| Zachary Ittimangnaq, An American Werewolf in London (1981) Pics 1 2, Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1986), Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf (1988), The Howlilng IV : The Original Nightmare (1988), The Screaming Skull/Werewolf Vs Vampire (1958), Werewolf in a Woman’s Prison (2006) Pics 1, Werewolf of Washington (1973) Movie still 1.

| Gross: The Jungle Book) characters (e.g. Amoux (male) eagle wolf.

Werewolves are considered European characters, but their occurrence is not restricted to Europe only as they are found almost worldwide in one or the other form and name.

Vuokko Hovatta, |

Wulver is a Scottish folklore werewolf-like creature. He lived in the outskirts of Dole in France. He was fond of fishing and spent hours sitting at Wulver’s Stane, a deep-water rock named after him. Adventure, Drama, Family.


@Spencer: Check the FAQ. WOLFGANG: German name, composed of the elements wulf "wolf" and gang "a going (i.e. I was asking for the emoji codes to place... @EmCWolf yea I am doing fine thanks. Manuel Camacho,


, Emily H, No Comment, June 30, 2016 Osouf (male) God’s wolf or warrior.

He develops a deep affection for and bond with the wolf, risking his life to save her on more than one occasion. Juan José Ballesta, $3.33M, R , Joan, 1 Comment, August 28, 2016 | Terence H. Winkless | Gross:

Jeremy London,

A dead wolf warrior resurrected to serve the underworld king. Along the way he makes friends with deer, tangles with ... See full summary », 110 min Dog Names from Movies Dogs come in a variety of breeds, shapes, and sizes, which means you'll want to choose an extra special dog name for your unique pup. Stars:

He has a very cowardly personality and is often mistreated by others. 200+ Wolf Names That Sound Mysterious And Majestic By January Nelson Updated November 27, 2018. Though he was always kind and helpful, his exploits usually got him arrested, beaten up, or chased out of town by those he helped, all for no other reason than the prejudice of being a wolf. Jimmy Chunga, Drama, Family, When her mother died, 10 year old girl Misa's world stopped.

Even more recently, with the release of the Twilight saga, werewolf movies are on the rise again, and we expect to see a new crop emerge from movie studios. Star:

| Action, Adventure, Drama.

Sirhaan (male) One who resambles the wolf, Tatwulf (male) He who is as strong as a wolf, Thrydwulf (male) Combination name, thorn and wolf, Tidwulf (male) The wolf of its time, or the time wolf. Werewolves have been as popular throughout myth as vampires yet despite a number of superb films, do not seem to have experienced the continued popularity as the undead bloodsuckers or even as popular as zombies are now. | He was produced at court at the age of 18, and when asked about his being a werewolf, he affirmed it. The last wolves to live on the earth after humans have long since rendered earth inhabitable. At times it is an involuntary act of shape shifting caused by a curse or infection through a bite or scratch of a werewolf. Linus Torell Mercedes McNab, 87 min The act of transformation from human to the wolf form is associated with the appearance of the full moon. 92 min Catherine Cyran Adventure, Drama, Family. This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 06:53.

Unlike the other werewolves, he had permanently a body of a human being with a wolf’s head on it. After being found, she has to decide between her family and the animals that once protected her. Adventure, Drama. Debuted in the episode "The New House". |

Her new teacher discovers her extraordinary gifts as a violinist. by Karen Flores. September 20, 2016 Names.

TV + Movies; Reference. | Along with awesome members-only discounts. Helpful info.

Kenneally (male) Kenneally means Head of Wolf, Larentia (female) the shewolf who nursed Remus and Romulus, Liudolf (male) A Famous Wolf, from the germanic word Hludwolf, Lovel (male) One who is like a young wolf, Lovett (male) A person who has the qualities of a young wolf, Lovota (female) A fast Wolf; good natured, Lowe (male) A person who is like a young wolf, used as a surname, Luperca (female) Shewolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, Lupin (male) From latin word “lupinus” meanin Wolf, Lyall (male) A Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolf, Lykaios (male) wolfish, of a wolf; wolf-like, Lyulf (male) A compound of “wolf” and “flame”, Marrok (male) A knight that was thought to be a warewolf, Nirmolak (male) A wolf from the northern areas, Nothwulf (male) A wolf from the northern areas. Cheers!! If Kya defeats a Wolfen, she can use a special magic to return them to their original forms. Gundulf (male) Wolf of War, from words “grund” meaning war and “vulfus” which means wolf. Your email address will not be published. Director:

Mainly used as a surname, Rawlins (male) One who is a son of the wise wolf-man, Rawls (male) Mainly used as a surname which means The Famous Wolf, Rawly (male) An Old English surname that meas A well-known wolf, Rawson (male) An English surname, the son of the famous wolf, Rawsone (male) A surname that means a male child of the famous wolf, Rendell (male) The shield that is used to protect the wolf.

Nicolas Vanier | Gross: Hokey Wolf is the smooth-talking title character throughout each cartoon. William Bryant, 37 min Director:

| |

Amwolf (male) The majestic and powerful like an Eagle Wolf.

Matt McCoy, The young leader of the eastern yōkai-wolf tribe, aged fifteen, who was nearly wiped out by Kagura and Naraku. Liam Neeson, Documentary, Short, Wolves tells the remarkable story of one of the world's most tenacious species and our closest fellow predator. Two copies of its English translation survived, and one is preserved in the British Museum and the other is in the Lambeth Library. , mason If you’re looking for the perfect name for a werewolf while also knowing exactly what that name means, check out our list and pick out the perfect werewolf name for you! Eeriuffi (male) Greenlandic form of Herjulf. Line Verndal, September 4, 2014 Corin Nemec, PG , Comment Closed, August 28, 2014 Stars: ^.^ IMO, SoM has always been kind of... http://ilovewerewolves.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/synonyms.mp3.

Ele Keats, American werewolf in London: Full Moon Edition HD Wolfman: This is a short stop motion video we made here at ilw for the remake of The Wolfman movie which stars Lawrence Talbot. Véra Belmont Werewolves are considered to be stronger and faster than both human beings and wolves. Adventure, Drama.

Andrew Wilson, | Madison McClintock, Jeff East, | Species type that includes several characters who may inhabit the player's town. | Ralph (male) wolf counsel; a fearless adviser, Randel (male) A surname variant of Randolph, means wolf’s shield, Randi (male) shield wolf; house wolf; protector, Randoll (male) Surname, means wolf shield, Randon (male) Variant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblem, Randulf (male) Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield, Randulfus (male) Edge of the wolf’s shield, Randulphus (male) A shield with a wolf emblem, Ranulf (male) Scottish name meaning a shield of wolf, Ranulfo (male) Wolf’s shield; emblem painted on a war shield, Ranulfus (male) English name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolf, Raulf (male) One who has the wisdom of a wolf, Raulin (male) A little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnme, Rawling (male) An advice of the wolf.

Adventure. His trial was conducted for being a werewolf, and he was convicted of wizardry. Since, you said wolves, not werewolves there will not be a werewolf movie listed, unless there are non-werewolves wolves. 111 min The runt of King and Silver's litter of four cubs and a black pup with a white star on his chest.

| | And when her father, along with her new girlfriend, wants to spend the summer in the Swedish province Skåne she refuses to come ... See full summary », Director: i love WEREWOLVES © 2020.

, cherran, 2 Comments, Famous Foods in Our Kitchen That Work As Conventional Antibiotics, Famous Surprising Facts About Poland During WWII, Famous Knowledge Centers and Libraries That Were Horribly Destroyed, The Difference Between Bolsheviks And Soviets, The Difference Between Creationism and Intelligent Design. |


Japanese Sun-goddess in the form of a white wolf, not given a specific gender in the North American version of the game. After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step.

Adolfina (female) German – Noble Wolf; Noble Hero, Adolphine (female) An honourable and noble wolf, Adolpho (male) Spanish variant of Adolf; Noble wolf, Adolphus (male) noble wolf; A derivative of name Ado, Adulf (male) The wolf who is noble and honourable, Aedwulf (male) A noble and honourable wolf, Aegenwulf (male) The wolf of the chief sea, Alarick (male) Noble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of all, Amwolf (male) The majestic and powerful like an Eagle Wolf, Ardolf (male) Home Loving Wolf; A variant of the name Ardwolf, Ardolph (male) Home Loving Wolf; A variant of the name Ardwolf, Arnulf (male) Wolf, eagle; one who likes to go high, Arnulfo (male) Has the Eagle and Wolf power; powerful person, Bardoul (male) Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf, Bardulf (male) Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf, Beorhtwulf (male) To have the light and brightness of the wolf, Beorthwulf (male) One who is like a bear and llike the wolf, Berhtwulf (male) He is the wolf of the light, Bernulf (male) He who is like a wolf and a bear, Bertulf (male) To be like a wolf and bear, Bleiz (male) Old Breton word meaning ‘wolf.’, Blevine (male) A child who is like a wolf cub, Borris (male) He who is like a short wolf, Botewolf (male) A name that means Herald Wolf, Botolph (male) One who is like a herald wolf, Botolphe (male) A man who is like a herald wolf, Botulf (male) One who is compared to a wolf, Chann (male) Officer of Church; also a young Wolf, Channing (male) young wolf; official of the church, Channon (male) Wolf’s babies; the wise one, Clell (male) Descendant of the wolf family. Adolfa (female) The feminine version of Adolf, meaning ‘noble wolf’. Gurgen (male) Gotten from Middle Persian gurg “wolf” joined with a humble postfix. Adventure, Drama, Family, At the end of World War I, 20 year-old Angèle is determined to become the first woman veterinarian. Vantha Talisman, 80 min Stars:

Sancho Gracia,

Unfortunately, innocent Claudia was burned at the stake for no sin of her own. He was a German farmer and an alleged serial killer and cannibal that created terror  c in the suburbs.

Werewolf Movies!

Rule (male) French – Famous Wolf; A variant of the name Ruelle.

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