at about level 15, in my playthrough, Sebille cannot enter driftwood any more. She has only one target left: the Master himself.

Rogue, Shadowblade, Ranger or Wayfarer - she has a special ability called Flesh Sacrifice which adds one additional AP and increases damage by 10% but it reduces health by 10%. From the memories of a Void-tainted Ancestor tree in the Stonegarden, Sebille learned that Scions are enslaved by the Mother Tree, and forced to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the elves by taking root.

In any case, once you've killed the Shadow Prince, regardless of the outcome of the Prime Scion, you should be able to talk her out of pursuing divinity without persuasion checks.Finally, if you have the Sebille and the Red Prince in your party, you can complete both quests just fine. I told her to wait before talking to Zaleskar (I thought she was going to murder him obviously) and she refused to speak with him after Ifan.

First you must speak with the Dreamer: Stingtail at Fort Joy. Sebille is great for an assassin or an archer that must move quickly and deal as much damage as possible. Sebille wishes to find a Lizard who wronged her and "correct it". After I got to Amadia I found her there in the middle of the area.

Her quest will still progress.

Sebile won't support me ascending before going into academy, wth, I've reloaded game to the start of nameless isle numerous times.

i have the exact same bug with Fane. All i really want to know is which of the two has the more interesting story. How does this quest work for those of us playing as Sebille?

This is the most reliable way to learn the song if you missed the opportunity aboard the ship.3) Just before reaching the Shadow Prince's camp.I've tested this a bit and, as other commenters said, if you can learn her song, she'll comment how she needs to find someone to share the song with. Just a heads up: I am playing as Sebille, and I have the Red Prince in my party. Go to the Sawmill (it's to the right of Bloodmoon Island on the map) and clear the camp. To find this master, she must seek a Lone Wolf by the name of Roost Anlon, as it was he who first kidnapped her and sold her to her Master.

The local cook, Griff, should know more.

She instead said that Sebille will have to discover it for herself. I hadn't unlocked Amadia Sanctuary waypoint yet but still couldn't find her in Fort Joy.

She did not lose herself to him this time.

Sebille Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest. Interestingly, it doesn't matter whether if Sebille will confront with Roost or not because after killing Roost, Sebille's personal quest stated: Roost Alon, who delivered Sebille to the Master, is dead. I hope she'll return somewhere in act 2. In my experience, leveling your Persuasion skill is a must if you intend to have Sebille in your party and finish her quest as there are, I believe, some hidden persuasion checks throughout her dialogues, such as when re-recruiting her at the start of Act II.

Sebille will want to do him in and will not defer the conversation to the Red Prince at any point. She just tells me to be gone and I have no conversation options at all. Once you've killed Roost and his goons you can free Saheila who will then follow you until you're outside the sawmill. Sebille may wish to talk to her.

This means you will need to escape Fort Joy before continuing on her quest. But how do you get her to trust you? Sebille joined my party.

The Master is next and her log doesn't closes and as for Ifan: You just know that Alexander is still alive and Roost didn't reveal the identify of the one who issued the Godwoken contract.

She prefers to avoid him, at least for now. well, it is not just the elves that attack you, all the assorted "last of their kind/only one of their kind around" creatures attack you, including all of the traders — basically, everyone who is not a magister or garath or a spirit etc attacks you.... (tho sahelia leaves to who knows where (how did she even get to the nameless isle? This case will occur if Sebille joined your team for the first time aboard Lady Vengeance. If the song is still within your grasp, Sebille will utter a sentence: "I need to find someone that I trust enough to share the scar song with". Just wanted to add that if you run into the issue of Sebille not trusting you enough to learn you the song, you can actually just aggro the whole fight with any other member of your party, have Sebille join in on the action and once the Shadow Prince dies the achievement for singing the song unlocks without ever having learnt it. South East. Before I faced the Shadow Prince, I tried talking to Sebille for the song and said that she doesn't trust me enough to do so. (if you have Ifan ben-Mezd on your team, you can let him do the talking) From Roost you will learn the location of your former master, then you need to fight Roost.

Sebille learned that it was a Lone Wolf called Roost who sold her into slavery to the Master years ago. Hope it helps you as well. ... Sebille won't rejoin my party on the boat after Joy Island? Sebille joined the party. She also occasionally calls me “darling.”. Weird, but whatever.

I killed Zaleskar for his heart and fed it to her but this did nothing for her quest. I agreed and will stand beside her. Divinity: Original Sin 2. She must travel to Reaper's Coast and track the bastard down. Sebille refused.

Sebille trusted me enough to teach me her scar-song.

Sebille spoke with the Mother Tree, who asked her to kill the Shadow Prince. You get a few opportunities to learn her scar song:1) As soon as you reach the Nameless Isle. The Shadow Prince still lives, but we must move on in search of Divinity. If you save Saheila from Roost in The Elven Seer, she will reveal the true identity of Sebille, and give Sebille a choice to be the heart of scions.

It doesn't appear to break her quest-line though, after killing Roost I could talk to Sebille about the (non-existent) conversation between the two.It may be because I accepted the quest to rescue that blind elf, whom Roost interrogates there, perhaps accepting it turns Roost hostile. Tovah urged Sebille to travel to the Nameless Isle and find the Mother Tree. We landed on the shores of the Nameless Isle. I dismissed him and now, he is nowhere to be found, I guess she's not coming back.. The Shadow Prince sang Sebille's scar-song, but we were able to counter him.

Cheers. I'm playing as Sebille as my main and I don't get an exclamation point on arriving at the Nameless Isle. When Shadow Prince turns hostile, a group of shadow assassins will also appear, defeat them to set Sebille free. She's looking for her Master, who once enslaved her.

He will only appear after you begin the quest: An Imprisoned Elf and have spoken with Griff in Fort Joy. Get back to the heart to kill the mother tree, the quest is complete but the remaining elves at the temple will turn hostile.

Privacy policy With the living scar you see on my cheek, this horror that takes no more than a song sung by Master dearest to control my very thoughts. Find Roost Anlon and let Sebille talk to him. Sebille claimed Divinity and I supported her.

Her next clue is to look into a mercenary band called the Lone Wolves.

It seems she very adamantly wants to question a certain lizard. We need to travel carefully.

The Lady Vengeance told us that it was controlled by a slave scar - the same kind of scar that Sebille has.

She is stalking the dreamer. ... is it still possible to get sebille when u wipe out griff and his crew?

When you first reach there, she will have a ! So if you want to talk to him do it first. If you open your map, you should see the flag for Cavern Entrance in yellow at the south end of the map.

You can learn the song from Sebille after speaking with the Mother Tree and accepting the quest to kill the Shadow Prince, you must have high attitude for it to work. "I used to be a slave, kept under the thumb of the Master: the bastard that made me hunt down my own kin. Void-tainted Ancestor Tree Sebille chose to leave my party and journey on alone.

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