Now this is a pessimistic take.

The Signal server doesn't even know who the sender of a message is, just the recipient. This argument could help built a bi-partisan pro-cryptography group by pulling in support from the 2A crowd. I wasn't disagreeing with you, and grasp the concept better than most. is: if it’s not used to kill people, contract it out. It is __GOOD__ when the government's interests align with that of the public. > A bit alarming to see the government embracing an end-to-end chat system with perfect forward secrecy, considering both the head of the FBI and the CIA have confirmed that the lack of a back door would impede the fight against ISIS. The application’s features include full support for retina displays, inputs on deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, booby traps, demolitions perimeter defence, counterintelligence, and much more. ASSIST is a robust, comprehensive web site used by standardization management activities to develop, coordinate, distribute, and manage defense and federal specifications and standards, military handbooks, commercial item descriptions, data item descriptions, and related technical documents prepared in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Defense … Sarcasm in text never worked well though.

To be obvious to the casual reader, you need to articulate a position which goes to absurd extremes, eg. It's Senate approved because the UI is simple enough for Congress types to navigate and it says 'Secure' right there!And no doubt it'll finally get DoD approval once found to meet security requirements and have a proper backdoor in place.This won't bother Congress types because they know better than us that a) the Govt can protect the key to the backdoor b) we must all make sacrifices for security, some of us more than others and c) Franklin's quote was taken out of context.So we've got nothing to worry about. And their home page[2] says "Fully encrypted. Fair enough if we’re billing the army for an app with a huge bug bounty.
Both iMessage and FaceTime use end-to-end encryption, for instance, and since iOS 8 Apple has enabled full-disk encryption on iPhones and iPads. Interests sometimes align. Honestly the government needs to make more open decisions like this (hard because of tracking budgets and how contracts are awarded and defined as complete). While we do have spring applications running on PCF, we have a significant and growing number of services and applications that are not built on PCF and PCF isn't required to build a production application and be CATO compliant. Conversely, those in charge of finding spies (or spies and pedos) don't like Tor (and that's why they'll claim that only spies/pedos/terrorists use Tor/encryption. From simple navigation utilities to educational and information sharing tools, mobile technology is improving the life for those in the battlefield and their families by providing useful information and contacts at the touch of a screen. If you believe that people should use E2E encryption there is no better product to work on. Approving does not mean that strategy or tactics will be applied in certain areas because it may not be fit. An implementation of its crypto protocol is available on Github, for review only. so $700B in defense spending can't match some motivated, talented FLOSS devs? Ultimate hypocrisy. As a prior technology acquisitions professional, the contract for that capability will touch so many different '4 letter' offices and can arguably be bid under each service's acquisition arm that the pain and dollar amount associated with it simply isn't high on the priority list. A refreshing model for how critical services should be built." Not just on the DoD side, but from the entire federal IT workforce/teams. The trend for the last couple of decades (since Reagan?) If your spy agency controls the vast majority of the Tor nodes, you can see what everybody is doing with Tor, and nobody else can. Soldiers are going to text their buddies, significant others, and family by any means that they can. More people looking at it (especially with a government interest) means there are more trying to patch those flaws as well. Hmm. Most of what's used in enterprise are used, so no examples really needed. Located services are grouped by categories such as mobilisation/deployment support, and employment assistance. Now the UK government/cabinet seem to share everything with each other via WhatsApp groups. As one who studied protocol state of many Internet-based protocols, Wickr isn’t as closely guarded protocol as Signal is with regard to being able to do MitM (between a specific two protocol states).

Bank of England ponders digital currency, CTO Talk: Q&A with Forescout’s Robert McNutt. Amazon Halo: Will the company’s foray into the wearables market be a success? It is only used to improve how well the app works.

Army-technology lists ten of the best military apps based on utility and features. Army Ranger Handbook is designed for rangers and offers information on the latest techniques and tactics used by US Army Rangers. The DoD CIO has approved an enterprise waiver for DoD Manual 8570 qualification requirements to accommodate personnel facing COVID-19 related restrictions. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Even the lack of communication leaks information. Everyone here is speaking like there HAS to be a backdoor for the messages to be auditable, forgetting that they could modify the application to abide to some sort of device management strategy that uploads a backup to some server when connected to a LAN for example. Moxie Marlinspike (owner of the world's greatest name) is the lead of the Signal project is often described as an anarchist (as in this wired article: Not to mention that many of the product screenshots they use for Signal reference prominent anarchists throughout history. Because nobody achieves power by controlling the existence of toilets? It really sounds like secure alternatives are "disappearing" or just not usable or mature enough, in favor of mainstream apps that are known to be monitored. Getting started with Signal. The problem is not technical talent, it's culture. Just because I know how a car works mechanically doesn't mean I'm inclined to build a fleet of my own. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Signal is developed and run by a 501c3, making this a somewhat unlikely series of events. Time of last connection related to a phone number. That is, they associate the technology with combat and the military. Air Force Fundamentals Information for people preparing for life in the Air Force and focusing on physical training. That's understandable but is a major privacy tradeoff. This can make it appear that your certificates are issued by roots other than the DoD Root CA 2 and can prevent access to DoD websites. So then people will just use the hundred other published implementations of Moxie's encryption algo used in Signal. > All agencies are pro "agenda that makes my agency's job easier". If you don't know about this kind of app you might be fearful of doing that. You can't trust that the endpoint of a call is on a secure network. Hopefully this is the first time. (Perhaps licensing the trademark would be a good start? not according this announcement by WhatsApp. A bit alarming to see the government embracing an end-to-end chat system with perfect forward secrecy, considering that it impede economic growth in our identity-theft and espionage industries. There's certainly a case here.
With the current implementation you'd lose your social graph every time you got a new device. I suppose I'll take a shot at a counterargument. So why use these apps? When I see people offer their customer support on Wickr, I think "is this guy serious? Think about it: if you want to implement an echo server that can't be cracked to view previous things it echoed, you could probably do it quite well. Double Dog Studios is the developer and marketer of the app, which is available for download on the iTunes App Store. Wickr has paid to have competent cryptographers review it. Get the latest DOD News products delivered to your inbox.

Even the "killing people" part is also contracted out. Define "reasonably secure". Double Dog Studios is the developer of the application, which was designed as manual to be carried by Rangers in the battlefield. fwiw RHEL is all over Army systems under the hood. The government off-the-shelf app offers tracking features to identify fellow team members to avoid friendly fire incidents and enemies. The attached waiver addresses an expanding need across Components with personnel who are unable to maintain their DoDM 8570 qualifications because of closed testing centers and other COVID-19 related restrictions. And they’re not even the biggest in that space. The move was first noticed by the tech publication ZDNet in a letter from Sen. Ron WydenRonald (Ron) Lee WydenWhat were we thinking in 1996 when we approved Section 230? I don't have access to DoD websites anymore and is getting more restrictive (and I have out-dated certificates for them--isn't that Apple's job to send out updated versions?) They do allow some unicode chars like: ⏩⏪⏫⏬ and ⏰, I guess they are validating up to some unicode code point. Wait, that IS my cake - AND I want to eat it! And accessories like cases and cables from Kagwerks: / (aside: their training courses are A+),

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