Second time I had to wait 5 days it was memorial weekend. So far, fridge working ok --- 2 and half hours and counting and no problems. All rights reserved. Now the lights & digital panel have gone out in the fridge side. I've had the same problems as everyone else. Whirlpool corp repair, This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the u.s. consumer products safety commission and health contact whirlpool corporation toll free from 8:00am. I thought whirlpool was supposed to be a top of the line brand. 2nd prob - Icemaker never regained making ice again. Recalls for whirlpool refrigerator | partselect, View all past recalls for whirlpool refrigerator.

I called their support and complained to no avail.

He was honost with me and told me I could easily replace it my self, which I did (very simple, saved $200, but still out the $100+ for the board and the 70 for the tech visit). Called Whirlpool and of course they could not do anything for us. A&E tech came out again. Its not their fault, but they give you a four hour window which is half a day and takes up a lot of time. For a complete list of the affected model numbers, you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website. Whirlpools Gold series refrigerators have a known problem with their Electronic Control Printed Circuit board. A new board would have cost me $108.00.

I had the ice maker serviced under warranty (motor plus controller) and I replaced a fan tat was very noisey. While tech checking completed job, the water dispenser stopped working. Board is located behind rear cardboard panel on bottom left (from behind) fridge. Whirlpool Gold Model GS6SHEXNB00. Never been used! Replaced. Recall would work! We also have a whirlpool microwave above the stove that has a short in the bulb or something.

Quiciera saber quie me puede ayudar a solucionar el problema se lo agradeceria de ante mano.

Oh ya, my Whirlpool gold dishwasher was replaced two years ago with a Bosch dishwasher after it leaked on are hard wood floors. yippie. That's bs as I sent them a letter after the first failure when the unit was 1.5 years old. Made another tech appt march 23.

I also have the matching glass top range and the front control panel when out at 3 years old. made notes to have tech to diagnose ice problem on 23rd. The red two u-shaped indicator light came on and off which means "I the freezer refuse to work and you paid too much for me" Basically, freezer not making ice again. Damm shame too...Clearly the early control boards were junk. Whirlpool has lost my business for good. They optioned for the cheap labor or factory to maximize profits and now they don't want to fix what they sold us. Click here to determine if your product is affected >>> Haga clic aquí para determinar si su producto está afectado >>> Cliquez ici pour déterminer si votre produit est concerné >>> Click here if you are a trade partner for the Cooktop Recall (US & Canada only) Tumble Dryer Recall in the UK.

I will never by Whrilpool again! Need a 1/4 nut driver and thats it. If I don't use it I can sell it on e-bay whenever I change out the fridge and get some of my money back then. The Cabrio control board is also used to interpret information being sent from various sensors in the washing machine, like the inlet/ dispenser valve thermostat or the motor's Rotary Positioning Sensor (RPS). Dec we replaced the entire ice maker along with the control boards and today 10 July 2013 had to replace the control boards again! I Will never buy a Whirlpool product again, they knowingly kept selling a product they knew was going to fail. JUNK. Ray. In the mean time I put some lock-tight on the screw and it has been fine for 5 years. Now that the control board really needs replaced because the frig part is freezing item the part is no longer available.It is so frustrating to not be able to fix something that is not that old. New Whirlpool Gold Fridge. They did nothing to help me. It's in a small white plastic box. I have GS5SHAXNL00 with no lights and the main board is blown. Fixed.

Thomas Kinkade musical christmas tree ornament. click on a recall to find out what models it affects, as well as what remedies are available.. Refrigerator recall – has yours been recalled?, Has your refrigerator been recalled? When do they replace the lemon? Whirlpool received 133 incident reports involving the cooktop surfaces switching on without human help.

I had to replace the control board with the model w10135090. I just went through the same thing with my 4 year old Whirlpool refrigerator model GS5SHAXNL00.. I have the Whirlpool gold conquest, 5 years old. Freezer is not making ice. They did a warranty repair when the freezer started frosting up. It had to be fixed 4 times & they still would not replace the fridge.

My guess is the circuit design guys planned for the nominal amperage with bulb lit and forgot a normal fact of life - that bulbs blow - spiking the amps and their design goes poof. Buena tengo un problema: Unbelievable!! GRACIAS... My gold series has problems. WHAT A LEMON!! First Check keypad connector for firm connection. Would not even pay for the repair. Anybody want to buy a set of new-design metal fridge handles? Now, HH Gregg is giving me the run around, regarding the food loss. This is what happens when our government regulations (environmental, safety, labor, permitting) and greed, mostly greed, have companies build products in other countries with overseas labor of $4/day and without overbearing regulations. "39, 000+ views at, Jan! Any atty out there? Check out this website -

Stupid on their part.

Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand. Just outside the one yr warranty, of course! My repair man hooked up a fan to cool the compressor. What make me upset is when I call Whirlpool the obviously won't provide any technical assistance, and require a tech to come take a look at it. Anyway IMO - Whirlpool should install or a least give away replacement circuit boards on a product recall. Cheap insurance. Sad that companies will not stand behind their products especially when so many are having the same problem. Personally, I think a class action lawsuit is needed. I keep replacing the bulb & it keeps blowing. They're obviously not what I thought they were. This is the SECOND time in 3 years that mine has went out. Tech came out and wire blocked ice which caused problem.

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