The aspects to this conjunction are that it sextiles my Saturn in Aries in the 10th and trines my Eros in Libra in the 4th, squares my Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, and squares my Juno in Scorpio in the 5th. I am a little late getting this post, I know! I have Valentine conjunct his North Node and Sphynx conjunct his Chiron. She is asteroid number 4 in your birth chart and she is prominent in the chart of novelist Jane Austen, who was born with Vesta at 19 Aquarius in the house of groups, Saturn at 19 Libra in the house of marriage and Mars at 19 Capricorn in the house of ambition. My DC is in Virgo, 6th/7th house, and Persephone… Read more ». It seems that Vesta and nessus are pretty much polar opposites from what I've heard. Well said. But what would it mean if this asteroid was exactly conjunct my DC? 1) Hi Jessica – I think my Vesta is in Cancer with Bacchus in Gemini.

He is the only male in a family with two other females. Which is interesting since this is where his previous ex attacked my reputation, and ultimately was the toxic nail that ended us. You have Juno (commitment) at 1 Scorpio, Bacchus (pleasure) at 0 Scorpio and Panacea (solutions with ethical issues) at 0 Scorpio. This is where you have to watch the male-female balance (or rather, the lack of balance). Another great article. They can be any age at all, and the situations can be personal or professional. It will push, inveigle, and fight in order to get what it wants - to the point of destroying the object of desire. Maybe that was his way of handling this asteroid in his chart – he literally removed his male status from the harem. I have NO idea how that manifests. I KNOW, RIGHT? Posts: 49915 From: Pluto/house next to NickiG Registered: Sep 2010

Right opposite Vesta we have a pile-up in Scorpio, which rules mortgages, legacies, wills, testaments, marital bank accounts, divorce settlements and so on. But look, we are now going to investigate Vesta.
Sometimes astrology can be staggering, it’s so literal! Vesta/planet contacts in synastry are often overlooked. … I’m so cynical. The key is self-knowledge which is why astrology can be so useful. In time, if the bikini model has an ugly soul or you and she do not have a soulful relationship, it will not last or last happily. – JUNO con. Perhaps it’s not surprising. You’ll see I have Vesta in Pisces @ 21degrees? By personal parts of the chart, I mean the angles(Ascendant, IC, Descendant and MC), the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus. None of those listed meanings resonate for me. She’s a sun goddess, fire relates to sex and creativity. My daughter and mine composite chart is moon sextile ceres with conjuct Pluto and conjuct Ceres . I am sorry your comment has been posted twice without an answer – there are over 1000 comments in the queue at the moment.

Hey, I like this post too like any other posts you made, and I want to ask something, I’m trying to understand something, ıf juno conjunct with astroids like ceres , what it means and who will feel it the most, by the way I’m sorry for my english I hope you can understand me.

the whole synastry and composite is quite fascinating to me. Sacrificing the sanctity of work in order to satisfy the forceful need of another? Why I am attached to someone who is so scared about his true feelings? Men navigated boats around the Medditeranean, trading – early bronze age lifestyle. Thanks for clarification. Prior to her incarnation as Rome’s Vestal Virgins, her priestesses were said to use the sexual arts for healing of soul and body. Vesta never loses virginity because she is always "pure" and therefore, reaches the divine. It feels very, very much like home. As such, it is something to watch with him. Sometimes people can get too close and no one can see a different perspective BUT still, it is an excellent aspect for sharing of hearts. Knowing what Vesta is, is honestly half the battle. I love reading synastries of my friends and their lovers. I can’t stand clutter. – Vesta trines my South Node – I am not so across the astrological Vesta. She lives between Australia and Britain and edits The Holiday Goddess Guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome (HarperCollins). It should come as no surprise to find out that not only King Henry VIII (with his six unfortunate wives) as well as Prince Andrew, have strong Vesta patterns. Simple. I used to use the term Crapricorn when talking about my mother. Get the vesta in my home part with cancer, but not clear how it ties in with leaddership/mind body and back from the brink/eight house property possessions etc. Vesta is close to Virgo symbolism in my chart (in that I am a Virgo and I’ve noticed Vesta sometimes seems to be “where I really am”) I don’t know if Vesta is the Hearth Fires in the sense of literal home and literal housekeeping. Otherwise, the only hard aspect he's got natally is a square to Psyche. We don’t have any vertex touch. Great question. Thanks Clover. the… Read more ». As a rule, cleave towards the sisterhood and Miss Greer, not the King Henry VIII model of doling out houses or jewels! My natal Vesta is at 19* Virgo, exactly conjunct my natal Mercury. Vesta in Pisces in the Twelfth House describes secret longing for men who are sought after by other women. The Basic House Rulers–23 Simple Steps for Beginners. A father with a wife/daughter is typical or a father with many women in his world. Sometimes, awareness is all you need. It is far better to side with the women/girls! I am not surprised to hear that you have a female workplace and male boss. Both sisters were involved with men, later in life, who brought love triangles with them. sqaures his Ceres, his Vesta You have been living out the Vesta story quite explicitly by having affairs with the boss. i do not know his exact time of birth. I love how I’m always looking at my chart with fresh eyes after reading your blogs! That is the discussion I have with God. Vesta is in Aries in your First House of title, wardrobe, appearances, reputation (above all other things) and image. Not sure anything I’m saying makes sense, so I’m going to stop now.

Often we attribute the issues to other women when of course it is the man who is the culprit.

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