I’m going to start with the fact that I feel so very blessed that my family and I spent a day with Miracle, the white buffalo calf. The White Stag is also used in the films Snow White and the Huntsman and The Hobbit film series. Every year, on the Delmarva Peninsula, many bow hunters are in search of the great White Deer that roams through the land near the seasons of hunting. One animal that is pure and beautiful to look at even on the side of the road while we are driving is a deer. However, if you aren't able to invoke, heal or otherwise on your own, call on the assistance of shamans, healers, intuitive people, etc. An albino doe stood in the middle of the road, and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I also saw a bald eagle later that week. Sometimes as adults we lose touch with our inner child and that’s what deer symbolizes. For many thousands of years, on what we now refer to as the Delmarva Peninsula, there had been "talk" of the White Deer, not only with the Original peoples, but among the settlers and many generations of mixed bloods, thereafter. RELATED: 4 Ways Spiritual Empaths Can Protect Their Emotions From The World. Help keep this website running (and my boys fed) by contributing. The meaning of a deer in your backyard varies but usually means spiritual change or renewal. He was not an interpreter of dreams, and did not catch the meaning. All these qualities are associated with you if deer is your spirit animal. He has an enormous rack which seems more comparable to the moose. When white occurs in the animal realm it is a message of: Compound these attributes with the those that the Female deer represents: The Male deer holds the same representations, but also includes attributes of: The deer was/is a symbol to the Native Americans representative of the great spirit – a sign of the sun as its antlers spread like the sun’s rays. Samhain marks one of the two great doorways of the year, fo... Read more. Texas. The deer symbolism emphasizes gentleness and meekness, that even in the toughest and most challenging times of your … The second dream was the same but the deer was small and white watching me lose control of the car and eventually rolling it over and over. The symbolism of your experience tells me there is something very special going on in your community….there is a call for spiritually minded leaders. The white stag makes an appearance in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which a large white stag is hunted as part of the quest "Ill Met by Moonlight". I was driving along and came across two white deer and they let me get out of my car and walk up to them within 15 or 20 feet and I even toke a picture . Kindness can go a long way to help someone so try to keep that attribute as much as you can. As he stood, on the edge of the woodland, he looked directly at my husband and directly toward me. Meaning of a White Deer The Native Americans believed the occurance of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the great spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. He is larger than the average buck deer, on theEastern Coast. My husband became silent and nothing was exchanged between him, me and the great White Deer except looks. So much change.

The Native Americans believed the occurance of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the great spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. These stories, through the fear and need of the white man, to prove First Nations people's beliefs false, have been belittled and ignored as being "folktales", much like the way different religions discount others as dogma, myths or legends.

I was driving along an wooded road and come upon 2 white deer, and I even got out and walked up to them within 15 or 20 feet and toke picture , It was if they were waiting for me.

This is how all Lenape people, (no matter what tribal name) are, from time beginning,  reminded to respect life, through the great spirit of the White Deer. You are ready to repair all of the broken pieces in your life and you are ready to replace things that are no longer fitting into the person you want to be in life. The elusive and rarely seen white stag will bring dignity, independence and fertility to new projects or new beginnings.

The deer is innocent. Saw one white Deer pure magic a site to see on the job! You are not being guaranteed anything in regards to outcome, time frame, or results.

Something mysterious lies beneath the surface that you cannot see or understand right now. The deer means renewal. Our animal friends are just as willing to communicate with us as we are with them. The White Albino Deer is also a message of indifference, never have a fear of the unknown, step forward in your truths and call in your ancestral and angelic guides for wisdom. The ruler of Scorpio is... Read more, The Stone of Birth - The Stone of Vision

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