| Privacy Policy SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. You see, HKEY_CURRENT_USER is populated from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on startup for a new account and that does not seem to be working. Also, you mention fillet being missing from features. Please try this solution. I've reset the menu customizations back to default in Tools->Customize to no avail. 2) Go to HKEY_Current User\Software\SolidWorks\, 3) Rename the solidWorks Folder to "oldSolidWorks", 4) Go to HKEY_Current User\Software\SRAC\, 5) Rename the solidWorks Folder to "oldSRAC". To provide feedback on individual help topics, use the “Feedback on this topic” link on the individual topic page. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. İf you dont have any special settings , you can easily try. Any enquiry about our events? The Simulation toolbar provides you with shortcuts to frequently used operations. It was discovered that the issue was due to the CAM license not being activated despite the options being selected in the initial software install. Sincerely,The SOLIDWORKS Documentation Team. Lee S. Aug 4, 2014 4:27 PM. I use the ribbon for everything, and Batch Run seems to be one of the few commands not available on the ribbon. Click here for information about technical support, I acknowledge I have read and I hereby accept the. I believe it is not possible to get the Flow menu in the toolbar where it was in previous versions. Adding a Custom Tab to the CommandManager, Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IME). One of my favorite toolbars is the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane. I am running SW 2015 SP4. Including SOLIDWORKS, ARCHICAD, and many more industry-leading tools.

I don't know why the sketch ones are missing but they are. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter. Actions . When the active document is a SOLIDWORKS part, an Analysis Preparation tab is added to the CommandManager when you add in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, or SOLIDWORKS Plastics..

The ribbon, tab, etc all show up, but apparently the command I need (Batch Run-Is there a way to setup a queue for flow simulation?)

I still have the renamed Soldworks file ( called Solidworks_corrupt) in the registry settings aswell as the new Solidworks file that was created after I renamed the old one to Solidworks_corrupt. Stephen Kingston Recommended for you. It seems something is wrong.

We have detected you are using a browser version older than Internet Explorer 7. Please see the below steps on how to achieve this for both a standalone and network license: At Central Innovation, we can provide all – or part – of the solution. Give us a call on the numbers below.

Creating a Word Template and Populating it from PDM, Reading the Reference Model name of a Drawing View with instance number. If HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is really corrupt, you may have other problems running the software so I wouldn't suggest trying to "hack" it together.  | Get a Quote With the Customize CommandManager dialog box open: Select tabs you want to display; clear tabs you want to hide. You can customize the tab by adding additional tools. The program makes buttons available based on the status and type of analysis study. When the active document is a SOLIDWORKS part, an Analysis Preparation tab is added to the CommandManager when you add in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, or SOLIDWORKS Plastics. The most likely cause of this is the add-ins were turned off during the install by accident. Thank you for your comments. It even launched as SOLIDWORKS Premium but did not have any of the add-ins. To provide feedback on individual help topics, use the “Feedback on this topic” link on the individual topic page. Terms of Use To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. Or fill in the form: we’ll contact you within 24 hours. This time only the sketch menu has been affected and renaming the registry didn't fix it.  | Contact Sales Don't know how or why it happened but as you said creating a new registry should fix the problem as it had done before. I tried creating a new PC account profile and opening Solidworks from the new PC profile account. Simulation: SimulationXpress: Sketching: Sustainability Products: SolidWorks Utilities : Tolerancing: TolAnalyst: Toolbox: Weldments: Workgroup PDM: Troubleshooting: Glossary: Displaying or Hiding CommandManager Tabs.

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