Am an avid gamer. So no, a bit of good voice acting and Tenpei Sato can’t save that, this is not okay. Why do the other witches shun her, and how can she survive in a swamp that is notorious for how poisonous its fumes are? Needless to say, I was not disappointed. While sufficient, these scenes are often drawn out and the pacing is all-around off. Just like NIS’ more popular Disgaea series the story of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is cut up into chapters. Cubed3 awarded The Witch and the Hundred Knight 6/10, praising the "awesomely dark" main character Metallia, but noted there were some gripes in the gameplay, including repetitive exploration and unreliable camera angles. I am also a Senior Partner with GamerFuzion and a GamerFuzion/YouTube Partnership Account Manager. Follow the Witch and the Hundred Knight Walkthrough that will guide you through the entire playthrough of the game and take you through all the missions in the game. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. They are often items you find everywhere or which are in no way remarkable. After she feeds you the gum, she will ask you a question. From the makers of the acclaimed Disgaea series comes an action RPG in which being bad can be a good thing! Honestly, I wonder how this didn't get an "M" rating. When you choose to attempt Witch Domination, you will add karma points. Totopepe is killed, and Metallia allows Lucchini to flee. She's such an abrasive and vulgar character, making. As the game progresses, the player will gain access to special abilities and powers that can help them in battle and increase the bonus gauge, which leads to better rewards after clearing a stage. Last Edited: 27 Mar 2014 12:13 am. However, the player can go back and revisit previous stages to find new areas and items. She's such an abrasive and vulgar character, making it even more of a shame that I'm stuck playing as the vacant Hundred Knight. The more Metallia uses her magic, the more the poisonous swamp drains, ultimately destroying all magic but saving the world from the Green Spots plague and the further threat of Niike returning. Uruka tells Metallia that she was actually artificially created from a seed in order to drain the swamp, which are the remnants of the perished ancient god Niike who was killed by the witches. based on

I bought this on a whim in the Xmas sale, and I'm so glad I did. worth picking up if you like action rpgs. Starting fairly in the game, you'll find a giant Anti-Magic boulder blocking your path in one of the early maps.

Needless to. Graphically, the game leaves a lot to be desired. The character's main base of operations is Metallia's house in Niblhenne Swamp, where they can save their game and access a basic merchant. Takehito Harada’s art is amazing and the designs, when seen as a flat sprite during the dialogue sequences, looks perfectly fine. The location of each event is as follows: There is a trophy you can earn for defeating Metallia, but no instruction for how to fight her. Despite everything, I feel that The Witch and the Hundred Knight at least tried. Indeed, just like how it gets boring to run around and smack enemies for hours, the various areas the game sends you to are long, empty, and lead to a lot of frustrating backtracking. Too many balls were dropped and the final result is a game that is unappealing and broken. By far the most useless mechanic, which is saying something considering how many there are, was the raiding. The Witch and the Dark Knight has been cleared. I find that the complexity of its systems add a nice layer of strategy that most “Diablo clones” could benefit from. Each of these chapters introduces a new story development, oftentimes a rival witch that Metallia wants you to defeat, and sends you to a new area that you must clear. More than that, though, I find the narrative to be delightful in the way it revels in the Grimm Brothers’ sense of villainy, and then sticks you right in the middle of it and left to figure out for yourself if you’re comfortable helping a monster that completely evil. The Witch and the Lonely Soul, part 1, has been cleared. You continue with your weapons and level from the previous run. A great action-RPG with only a few issues that bring it down a peg or two. ( Log Out /  The various cutscenes are done in the style of visual novels with pictures of the characters accompanying their dialogue, which is sometimes voiced. There was talk, early in development, about making it an open world game, but instead NIS chose to focus on the 3D graphics technology. An unnecessary remaster without proper new reasons to justify its existence.

it has a very interesting story and good gameplay, the soundtrack was also excellent. Metallia escapes to another universe, and causes it to become unstable, destroying it and using its power to revive everyone in the real world. You’ll find entire villages and Metallia encourages you to conquer all of them. A major bug that spontaneously occurs at seemingly any time, forcing the game to return to the PS3 system menu - losing all unsaved progress in the process - is also a factor in the game not being received more favourably. 20

The prizes are useless. I bought this on a whim in the Xmas sale, and I'm so glad I did.

The levels are large and barren, filled with annoying enemies and potential for the game to crash on you. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Playstation 3 The reviewer bought this game himself. The whole five minutes long exchange was baffling in its own right and I had no clue what kind of tone it tried to convey. It could have been a good opportunity to revive the series, but unfortunately it is not. The conditions required to fight against fate have been met. Metallia is a one-note character for far too long and after a while her rude dialogue just blends together into a flurry of insults and complaining. Some of these stories have an interesting premise, such as an early rivalry between Metallia and the nearby Forest Witch, but what they all have in common is that the storytelling is awkward. As you finish the first portion of Chapter 11, you will be asked if you want to aid Metallia.

There is more to. The Witch and the Hundred Knight isn’t a good game by any means. Is there any penalty for Witch Domination efforts? The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition - Metallia Trailer, I bought this on a whim, seeing as it was developed by Nippon Ichi Software, the people responsible for the Disgaea franchise. Development on The Witch and the Hundred Knight began around April 2010, while it was expected to be complete in one or one-and-a-half years, the game was delayed over time because of many issues. Players will be able to explore an open world that may expand if particular side-quests are promptly fulfilled. It's generally best to keep policies as simple as possible, and not to introduce too many rules. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Within 2 hours, I heard the "F" and "S" word at least 15 times each.

And the nail in the coffin?

The game is an isometric action-RPG that has you explore large areas filled with monsters. Likewise anima, a resource that has a rare chance to drop when defeating an enemy, is supposedly useful in Metallia’s store, except I found nothing in there that I wanted to buy. Follow our video game walkthrough of The Witch and the Hundred Knight below: The Witch and the Hundred Knight Trophies to unlock. The Witch and The Hundred Knight (魔女と百騎兵, Majo to Hyakkihei) is an action role-playing video game that was developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. This new release of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is just a mere porting of the PS3 version, with no discernible improvement, neither for graphics nor for gameplay. The Witch and the Inquisitor, part 2, has been cleared. You see, Metallia is the Swamp Witch, and the world is covered with magical pillars that prevent the swamp from spreading. If you don't mind the quirks and rough attempts at humor, then you may enjoy The Witch and the Hundred Knight. There are also a lot of sexual jokes and remarks. It’s rarely just one house.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight (魔女と百騎兵, Majo to Hyakkihei) is an action role-playing video game that was developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013.

However, their exact locations can be difficult to find. The 3D art for the characters looks cheap and animations are stilted, which is even worse for the enemies. The Hundred Knight gained the ability to make basic choices. The Witch and the Witch and the Witch has been cleared. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is an Action RPG by Nippon Ichi (more specifically, the team behind Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?) If the player is KO'ed while exploring, they will return to Metallia's house and forfeit any items they acquired during their adventure. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Wiki Guide. It does make some bosses absolute cake, as you can quickly figure out what they are weak too and steamroll the fight from there. To unlock all trophies, you will need to complete the game with each of the above endings. The Witch and the Dark Servant has been cleared. The Witch and the Astrologist, part 2, has been cleared. The sooner you stop with it, the better. A true hidden gem.

The Witch and the Great Duchess, part 2, has been cleared. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Walkthrough and Wiki Guide, The Forest New Screenshots and Alpha Price announced, The Witch and the Hundred Knight Trophy Guide. [10] The Revival Edition on PlayStation 4 fared better, scoring 7/10, with Cubed3 praising the changes that improved the game and made it more accessible, whilst seemingly removing or reducing the rate of the crash bug. The Witch and the Bug Princess, part 1, has been cleared. When the player runs out of Gcals, their HP begins to quickly and continuously deplete until they are KO'ed. Each time you leave the HUB area you’ll have 100 calories to burn through and everything you do makes this tick down. The game was also released as a PlayStation 4 enhanced port, The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival in early 2016. The Hundred Knight defeats Malia and Metallia curses her into a mouse despite learning that she was her "mother". The humor is especially funny, but dark. The game plays much like Diablo, as it a top-down action RPG with a loot/reward system. As you gain karma, you can return to familiar maps and trigger cutscenes, which sometimes include battles and which always end with a fight with a monster known as The Editor (its exact form and attacks vary). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The cost is 12 anima (which you gain from fallen enemies). Thus, she summons you, the legendary warrior Hundred Knight, to go out into the world beyond the swamp and break the pillars.

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