Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Actor. At the very least, they stop to figure out what is going on which sometimes gives a hunter a chance to take a shot. A fresh challenge emerged and a portrait of his relentless pursuit was about to be born. Pay close attention about 7 minutes in for my favorite shot.

During college, Tim’s love of the arrow in flight had broadened into throwing the javelin which paid his way through school and began another hunting infatuation, the spear. Tim Wells' world famous head-shot on an Inland Grizzly Bear. Hunters Fight Off Grizzlies in Two Separate British Columbia Attacks, Video: Rare Two-headed Snake Caught on Video Eating a Mouse, Walter Palmer Breaks Silence, Says Killing of Lion Was Legal, Video: Italian Anglers Caught in Huge Hailstorm, Wisconsin Kayakers Rescue Buck from Underwater Cave, Video: Blue-headed Black Bear Spotted in Canada, Oklahoma Dove Poachers Arrested in Hunting Blind Made of Weed, Video: Man “Senses” Burrowing Moles, Captures Them by Hand, Apple Bans Mobile Game That Lets Players Shoot Hunters, Video: Hunter’s Stag Snatched by Helicopter Marksmen, Bears Euthanized Following Encounter with Connecticut Hiker, Video: Young Archer Finds Another Place to Store Her Arrows, Police: 8-foot King Cobra on the Loose in Orlando, Texas Air Force Personnel Detain Dove Hunters on Private Property, Video: This is One Epic Spearfishing Fail, Video: Too Hot Outside?

Over the last few years, I have been spearing different types of big game animals. To increase his odds of success, Wells brushed himself in. As a young lad his grandfather would look on for hours as Tim would shoot flue after flue after flue into the air. For Tim Wells from Relentless Pursuit TV, the dream for the last several years was to kill a grizzly bear with a spear! Thankfully, the spear missed his femoral artery and Wells was able to stabilize the wound before being rescued. Throughout college Tim would hunt before and after class. Tim spends 27 days in Alaska with primative weapons, surving on his skills, while chasing his dream of being the first man to spear a grizzly on film. Interior ends endangered species protection for gray wolves, Brett French presents: Conservation easement protects bighorn sheep habitat, USDA Forest Service Moves Christmas Tree Permits to for the 2020 Season, Helena National Forest: Snowmobiling not allowed during hunting season. You can see the video below. A grizzly dropped stone dead soon after with an arrow stuck squarely between its eyes, ducks fell from the sky and squirrels fell from the trees.

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