From Ankama shop. She decides to intervene by causing a deflagration that will break the link between Qilby and the Eliacube. Renegade Assasin, InvisibilitySpeedPoison gasClawsFlexibilityAcrobatic skillsSharp heels.

Qilby appears as a playable character in board game, its two forms; the first is common and the second is with what is called "the treacherous". Throughout the world Enrub, Yugo and those of the clan, visit the eliatrope children cared for by balthazar, and try to convince them to leave that place to start their trip abroad. XII Raze-time

Either way, it does not matter for Qilby if one or two worlds would have to disappear in the process.

Is a demigoddess daughter of the god Sram and some mortal of same type. She is a villainess from TV French series Wakfu, in the third season. Shadowfang | Qilby is committed to building a portal to invade the mortal world, and in return, King Rushu pledges to use his army of shushus to help him kill the dragon Phaeris.

Her arrogance becomes her undoing however her final act before her downfall was a last-ditch attempt on Eva's life that could very well have killed her and her baby had it not been for Flopin and Echo. Toxine arrives Eva's house and attacking her. Seeing that he can not convince them, he decides to exterminate them and leave alone with his sister Shinonomé. Qilby did research to find Orgonax's weak spot to kill him and avenge Shinonomé's death, but there is no evidence that he was the one who warned Orgonax. Toxine(stylized Toxxine) is a killer Sram demi-goddess, member of the siblings calling themselves "The Forgottens".

Deserboss | Is referred as a psychopath by her own allies, and she doesn't even bother to deny. This is the only Krosfinite of the game that is obtained via the XP of 2 different cards making it the rarest and most difficult bonus to obtain, what's more normal for an object as legendary as the Eliacube.

Cloud | For him, there is no doubt that this place is the Crimson Claw's Archipielago. Media services make it possible to enhance the site with multimedia content and increase its visibility. Spiders |

Vil Smisse | Occupation Arpagone's Dhreller | But now that he has the eliacube in his possession, he is considering another plan because he has learned of the existence of the shushus world. Laughing Buffon |


She's willing to kill Flopin, who - child of a former god or not - is still just a kid. "No need to be so tense brother. Seeing that he is weakening more and more and struggling to fight, Phaeris is forced to apply a painful spell to Yugo to allow him to temporarily increase his powers eliatrope.

And some wakfu mini-sketches from the same page.~

Bourlof the Butcher The Siblings:

xD However, the reality seems to be that Chibi appointed Yugo to limit the influence of Qilby and prevent him from revealing the truth to eliatropes on their origin. "Touché." Invaders: What it really needs are some big ol' offensive blue lips. We complain.

Inside the forgotten ruins, some Eliatropes guardians will appear who speak of protecting their "King", also warning about the "Treacherous" who put an end to his people, a clear reference to Qilby. Finally, before it closes completely, Percedal catches Yugo and pulls him into their world, and felt the disappearance of Yugo. Grougaloragran's repeated nonsense ended up annoying the sadidas who want them to leave the palace. So why would Chibi have sought to discredit Qilby?

I really want this thing for my Eliotrope... Nice pet, but seems that it comes with some package only. In the world of Shushus, he seems determined to face Rushu on his own. TIME FOR FANARRRRRT. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works There are three pairs of underpants, while one of the other empty seats corresponds to the place of Qilby (whose underwear was never stolen). Osamodas | Qilby may have found his people again, but he feels more alone than ever. Rubilaxia | Prince of Brakmar |

We get nothing.

He attacked Eva and her son Flopin when they were in the fourth Eniripsa, trying to throw them at the top of the tower.

Felinor's Henchmen | After studying the heart of Orgonax, he manufactures the Eliacube with the blessing of the Council of Eliatropes. You will have 30 seconds to retype your account information. Has no particular physical appearance, but is referenced with the other types of adult eliatropes, when Adamai reveals that he is a Yugo bro's and that they come from an ancient race. Additionally, Qilby is main character in the first segment and shown on the cover. Goals As slim sram dressed in a black suit, without revealing any part of her body, except for his eyes that are two bright corneas. This Ankama account is protected by Ankama Shield. Flames | Obsidemon | Possibly in some distant future we can allow one for ourselves. French get something.

General Glumosor |

Toxine | Unfortunately, Qilby uses the Eliacube to replace his arm and this merger boosts his powers. Mongrelamus |

Adamai sat next to me, cautious. These two bandits know how to feel when they have to do to someone dishonest and for them this market stinks confused.

Yugo managed to lock him back into the Blank Dimension, and he is left quietly sobbing in the white void with nothing around him, except a single flower from Emrub.

Sponge Mob | Qilby is a mysterious character, he misses his left arm, and he seems to know Adamaï and Yugo very well while they have no idea who he is. Grambos | While the other Siblings tend not to stray too far from Anti-Villain, Toxine on the other hand revels in being evil and tries to kill Eva and Flopin anytime she gets a chance. We forget about it. Hydra | The fights the last battle between Nox and Adamai, the young eliatrope takes advantage of playing the Eliacube, so a series of images proper to his memories, cant see mysterious silhouette (from Qilby) without revealing his face, more than bright eyes and in the middle of a reddish background. Igole | Miss Ugly Princesses |

Ush Galesh |

Cave Golems |

The history of the sociopathic traitor Qilby from the French animated series Wakfu. Vortex | At some point right before the game, Qilby reactivated the Eliacube, which allowed the Mechasms to find them again.

Learn more and set cookie preferences{"target":".ak-modal-privacy-cookies"} Click here this was a magazine reward just like this pet a long time ago © 2020 Ankama. Adamaï realizes that Qilby is much worse than Nox. Social media make it possible to enhance site conviviality and help promote the site through sharing. In this Echo intervened, who saved them before they fell, so he punished Toxine, grabbing her neck for having entering her room without permission, trying to slaughter mother and son. Suspicious tattoos on his body, a strange glow in one eye and an arm made with pure wakfu, Qilby was always thirsty for more knowledge and discovery. If this place seems so familiar to Adamaï, it is simply because this place is the Zinit, the huge spaceship that allowed eliatrics and their dragon to flee their home world to arrive on this planet. The combination of their power makes it possible to transform the eliacube into a kind of robot in the shape of a bird. Revealing more about Eliatropes history and their past, when himself was an efficient scholar in the Council of the Six, showing in manga format how he stole the Orgonax's heart, and had the Zinit ship built to get out of trouble with the Mechasmas, believing that the trips towards the Krosmoz would calm his inner psychological pain. Moskitoes |

Wakfu Age Mechasms |

Despite the wishes and orders of her leader, Oropo, she has no qualms about disobeying him simply to satisfy her own wishes and is so vindictive that she would seek to pay a pregnant woman back for anything against her. Hobby And later, she takes a parting shot that puts Eva's third, unborn child in grave peril.

Shinonime stopped Qilby from destroying the world of twelve." Adamaï is not tall compared to him, luckily, Grougaloragran despite his young age is already very powerful.

D-Rex | This portal is created thanks to the Eliacube, unfortunately, as Qilby and Adamaï have to use a lot of their Wakfu to keep it open, they will not be able to last very long. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Criture | Bellaphone's Apes | Qilby |

Mirkool |

Nox Army: Once on a deserted planet (later to become the World of Twelve), the young Eliatropes are freed, but Balthazar, the dragon sibling of Glip (who is part of the Council of the Six), removed their previous memories to force them to believe that this new world is their home world. Ghouls | Killing and torture victims Simultaneously, Qilby appears in another flashback, when talking about the consequences that brought him, for failing in his stoicism to rebuild their lives in another world.

Because of his obsession with the technology of the Eliacube, he became dangerous for his people, and afterwards caused the war between the Mechasms and the Eliatropes, who were accused of having hidden the heart of Orgonax, the youngest of the Mechasm. Your parent or legal guardian refused your registration.


Lord Crow |

Saule |

On his side Qilby is wary of sadidas, he seems afraid that they are prevented from bringing back the eliatropes.

You guys act as though this is the first time its happened... lol.


Toxine is sly, deceptive, and possibly deranged as she is a sadist, enjoying the pain and suffering of others. Sipho |

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