Some photos of her interiors. slightly staggered and have slender windows, thus a view and light! Here is When opened, it measures about 24″ x 36″. This This tissue deck plan for the Europa, dated… read more ›, Glossy first-class deck plans for the Flandre. two berth cabin could be an outside, or an inside cabin, but it can also be one Great condition. In the 1930’s, they produced a series of deck plans that showed the ship in an isometric… read more ›. She was a ship that people loved to hate.

All decks are shown from Sun Deck to G Deck. A passenger has circled a large outside cabin on B deck. would be so kind to make them-selves known to me (my email address may be found

followed by the ships interior designer’s impressions of the various

Note: ssmaritime and associated sites Isn’t it interesting that the UK chose not to invest in its world-class merchant fleet and shipbuilding industry in the 1950s? will have the full sized version. past the “The Needles” very early in her career. Printed in August, 1952, and outstanding condition. looking aft towards the Central located Bridge, The delightful Princess Room as the designers saw it. For this plan you can use the link shown, or copy & paste it:,,, Designer Drawings of Interiors & ocean!

SS Imperator was an ocean liner built for the Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG) (Hamburg America Line) launched in 1912. A miniature deck plan for this lovely liner. dining room and a spacious well-fitted bathroom, These Mint. I have retained from the very early days of the SS Oriana that reveal her The date is 10 June 1913, the place is Hamburg, Germany, and the day belongs to the maiden voyage of the SS Imperator.

The Needles are a Superb first-class deck plan for the incomparable Rotterdam. delightful Monkey Bar Verandah was a popular place for meeting

ssMaritime is owned & © Copyright

shaft as well as a number of other interesting machinery spaces! The model… read more ›, Absolutely massive full-color-coded deck plan for the Queen of Bermuda on one side and the Monarch on the other. First- and second-class deck plan for the Swedish America Line’s “New De Luxe ms Kungsholm”  Dated 1953 and thus from her maiden-voyage era. Judy Cassah is putting her finishing touches to the Great… read more ›.

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Glossy tourist-class deck plan dated September, 1962. First-class deck plan for the ss Liberte. Large fold-out deck plan for the Bremen. link, or click it:, Part

P&O and Orient Line merged in the 1960s; thus bringing Oronsay under the P&O umbrella. scattered around her public areas! Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. The French Line really went all out on this glorious color-coded tourist-class (second-class) deck plan.

Look no further than this much-sought-after cruise plan for the Mary. of subjects; both interiors and exteriors of the passenger accommodations and

With such immense occupancy, 12 service elevators have been installed for loading all the baggage onto the ship. - RMS Orion, P&O: Measures 36″ x 33″ when open. suites were very popular and quite spacious having all the luxurious facilities Color-coded cruise plan for the “Green Goddess.”  Not dated, but dates prior to the 1965 refit. images that were taken before her trails in November 1960 as seen above. This dates to her triumphant return to service in 1957, an event many thought would never occur after… read more ›. funding or favours of any shape or form, never have and never will! The Of course, being so proud of the return of the flagship, this… read more ›, Not often seen are the miniature deck plans for the ss America. Part One - Page Five contains - Countless Specifications & Oriana Facts (NEW), Or Go to Part Two 17 photos and dated 6-58. was no doubts that she was a beautiful and a grand Passenger Liner and later a

When opened, it measures 31″ in length. She was built by the famous Harland and Wolff firm in Belfast. Glossy full-color first-class plan for the second Mauretania. Lounge! Page has four separate parts, commencing with Oriana’s Deck Plan,

At the time of her completion in June 1913, she was the largest passenger ship in the world, superseding the RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic. of the SS Oriana: Page 1:                      The building of Notes: Title and date from data provided by the Bain News Service on the negative.

Dated May, 1954, this full-color fold-open deck plan for the President Cleveland and President Wilson measures about 31” x 26”. we can see, the Princess Room was indeed a beautiful and a restful The various decks cater to the First Class passenger in supreme style. Tissue deck plans for Olympic are VERY tough to come by, especially one in top-notch condition and a… read more ›, Highly sought after cruise deck plan for the incomparable Rotterdam. Color-coded deck plan for the Mariposa and Monterey. Containing numerous interiors and one exterior photo, this… read more ›, Dated February 1947 and thus pre dating her return to service maiden voyage. The best part about this particular deck plan is all the 3-D style cabin mockups showing you exactly what you… read more ›.

A passenger has… read more ›. Various dates. A young couple can be seen in short conversation with assistant purser B. Voss. Well illustrated and folds open to 32″ x 8½”.

present some “Behind the Scenes” photographs, such as the propeller She also has a "reverse steam whistle" on the after side of steam stack #3, and a non-magnetic gyroscope compass, the first ever on a ship.

Handy little guides to every area of the ship, covering all three classes. smaller version, just click on it and it will enlarge to its full size! , there is one image of the “First Class Stadium Games past the “The Needles” very early in her career.

Excellent condition with a touch of… read more ›, Explore one of the coolest ocean liners ever built.

She was still brand new! Has many photos and an interesting foldout tab-style arrangement that makes jumping to a particular deck a breeze. As the Imperator steamed to the westward from Cuxhaven to New York her charging bow chewed through the oncoming water with the ravenous zeal of the biggest predator the world has ever seen. The Stadium Games Deck,

: All ssmaritime and my other related Likely the last deck plan ever made for the incomparable ss France. the sad photographs of SS Oriana damaged during a storm, Page 7b:                    Oriana at Zhangiagang Folds open to 19″ x 17.5″.

Interesting blurb about this great ship which in my opinion had some… read more ›. Who fantasizes about traveling any other way? You have a key… read more ›, This item speaks for itself! At the Hamburg~Amerika Line, we feel that a triple stacker is more  esthetically pleasing than that the traditional four-stack design as used on the Lusitania, Mauretania, and White Star's Olympic class. The The Tourist Class Swimming Pool and the huge aft Poop Deck. Eight color images. Ship’s particulars in Italian and English. Measures 44″ x 9″.

She only completed one cruise, and that was a disaster with massive amounts… read more ›, The French Line always had great graphics for their publicity items, and this is one of the best. A Chad Valley take-to-pieces model. on December 30, 1960. The crew of the Imperator includes 26 engineers, 400 stewards and hostesses, and 118 cooks and kitchen personnel. No rips or tears. the great Orient Line Naval Architect’s, who designed the SS Oriana. Below I offer just six postcards

Near mint condition. Dated December, 1951, and in excellent condition.

Measures about 44″ x 8.75″ when opened. who designed the Oriana! well as when arriving and departing ports, there was a unique view! demolition of a liner, Also Visit my Features on these Orient Lines & P&O

In some people’s opinion, she was one of the least attractive ships ever built. In very good condition. Like so many things about the Imperator, her 69-foot steam stacks are similarly unique as they number only three. … read more ›, First-, second-, and third-class plan for the Colombo. Double sided deck-plan for the Edinburgh Castle. adidas Alphabounce Basketball Slides Men's, Dyson V7 Allergy Cordless HEPA Vacuum | New, Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz Turbo Unlocked, Dyson V7 Fluffy HEPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | Blue | New. (1961) took this idea somewhat further and placed these on several decks as A passenger has marked and noted the cost of their very nice A Deck outside cabin.

we are looking along the huge Portside Propeller Shaft Tunnel, Part Four: Colour Postcard from my personal collection. Like all of the 28,000 tonners, she was built in the early 1950s and served until the mid 1970’s. When open, it measures about 38″ x 34″ and contains 21 photos of her interiors.

Filled with great photos of life onboard, this deck plan covers all classes.

Considering it is over 100 years old and was not really meant to last, this plan is in remarkable condition with just a few slight edge issues. This Page has four separate parts, commencing with Oriana’s Deck Plan, followed by the ships interior designer’s impressions of the various venues and decks. Please Updated August 2018 . Excellent condition plan that covers second and third class on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Not a ship we often see plans for. Near mint condition. This tourist-class plan dates from the late 1950′s. P&O Dated June 1957. ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Be assured Tourist-class plan dating from the 1950’s and 1960’s. In good condition and measures about 26″ x… read more ›, The world famous Canberra. - SS Oronsay I am delighted to show just a few of these here for your enjoyment! One of the best deck plans you can find for… read more ›, Wow!

Excellent condition tourist-class deck plan for the Orsova. voyage, and it shows passengers enjoying a game. Excellent tissue deck plan for the Conte dated September, 1954. shipyard in China - Taken 29 July & 9 September 2005, the we see the huge console controlling the Main-Engine Room. In very good condition. It shows the… read more ›, Glossy full-color first-class deck plan from the early 1960’s before the Observation Lounge had been given to third class. wife of the late Mr. Charles F. Morris the great Orient Line Naval Architect, Six color photos of her interiors, including one of her restaurant complete with chairs that had been transferred from Aquitania. Pursehouse Collection, Page 6b:                    Paul Oliver Story, Page 7:                      Dalian - See One of the best things about Rotterdam was that, in her nearly 40 years of service, her interiors had very few changes… read more ›.

cabin, thus with a window or a porthole, A As per design, she carries a staggering amount of passengers - 4595, more than any ship before or since. I believe this is the first time I have… read more ›. Need anything be said? below, The Two: Designer Drawings of Interiors & A few available with dates ranging from 1965-1967.

… read more ›, Excellent condition plans dated 1969.

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