Well that really depends on your preferred playstyle. The Patton series of tanks are better than the T32 (that point can be argued about the first two). You can fight em, but its a strech with underperfoming us guns.

There are some game mechanics which cause APHE shells to outperform solid shots.

They'd be great as the "frontline/take the hits" tanks, so that the m18's can flank....if it wasn't for the fact that the Jumbo's armor is broken so bad even a US 76m can pen the front UFP up until 300m. The M48 Patton and on are superior tanks with post-WW2 guns, ammo and systems. The M103's armour doesn't really make that much of a difference, the way tier 5 is, you're much better off playing the M47 or M60, both tanks are good and perfectly competitive, especially the M60 which for whatever reason gets a shorter reload than the M47 (Even though shell weight is fairly similar, and the M47 isn't really worse in regards to crew layout), as well as good enough armour to usually bounce APHE shells (AKA the reliable one shot killers), though the T-10M, Maus and Jadgtiger can still penetrate it with correct aim. In RB murican tanks are just outclassed by rest of the nations. It will take you longer but that way you can compare all the sides and know the enemy's advantages/disadvantages. Other than that I agree soviet tanks are mostly better but they are beatable.

its no better than the sherman before it) Jackson has the lack luster M3 90mm and slow as snail poop. Auscam People would be a lot better off using these vehicles to their, "in-game" strengths compared to their real life counter-part's strengths. These kind of cannons are much more effective than HEAT . M26 pershing seem to have no armor at all, the easy 8 at 5.3 (for what? By Things don't really go south for the US until higher tiers. All the GMCs don't actually have super high damage for their BR. *Tiger furiously trying and failing to penetrate the Jumbo* Yeah, I know Fritz. Load M61, steady cannon..... Fire! Hit the track, still count a hit. Don't worry... Japan will sort the Russians out at Tier 5... © 2020 by Gaijin Games Kft. I screwed it and ground past the M4A2 in the M4A3(105). Hit the gun, still count a hit. Yeah, his commanders hatch, big tumor that it is. You'll have to hit German tanks repetitively at weak spots, while most US tanks are one-shot material for German 88 mm cannons (and sometimes even 75 mm cannons). So simply penetrating your target and dealing a little damage doesn't get the job done reliably. © 2020 by Gaijin Games Kft. You average about 2.8 to 3.5 hits per tank to get that many kills in RB, which it means that APDS is massively under-performing in terms of performance. The early US tank game is pretty decent, up until something like BR 4.7 - 5.0.

And the medium tanks are just gun carriages with armor that doesn't matter, and are slower. USA tanks have same fate as USA planes now------------no firepower , no defense, just a fesh meeat. Gunner, adjust aim. Another problem is that the Russians have very good tanks at Tier V in terms of gun(s), speed, mobility, and armor. And besides, it was already agreed that APDS are underperforming, even it was forwarded as bug report earlier to the devs. Favorite premium would be the T29 which is comes with the added bonus of people crying about in the forums. Actually, mate, your screenshot actually disproves your statement. Medium tanks- Usually just american lend lease tanks, decent all round Multi-turret tanks (only 1 so far unless you count the grant) They are kinda fun, with obvious advantages and disadvantages Main battle tanks- Just cold war versions of medium tanks really I've enjoyed playing the M5As, the Tier II Shermans, Chaffee, M10 and M18. I play all nations in at least T4 early and can say the following: You crazy? The Panther II is (one of?)

Not really... if you play british tree, when you get to your first tank with nothing but AP, you know it will be a terrible grind. Perhaps there would be, if **** wasn't constantly broken, or based on "sekrit dokuments", or shoved into a Br where it's basically useless. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. The almighty M46 Patton. All the heavies, can't actually take hits. The only T5 US tank that is arguably junk right now is the M103. Please guys if you have the same feeling as I have support this post ,maybe Gaijin fixes it . However I know how much the US tanks struggle in Tier III and IV matches starting around at BR 5.0. Personally, I'm not too advanced in the US ground tree myself, as I've focused on Germans and Russians so far. © 2020 by Gaijin Games Kft. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license.

the key problem is that gaijin don't  give the correct data to AP/APBC of USA. I've done my grind for every country. I am playing the American tanks and I read mostly that German and USSR tanks are the best but I am really enjoying American tanks and I find them really good and I rank mostly 1-4 spot in my team. By Also Stabilizer is a great stuff in American tanks since you can practically aim faster than those panzer IVs They used to be waaay better. Tier 2: Hmm. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. AP of USA is good against  sloped armor,so it's enough. US Tier 3 is unplayable imho. I don't get why people say the M103 is powerful, I haven't bothered to unlock it yet, but I've done a test drive with it and tested the AP rounds out, they didn't really spall much unless hitting very light armour (Don't get Gaijin's logic there I'm afraid), and the reload is ridiculously long for the damage output, not to mention the M103 is now incapable of killing a T-54 frontally through the hull at 300-500m+ (looking at the penetration numbers, around 104mm at 60º point blank), and it surely struggles against the IS-3, which funnily enough it was designed to kill. You'll get one shoot easily anyways, but there's nothing as mobile as the M18 at tiers III-IV. Tier 1: utter garbage unless you drive a T-35. Tier 3: Germany is the weakest here I think.

Hell, i think it's the 2nd or the 3rd best flanker ingame.

Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. so you can shot them frontally rather than fighting Tiger II flanking around with little bit slow tank, Russian tanks are much easier to kill than germans (since their turret frontal armor is very weak 90mm can easily pen them) Apparently so, as I've only died once from a penetration there. They would be OK against other 4.7 and 5.0 tanks, but theres nothing like that for Germany so all they ever get matched with are Tiger H1s and T-35-85s and KV-85s.

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