definitely not possible in 2 3/4: 12 gauge. 11 birds with 25 shots is pretty good wing shooting numbers. For a teal, you need 190 and for a goose 80. I shoot a lot of pigeons so I'm not sure if this type of bird would qualify as a test for TSS ? Roll with it. Shotgun Shell Pellet Count Comparison Table TSS Pellet Count Per Ounce

With 9, it will increase to 34 grams to ensure the pattern density of 180 balls. penetration: 23.9 yds final velocity at 40 yds: 619 fps lead #5 pellets per ounce: 173 max distance for 1.5" ball.

Search engines interpret words differently. Between shot, powder, wads and primers you just blew at least $75 on one box of shells, to much for me. I hope it's clearer for you. Yes, but what if it were magic? I have done much worse on most days. In each cell, there is the load necessary to respect the pattern density of pellets necessary to reach the game with the appropriate number of balls (generally 4,2 on average and 8 in the center). I was shooting the 28 ga M37 with flush improved cylinder. A 28 gauge much more efficient than the 10 magnum. pellets per ounce: 242 max distance for 1.5" ball. When the cell is in white, it is because the penetration is not sufficient for the game considered. In blue the optimal load for the distance which is OK for the penetration and the pattern density for the type of bird. When it is in blue, it is that it is the optimal charge in simple shot. gel. Moderators: donell67, pennsyltucky, NV Guide, by Dave in AZ » Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:05 am, by goosepit2007 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:09 am, by goosepit2007 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:56 pm, by Paulinkansas » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:33 pm, by DoubleDutchChuck » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:52 pm, Return to Shotshell, Reloading, Ballistics, & Chokes, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 23 guests. TSS On paper, TSS #9s should do the job on large ducks, but I had better success with the #8.5s and I am not entirely sure why. Are you saying you feel like the #10 shot didn't penetrate enough on the crows or that you just didn't shoot straight? And the #10 = 1.8 mm. For the penetration, the value is for example 1" 1/2 for mallard, less for teals ( 1" 1/8) and more for geese (2" 1/4). Took a 1/2 oz load of #10s out after some pass shooting wood ducks. I also am interested in what you thought of their lethality given a hit. Each chart corresponds to a game. These charts show the average pellet count per ounce comparison between lead, steel, Rem HD (aka hevishot), and TSS (Tungsten Super Shot). In fact, I can also give the impact energy, but upon my opinion, the penetration is more important to know. In green, it works too but it is not optimal. One flew off real slow with a foot hanging down.

Shotgun pellet counts range from 7/8 oz. Hi, what is the residual energy of these pellets (per size) at 40.50 mt? not too low (injury risk) and not too high, with the risk for the pellets to go threw the bird without to kill it. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. To kill cleanly a mallard (with a surface of 1/10 sq ft), you need 110 pellets in a 30" diameter circle, which is in average 40 to 45 pellets per square foot. No ratings yet - be the first to rate this. Interact with others on shot gun shells, reloading, ballistics, chokes, or anything that has to do with your shooting. Hi, Safety Solution Pack of 2 10, 12 & 20 Gauge GA Stealth Black 56 Round Shotgun Shotshell Ammo Shot... LEE PRECISION II Shotshell Reloading Press 12 GA Load All (Multi), 2020 Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey Canceled, 14 Items You Need for Waterfowl Hunting 2021, 22 Camping Gifts That Make Great Outdoor Gift Ideas, 3 Best Single Pin Bow Sights for Hunting 2020.

For a teal, you need 190 and for a goose 80. Both of those were shots that were fairly long. For a wingeon, for exemple, this minimum pattern density is 180 balls in a circle 30" in diameter. The size I used for the calculation are the french series i.e. In fact, using the chart, you can know what you should shoot if you know the distance and type of game. #10 is tiny hole.

To kill cleanly a mallard (with a surface of 1/10 sq ft), you need 110 pellets in a 30" diameter circle, which is in average 40 to 45 pellets per square foot. The table is calculated including 2 parameters: penetration necessary to reach a vital organ and density of the pattern. Like, every time you fired, the 485 pellets that hit the ground grew bean stalks to the clouds or something--wouldn't that make duck hunting awesome again?

If the explanations are not clear enough, you can leave a comment (registration required) and I will answer quickly.

For the half size : #9 1/2 = 1.9 mm, #8 1/2 = 2.15 mm, #7 1/2 = 2.4 mm. all the way up to 1 3/4 oz. The combination of these 2 parameters insure the efficiency of the TSS load. Thanks for the report Hal.

penetration: 160.3 yds final velocity at 40 yds: 916 Are pellets causing enough wound or are they too small to do much despite penetration. gel. The penetration is calculated with a velocity at the end of the bore of 400 m/s so 1312 ft/s. Wow! Range

You certainly should have had adequate pellet count. Size

gel. For the pattern density, you need around 4 pellets to have the chance to have one reaching a vital organ. with the Australian ( I think is the same as UK shot sizes) I used No.2 lead shot with 1 3/8 Ounce loads (about 40gm) to shoot ducks and foxes out to fairly log distances approximately 50 to 60 m at times But here I see you stating that you would need 70gm of Number 5 shot (smaller sht than average for long range duck hunting in English sized shot with lead ) 70gm is about 2 1/4 ounces maybe a 10 gauge mag maximum load ? Duck

Most all of my misses appeared to be clean misses, so I think shooter error is the main culprit. Knowing it, you can adapt the pellet size for an accurate penetration, i.e. I appreciate the testing efforts Hal puts into the TSS, but it gets a bit much dollar wise for the average guy. Shot size #1 – 1 oz of shot = 75 pellets Shot size #3 – 1 oz of shot = 117 pellets Shot size #5 – 1 oz of shot = 157 pellets What shhot sizes are these numbers from UK or US or European ?

High Performance Reloading for the 10 Gauge shotgun, Shotshell, Reloading, Ballistics, & Chokes. You can also find in column the number of balls for 10 g of shot. goose, TSS, the ultimate solution for long range shoot in wetlands! For example, a vingeon duck at 60 m will be killed with a 29 gr of 9 1/2 but it is relatively border line for the penetration level. Don't hesitate to come back. The combination of these 2 parameters insure the efficiency of the TSS load. Good info. Don't we hunters want to actually disrupt some tissue? The other shed a couple feathers but appeared mostly unhurt. Regarding the hunting of waterfowl, steel loads are often weak and must be used in adapted weapons and often magnum (76 mm) or even super magnum (89 mm) while some do not hesitate not even to …. The distances are in column and the size of TSS in raw.

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