What's this? Katara offers to help Zuko even though they're enemies. And just look at Katara's expression of ABSOLUTE HORROR when she sees that her love has been struck!! Reporting on what you care about.

Going on such an emotional journey with Zuko leads Katara to open her heart. 1 . It shows they would be equals in a relationship, from their bending abilities to rescuing each other's butts. Also, check out her body language here. #Avatar #Halloween pic.twitter.com/5w8nWArUmh. Why did Fire Lord Ozai really banish his son?

Sounds flirtatious to me! Granted, Azula and Ozai only interacted a few times onscreen in The Last Airbender. However, Zuko's mother Ursa convinced him not to, exchanging Zuko’s life with a poison Ozai used to kill his own father and claim the thrown. Though Katara ultimately decides not to kill Yon Rha, she needs to look him in the eyes and make that decision for herself. For all her life, Katara has carried hate in her heart for the Fire Nation commander who stole her mother. A few minutes after Zuko saves Katara, she saves him right back! Unlike Master Pakku who takes lots of convincing, Zuko immediately acknowledges Katara's capabilities and treats her like a worthy opponent. Aerith's Voice Actress in Final Fantasy VII Remake Cosplays As Her Own Character.

He cares about her so much that he asks Sokka about their mother's history so he can help. Even after being zapped, Zuko reaches out to Katara.

Despite their family ties, Ozai’s treatment of Zuko is disturbing. Mai

(Unless he could capture the missing Avatar. There's a connection after all they've been through, and she recognizes that.

Katara gives Zuko the encouragement he needs to face Uncle Iroh. Whatever Zuko might have done, his punishment was never going to fit the crime. Since Azula kept their names hidden, they arrived at the beach unsupervised. The video features Eugene as Zuko wiping a rag over the mirror, causing him to change into Zuko's younger sister, Azula. This also means there's a two year age difference between her and older brother Zuko. Seizing upon her father's contempt for Zuko, she constantly teased her brother and set him up to fail. If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

The Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai was a highly destructive Agni Kai fought between Prince Zuko and Princess Azula during the passing of Sozin's Comet.It inflicted significant fire damage to the surrounding areas.The majority of the battle was between Zuko and Azula, but Katara intervened after Zuko was shot by lightning trying to shield her, a blow which had rendered him unable to fight.
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If that's not love, I don't know what is!!

When Aang kisses Katara after the play, she just says she's confused. Agni Kai wasn't his first opportunity to get rid of Zuko, but when it arrived, he took advantage of it with the ruthless ferocity we should expect from a Fire Lord.

They engage in some pretty obvious flirting.

Zuko volunteers to accompany Katara on her quest for justice. As punishment, Ozai permanently burned Zuko’s face, stripped him of his honor, and sent him away for good.

The video has been liked almost 250,000 times and people across the internet raved about his reveal. Golden Tortoise Beetle Disguises Self as Ladybug. Katara and Zuko plan to take on Azula together, but when they arrive at her coronation, he decides to fight her alone. She was known for being quite a cunning strategist and quite manipulative. Eugene Lee Yang, an internet celebrity known best for his work on the YouTube Channel The Try Guys, has been known to do signature costumes every Halloween. When the actors playing Zuko and Katara admit their feelings for each other, the real Zuko and Katara lock eyes and scoot away from each other. Zuko stops outside Iroh's tent. 1 .

When Zuko refused to fight his father, Ozai was furious and perceived his son’s actions as disrespectful. An intriguing new theory explains that Ozai may have had another reason for sending Zuko away, and it could explain a long-running mystery in Avatar: The Last Airbender in the process. Zuko respects Katara as a bender, even if she is a girl. In her spare time she’s usually seen playing with her dog and scouting the next best photoshoot location for her cosplays. For this year's Halloween he may have truly outdone himself by putting together costumes of both Azula and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Zuko survives the battle with help from Iroh, who betrayed Zhao to protect the water spirits.

I'm betting it's because she just watched a play where she and Zuko were together, so she's busy thinking about her crush on him! That's why Ozai faced his son during Agni Kai instead of the general Zuko disrespected.

It's so obvious they're into each other! And I'm sorry, but they make a GORGEOUS couple!! No. That's why she tells the Fire Lord that Zuko killed Avatar Aang in Season 2 of The Last Airbender, even when it was technically her and she also doesn't know for certain that Aang is really dead. When Katara and Zuko battle at the Spirit Oasis, he discovers she's a much stronger bender now.

The Inverse Analysis — This theory might also reveal a lot about Azula's character. Setting off to defeat a Fire Nation commander is always dangerous but especially for Zuko since he's a traitor. In The Search Part Two, Zuko searches for answers about his mother, who mysteriously disappeared at around the same time Ozai became Fire Lord.
Kelsey started her cosplay adventure at a small convention outside Sacramento in 2011. When Zuko sees that Azula is sending her lightning blast straight at Katara, he dives in front of her to protect her. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Whether it’s for the reasons previously stated or not, Ozai had a vision of the future and Zuko was very obviously not a part of it — regardless of which general he spoke against.

His Azula photoset features him as Azula using lightning, the element that Azula uses at certain points of the show. Zuko opens up for her and becomes vulnerable, which he doesn't do for many other characters. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! WHY DO YOU SURPRESS YOUR LOVE?!! It's never clear how these things all connect. When Zuko switches sides, Katara is the only one who doesn't believe him. After publicly speaking out against a general’s plans in a war meeting, Fire Lord Ozai challenged his son Zuko to Agni Kai, a traditional Fire Nation duel. The aforementioned showdown between Zuko and Azula is no exception, having attained something of a legendary status among animated fight scenes … 1 . My name is Zuko. Ozai clearly favored his daughter Azula. In Season 1 of The Last Airbender, we learn Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation because of his insolence.

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